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earth final warning
EARTH: Final Warning

Dear One,

What you need to know right now is that the time to leave the State
of California. Changes have begun in earnest and whilst you
may not see them or be aware of them, below the surface of the Earth, Gaia\'s
heart is beating and trembling for some release of her own. She needs to express
herself and release all the emotion and turmoil of the past, so do not be
surprised when an earthquake occurs or fault line gives way that triggers the
release and subsequent `disasters\' on both land and/or sea.

Thoth wishes to speak, to inform you that despite the warnings,
no changes have been made by the consciousness of the region.
People continue to live in their own personal and egocentric lives,
refusing to make any waves of change within, further solidifying the
potential outcome of cleansing to occur.

The chocolate so many are addicted to in California relates to the
runaway self-love and is in response to the shallow emptiness and lack of
authenticity in the surrounding region. So many pretend
to be, to love, so many pretend it exists and whilst this artificial
love that is defiant and devoid of any true love that represents the
Divine Creator Father continues, the population of this state will
never experience love\'s authenticity; therefore it MUST be infused
into the area, with the first step being to dissolve the falsity of
the artificial matrix-love everyone knows is fake and has accepted as reality.

Once again, the Spiritual Hierarchy ask that all understand that this is a
REQUIRED and NECESSARY step for healing Planet Earth and for Gaia\'s development.
All that occurs is done so in acts of love by the Mother that has always
lovingly cared for her children, and in return has been wounded by the
thoughtless, damaging and wanton acts of cruelty against her by those she has
given her life to.

Dis-ease can only be addressed by addressing the consciousness and
thoughtform that created the imbalance in the body or the land by
either HEALING or REMOVING the infected area. Since the majority of
humanity have neglect their responsibility and role in creating the
chaos in the environment, by refusing to heal themselves and
subsequently the land itself, the aforementioned shall occur with a removal and
cleansing scheduled to occur… very very soon.

With Grandest Love, Aristenna, from the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light,
and Thoth (Hermes-Trimistegus).