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Earth Changes
Earth Changes
by Peter Farley

You might call it an upcoming, earth-shaking event. It?s been variously referred to as the pole shift, the shift, the ascension, the initiation of Gaia, the emergence into the Hopi Fifth World, the end of the world, and Armageddon. The one thing most experts agree on is that it involves the upliftment of the entire planet into a new dimension of being. And it?s going to be taking many of us along with it for the ride of our lives.

Where the disagreements and questions arise the most are: When is it coming? How many of us will survive it? And What can we do to prepare for it?
The Mayan calendar predicts that the change will happen by the year 2012, the year in which the calendar has its ending. Gordon Michael Scallion, the guru of earth change prophecy and author of his own newsletter entitled ?Earth Changes,? predicts that it will begin in earnest during the upcoming year, 1998. Gregg Braden, author of ?Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation,? says that the change has already begun with the increase in the Earth?s frequency from 7.5, the rate at which it has been pulsing for many thousands of years, to 12.3, a level it has achieved and sustained over the past year or so. Braden believes that when the frequency reaches 13 on a constant level, the ?ascension? will take place. He also says that the current decrease in the earth?s electromagnetic field is a part of this pole-shift/ascension process.

Barbara Clow, author of ?The Pleiadean Agenda,? say she believes that the shift will be a process which will occur gradually over the next fifteen years and into the years beyond.

Whatever we like to call it, and no matter when people predict it to occur, the one point that almost everyone seems to agree upon is that the change has already begun, and that we are getting deeper and deeper into it with each passing day.

Many areas of the sciences seem to confirm what these psychics and self-styled prophets espouse, that is that some kind of shift in the location of the magnetic poles has taken place on the planet many times before. Volcanic outflows of magnetically charged rocks seem to point to poles which are no longer in the same position. Oil reserves and other indicators of a tropical climate lie buried beneath the South Pole, indicating that at one time the Antarctic continent was in a warmer latitude.

Zecharia Sitchin, in his monumental research works on the ancient empires of the planet, records the legend that there was once a day on both sides of the Earth when the sun stood still, producing at least a twenty-hour day on one side of the planet as was then duly recorded in the Bible, and on the other side of the planet in South America, at least a twenty-hour night.

Many of the works on the upcoming shift talk about people feeling a growing sense of fear because of the memory they carry within themselves of such catastrophes that have taken place on the planet before. Whether this is through a remembrance of what some might call a past life, or through the cellular memory we all carry locked genetically within ourselves and then pass down from generation to generation, it doesn?t really matter. It is said that often these kind of memories crop up in our dreams, causing us to have nightmares about great catastrophic events occurring. It is these same kind of memories that can also often cause us to have great distress in our daily lives without us really knowing why.

Like the peculiar behavior of animals which seems to foretell the coming of an earthquake, so to are we and our children predicting with our own seemingly irrational behavior, the subtle shifts that the planet is making prior to the more major earth changes that are predicted to begin. As any teacher can tell you, the students in school are particularly frenzied on some days, and overall more ?on edge? than they have probably ever been before. A recent day at school in Roswell when most of the teachers agreed that the students were particularly ?off the wall?, just happened to coincide with a day of severe stress along the San Andreas fault nearly eight hundred miles away. That same day, at least five people were treated at the local medical center for broken hips, and a seemingly large number of people were reported to have fallen over and broken various bones, even while walking on flat and non-slippery surfaces.

To synthesize the overall challenges presented to us by the upcoming Earth changes, pretty much all of the authors noted above seem to agree that this is a time in which we are all releasing pent-up emotions and clearing emotional blockages at a faster rate than ever. This is done in order to raise our own vibration to match or exceed that of the changing planet. This is especially true in the first half of the year when the planet passes through what some claim to be the photon belt, an occurrence that now happens from early January through June and beyond.

Should we start worrying? The consensus is no. Should we start preparing? The consensus suggests yes. If we are all going to be caught up in the change whether we like it or not, the only thing we can do is to prepare ourselves for it, and make the shift as easy upon ourselves and others as we can.

What do we need to do this? Again the consensus is that we need to heal ourselves, both emotionally and physically so that we can make the shift along with the planet when the time comes. We especially need to get back in touch with the Earth so that we can resonate in harmony with it, rather than adding to or allowing for its destruction. If we look at the Earth as the space vehicle that will take us through this change, we will then know that what we must do is to look after the planet and not abuse it, so that it, in its turn, will support us through the upcoming transition.

