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earth changes and cognitive dissonance
Earth 'Changes' and Cognitive Dissonance

The metaphor to be used here is of a dam cracking and ready to give way.
The people in the city three miles down river are very very worried.
The people in the city two miles down the river are majorly upset and
worried. The people in the city one mile down the river are not worried
or upset at all and go about their lives as if nothing is going on.
This is called cognitive dissonance. The closer we are to a major issue
that our minds can't cope with the more we shut down and disassociate
ourselves from the problem. We slip into denial and go about our
business as if nothing is going on. The problem is just too big for our
minds to cope with. So it is not only with the earth changes in a
physical sense, but more evidently the economic and social collapse
taking place around us RIGHT NOW and growing worse every day if we will
not slip into denial and rationally take a look at what's going on in
terms of historical precedents.

The History Channel got together half a dozen 'experts' in their fields
to produce Prophets of Doom - the most needed to be watched documentary
currently available
These are not quacks and
religious freaks and unbalanced minds taking a look at what's going on,
but recognized and rational people giving their spin on things, taking a
rational look at what's going on in our every day lives and all around
us if we will not slip into denial and see where this train is taking

Of course to add to this picture we can also throw in the recognized
'earth changes' experts and spiritually connected people who can also
connect what's going on economically and individually with the
population and extrapolate it to what Mother Earth is also going through
in the grander ascension process currently taking place. As the old
paradigm slips away, all these experts in the documentary break down the
larger perspective but none have a real answer to the bigger picture,
and none, unfortunately, add in the organized chaos created by the New
World Order's purposes in an attempt to fulfill their Great Plan of many
centuries. Still, the astute and open-minded person can put together the
simple things that must be done to 'survive' what's already here let
alone what's about to happen on the grander stage.

As one of the experts relate, historically people will pull together
after a catastrophe. Unfortunately, the current growing catastrophe
demands forethought and combined planning just to survive it, let alone
to survive its aftermath. In dealing with many who have plans made to
survive what Native American Elders describe as the fast approaching
shift, I see they have their plans made to survive the event but with no
plans made to survive the aftermath. Unfortunately, the latest spate of
disaster/2012 movies has conditioned us to believe that humanity will
pull together to bring things back to some form of normal.

Unfortunately, few if any people understand what's about to take place
and the devastation it will cause that will not allow for any kind of
normal for a long, long time to come, and the fact that the old form of
normal will not be possible nor will it be wanted. This is the human
tradition of leaving the planning to someone else. preferably Big
Brother. This is the old paradigm that is dying, the one which has
created this current scenario in the first place. What will be needed
after the shift will be people who understand why the old failed and be
able to come together to create a new paradigm based on totally
different values and principles.

And none of this will happen for anyone UNLESS some people are able to
overcome their cognitive dissonance, come together in the short amount
of time left to prepare and PLAN for what's about to happen and what it
will take to survive not only the shift but the very difficult times
after it in order to 'start again from scratch' and build what this
planet is now ready for, a totally new and different paradigm . . one
where it takes a village to raise not just a child, but to raise

Watch the video, do not panic, share it with some friends, organize,
prepare and be ready very very soon for what's about to take place not
just for some, but for everyone .
In service, with love,