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The one thing that must be dropped in order for proper ascension to
occur is the old ingrained thought pattern of giving one\'s power
away, particularly to religious figures and so-called spiritual paths
that do not lead you anywhere but further into the quicksand of other
people\'s beliefs. This is why Guidance often has me
post \'controversial\' articles or excerpts from the books
that \'trigger\' people\'s old beliefs and patterns and make them want
to seek the safety and shelter of old ways. If one is only sitting on
the fence with their new understandings and these things aren\'t
knowingnesses or moment-to-moment experiences in their new lives,
then how solidly would they accept a world without politics,
religions, or anyone around to whom they can give their power? They
would be like the little lost child crying for his or her mommy.

Nothing the Creator, Spirit, or the true spiritual worlds want of us
is anything but to be strong, self-responsible adults. It is as Steve
said in his posting the other day that he had resisted my work
because of the naivety of wanting someone else to do the work for
him. He was waiting for some galactic federation to come down and
save him rather than, as my work speaks of, building his own
spiritual strength in order to help not only himself but also others
as well.

We have ALL been duped by the intricacies of the Matrix and the
various religious teachings that only lead one back to the one same
god -- the darkside god that wishes to treat us all like children,
the little lost children so many people act like at churches and in
temples and mosques. We have all been duped by the politicians who
talk as loud as the preachers and promise us the moon and the stars
and forty-three dancing virgins, yet only ever deliver us one step
further down the road into the darkside\'s slavery.

Eight volumes of its history and hundreds and hundreds of articles
have barely served to touch upon its intricacy and the place our
Earth-bound matrix plays in the grander scheme of this SuperUniverse
and of Creation Itself. The original working title of the multi-
volume history was \'Duped\' because it fit so well the emerging
pattern we saw as the piece of the New World Order\'s puzzle slowly
came together. Nothing we saw in the physical world was anything but
another element to lead people further into the chaos and slavery of
this intricate web of lies. Two of the darkest institutions for doing
this were, as confirmed by Zecharia Sitchin\'s work on the Annunaki,
religion and politics. The two institutions the Annunaki `space gods\'
left behind to control the slave race called man in their supposed absence were
kingship (politics) and the priesthood (religion). The two subjects no one can
agree on and therefore do not and should not
discuss are? politics and religion. What a perfect trap for anyone
to fall into. Since no one seems to know the truth about these two
subjects, let\'s just simply agree not to speak about them lest we get
into a fight. What perfect Hegelian theory put into practice create
two sides to any story (or more) and let people argue about them
eternally while the New World Order\'s third agenda slips slowly into
place right before everyone\'s unseeing eyes.

I lost many of my `friends\' early on because I introduced the subject
of aliens into the realm of spirituality and life on Earth. I lost
more `friends\' because I introduced spirituality into the discussion
of aliens and UFOs. Perhaps the most perfect intricacy of the whole
puzzle that keeps us all enslaved here is the fragmentation of our
ideas and our thinking that does not work in bigger pictures but
rather in small intricate pieces of the puzzle to which we give our
entire focus, never once even getting a glimmer of the forest for the
trees that forever stand so tall in our way.

In service, Peter