Again, the consensus seems to agree that there will be major earthquakes and upheavals, widespread destruction and probably a fairly great loss of life due to the fact that some people choose to ignore the signs of change appearing all around them. However, as each one of us begins the cleansing and healing process, taking the necessary steps to raise our own consciousness to a higher level, so too will the Earth take the necessary steps it has to take, and the entire process and the resulting destruction can be mitigated.

According to Braden, the Earth is cleansing itself in order to go through the shift into a higher state of consciousness, a kind of initiation if you will. He says humanity has only served to help pollute the Earth, especially over the past two hundred years, thinking that the planet would always be here for us no matter what we did. Well, according to he and many others, we were wrong. Without the prerequisite cleansing taking place before the dimensional shift, the planet would be so polluted, and so unwilling and unable to support our life upon it, that it would not even be worth thinking about our staying around. Therefore, Gaia, the consciousness of the planet Earth, has begun it?s own cleansing, and like the helpless and frail creatures that we are in our physical bodies, all we can do is stand by and watch, or at best, get out of the way.

As one good friend puts it: ?The changes (in the earth) simply reflect our need to go beyond ourselves to ourSelves. The rest would then be possible to withstand. And, as we raise our inner knowing to connect with Self, there would be a much smoother transitional period.

?I know that when I stop fighting the changes and allow them to be, the time of transition turns from terrible, heart-wrenching pain, to ease of understanding and my daily walk is of peace and joy.

?Maybe the changes simply need to be accepted and allowed by us as the first step in coming to terms with what we have to understand. Changes 101. First step: Allow yourself to change. Allow the planet to change. Embrace the change and allow all that is unnecessary to fall away, bringing us as individuals to a place of clarity of knowing and ease.

The good news about all of this according to the scions of earth change philosophy is that, as it is, the changes that will take place on the planet have already been lessened because of the great strides mankind has made in the areas of building a harmonious conscious awareness with each other, and with the planet. It may not seem this way to many people, but this is probably because they have been watching too much of the mainstream media that tends only to focus on the downside of things. Many agree that if it were not so, the planet would already not have made the transitions it has made, I would not be here writing this today, and you would certainly not be here to read it.

Are there areas on the planet which are safer than others in order to survive the coming changes? Yes, and thankfully, according to people like Scallion, Mary Summer Rain, and at least one local psychic, areas such as the one I live in, Roswell, NM, just happen to lie in one of the safer areas of the country in order to deal with the coming changes. Low-lying coastal areas and large population centers around the coastline are obviously high-risk areas. The Mississippi Valley, and population centers such as Phoenix that are endangered by there own overgrowth in terms of the dams built and the nuclear reactors constructed, are also high risk areas.

Do these changes have anything to do with El Nino, the ocean current that has been affecting our climate these past few years? No, most earth-change authors agree that El Nino is an effect of the earth changes, not a cause. The thin Earth?s crust in what is called ?the Ring-of-Fire? area of the Pacific Ocean, is one of the first places to show the changes taking place. Numerous areas of flooding last year in North America and this year in Europe and Africa, are also evidence of this cleansing process taking place. No area of the planet is forecast to be totally free from the effects of the cleansing process, and the subsequent social upheavals will have their own effects on every place where mankind currently resides.

One final piece of good news, should any of this be starting to get you down, is that, according to Clow and many other authors, we are not alone in our ongoing efforts to get ourselves and the planet though this process of change.

According to Clow, beings from many different planets and solar systems within the universe are here both to assist us and to act as spectators of how mankind and the planet makes this shift into a higher dimension. Some of them, it is said, have already gone through this process on their own worlds, but none on such a level as what we are about to make. Therefore, it is with particular interest that the rest of the universe watches the changes we are going through and how we are to deal with them.

Do these beings have any helpful suggestions? Learn to resonate in harmony with the planet. Pack light?clear out any emotional baggage you may have, and give up any undue attachments you may have to anything material?the only thing you may be able to take with you is your own sense of inner strength and worthiness. If you were worthy of being created, you may just be worthy of being saved.

Other works that can be consulted on the subject of the Earth changes are:
Terra Christa by Ken Carey
The Only Planet of Choice by Phyllis V. Schlemmer and Palden Jenkins
Pole Shift by John White
Kryon: The End Times