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earning your right to heaven
9-7-08 through Sue Ann and Peter

Dear One,

Everyone must now earn their place in the 5th dimension. EVERYONE, no matter
what level of awareness and vibration they came here to planet Earth with or
from, it is time once again to regain wherever or whatever level they were.

This is the inherent danger of volunteering to come back to planet Earth or
anywhere for that matter since there is always the danger of losing any level of
awareness one has already gained. It is the snakes (chutes) and ladders game
many of you grew up with as kids. Awareness can be won through service or
exemplary commitment to the learning process through experience; or one can
volunteer for service in some out of the way destination such as planet Earth
and once again get sucked back into old learning and forget who they are or
where they came from until they truly Master creation\'s most basic elements and
do not \'fall\' from grace in no matter which place or at what level they serve.

One thing that Peter has found and consistently we have him try and communicate
this to people, and that is the idea that reading about spirituality is not
BEING spiritual. Actions speak louder than words, and while some well-chosen or
Guidance-directed reading can assist a person with dealing with their spiritual
lessons, simply reading books on spiritual subjects or so-called \'holy books\'
rates for nothing in the true spiritual scheme of things and is often simply a
way by wich the darkside initiates the unaware into the darker side of life
through the sound-encoding of the words.

Everyone therefore must be very aware of each and every choice they make, every
moment of inaction or squandered time spent browsing through the marketplace
offered by the Matrix as a part of its plan to keep souls enslaved. It takes
work or more rightly \'surrender\' to help people raise their vibration to match
the necessary one of the planet\'s (or higher) or they will be reassigned to a
place corresponding to the vibration they are \'consistently able to maintain\'.
Ego and self-will must be left behind if you are to stay well within the
confines of the 5th dimension or higher. Only LOVE, service to Creation and a
deep and constant connection to the FATHER and your highest guidance will be
that which will keep you connected to the planet as She further ascends along
with all those choosing this, the road-less-travelled.

Staying connected and following your moment-to-moment Guidance is the only way
to keep self-will from lowering your vibration. Attachment to anything will
serve to act as an anchor keeping you in the lower planes. If all you can relate
to is a lifetime book-ended by birth and death then attachment is very easy to
fall into. Once you can relate to the eternal nature of Soul and of existence
through working with your Guidance, then you realize that Spirit is ever moving,
flowing in and out of everything, up and down, sideways and whichever way IT
chooses and attachment only ceases that flow from filling any or every element
of your life. When you release attachment to results in particular, then you are
capable of living life to the fullest without fear for fear serves only to shut
down living and life as it is meant to be lived.

Manifestation at the higher levels of soul\'s existence is quicker now which
makes it all the more imperative that you create from a place of LOVE and with
Our help to guide you. Creating for others without their permission is against
the Prime Directive of free will, thus creation must come as a result of
following Guidance and listening to what IT knows to be best for everyone
concerned. Unless you have already earned that place of Oneness with your
Guidance and all things then you do not know what is best for others, even
though your mind likes to tell yuo it does. The greatest cause of karmic debt on
this planet right now is the habit people have (particularly women) of telling
others how they should be living their lives. Everyone is in a place they have
chosen to be as a result of their actions and choices. Yes, this sounds very new
agey, but the big difference is that many things happen to people because of
what\'s taking place on the planet right now and NOT because of past karmic debt.
Hence the genocide taking place in many areas of the world is not something
these people or races (ususally from specific planetary origins) have chosen or
\'earned\', it is because everyone of you allows these things to happen through
your own inaction. This, too, is a major cause of karmic debt and holding people
back in the ascension process, the action of inaction or what\'s known as
collusion, doing by not doing.

Serving Creation by following Higher Will through your own Highest Guidance
creates karma-free living and gets Soul off the merry-go-round, allowing it once
and for all to live life free of past karmic debt, like a driver free to travel
down any road and experience any adventure it so chooses rather than those set
out for it by its Guidance and its own need for lessons to assist in its basic
learning processes.

Much turmoil will be happening very soon and it will only be through your
connection to guidance, commitment to serve, and the raising of your vibration
that will see you safely through this time. Talk to Us constantly. Ask Us
about everything. Make your spiritual life not just a once a week or even once
a day thing, but make Spirit your the most important thing in your life and \'all
else will be added unto you.\"

We LOVE you greatly and are here for all of you all the time. All you need do
is ask.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light