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Driven --a new timetable for earth
Driven --A New Timetable for Earth
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

Ever heard a pregnant woman going into labor early saying that the
baby 'just can't wait to be born'? Seems like planet Earth has
somewhat its own agenda as well and just can't wait to get through
into ascension.

Even before I woke up this morning I was getting instructions on
things I needed to get done during the day and from the time I woke
up there was just a real sense of urgency --a driveness--as if all of
a sudden I only had a week to accomplish what I thought I had more
than a month to do. Even the final trip to Florida to reset the
planet's ascension timetable button seemed to have been moved up from
the end of July to sometime earlier from what Guidance was suggesting
to me during the course of the day.

Sue Ann's channeling this evening confirmed what I already knew,
things were beginning to speed up for the planet even more than any
of us had expected.

Speeding Up
6-26-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One,
Yes, there is an urgency now. It seems Planet Earth has a bit of Her
own timetable. Considering everything anyway, it is a good thing
that she does. Peter will be going to Florida sooner than planned
and that is why WE are trying to get as much done at your end as
possible. Things have sped up so much since The work was done at
Shasta that there is a new time table for the window of opportunity
for the reset button to be flipped. WE are not yet sure when that
will be, but probably at least a week or ten days sooner. WE are
also having to adjust our plans and rearrange things to accommodate
this new ´delivery' date. Actually WE are all very excited here as
this is a very good sign that the planet is in a healthier state than
WE thought. Be prepared for quick changes in plans as WE know you
will be.

With Much LOVE and Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

I know major changes are happening in the lives of a number of people
in this group, some getting divorces, some moving (even to new
countries), some simply waking up and trying to get a move on with
what they came here to do. Still others are facing major decisions as
to which direction they will be taking. Now this is just a friendly
warning, one I've been trying to share with people for more than 8
years now --if you don't get off your fences now you won't be ready
when these changes get to be serious. People remaining on their
fences ARE making a decision by refusing to make a decision, and so
it must be taken that they will get washed away along with their
fences, and have to take what it is they can get. Those making firm
decisions one way or the other and getting off their fences to pursue
their spiritual course at least will have a set direction to follow
and their sails unfurled for Spirit to fill as the major changes take

The time is very definitely now.
With great love, in service, Peter and Sue Ann