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earth changes - dreams and waking dreams
Earth Changes - Dreams and Waking Dreams

A year ago Guidance was giving me warnings and waking dreams to help me
'predict' upcoming earthquakes and earth changes. Many of these were
shared with members of my yahoo group or the group itself prior to the
events happening. Again, not trying to be a prophet but rather just an
attempt to show to people that if tuned in to their Guidance they too
can 'know' what's coming and be prepared. A couple of weeks ago it was
waking up singing something about San Francisco and the next day there
was an earthquake in SF. The next week Guidance had me watch the old
movie 'Missing' about an American-led revolution in Chile. Two days
later there was another large quake in Chile. A few days ago it was
dreaming about taking a car back to 'Cayman' so I figured the Cayman
Islands until today Guidance led me to find this:

"The Cayman Trough, or Cayman Trench, also called Bartlett Deep, or
Bartlett Trough, is a complex transform fault
zone pull apart basin
which contains a small
spreading ridge on
the floor of the western Caribbean Sea
between Jamaica
and the Cayman Islands
It is the
deepest point in the Caribbean Sea and forms part of the tectonic
boundary between the North
American Plate and
the Caribbean Plate . It
extends from the Windward Passage
, going south of the
Sierra Maestra of Cuba
toward Guatemala
. The transform continues
onshore as the Motagua Fault
, which cuts across
Guatemala and extends offshore under the Pacific Ocean, where it
intersects the Middle America Trench
subduction zone.
The relatively narrow trough trends east-northeast to west-southwest and
has a maximum depth of 7,686 metres (25,217 ft). Within the trough is a
slowly spreading north-south ridge
which may be the result
of an offset or gap of approximately 420 kilometres (260 mi) along the
main fault trace. The Cayman spreading ridge shows a long-term opening
rate of 11–12 mm/yr.[2]
eastern section of the trough has been named the Gonāve Microplate
. The Gonāve
plate extends from the spreading ridge east to the island of Hispanola
. It is bounded on the north by
the Oriente and Septentrional fault zones. On the south the Gonāve is
bounded by the Walton fault, the Jamaica
restraining bend and the
Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone
The two bounding strike slip fault
zones are left
lateral. The motion relative to the North American Plate
is 11 mm/yr to the
east and the motion relative to the Caribbean Plate is 8 mm/yr.[2]

During the Eocene the trough was
the site of a subduction zone
which formed the
volcanic arc of the Cayman
ink=1> and the Sierra Maestra
of Cuba to the north, as the
northeastward-moving Caribbean Plate
was subducted beneath
the southwest-moving North American Plate
, or as some
researchers contend, beneath a plate fragment dubbed the East Cuban

In 2010 a UK team from the National
Oceanography Centre
Southampton (NOCS), equipped
with an autonomously controlled, robot submarine, began mapping the full
extent of the trench and discovered black smokers
on the ocean floor at a
depth of 3.1 miles (5 kilometers), the deepest yet found.[4]


For a while now Guidance has been saying Portland, OR (and New Orleans)
were the most dangerous cities in the US and since moving my things to
Oregon and understanding 'my safe place' was there for the future, I've
kept a close eye on the Cascadian Subduction Zone (
lying off the coast of Oregon, the same type of fault that caused the
massive quake off Chile last year. Keeping an eye on the wildlife of the
coast gives one a good estimate of what's going on beneath the water and
warming waters and dying fish and sea birds helped me predict the quakes
of 4-5 mag along that zone with only small prompts from my Guidance.

Guidance keeps having me watch some of the current 'disaster' movies on
cable TV lately -- 2012, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Knowing in
order to point out certain things to me. Last night just rewatching the
end of 2012 and tying it in with other elements of what Guidance is
having me focus on, the scene of the tsunami coming over the mountains
triggered this response from my Guidance: "They're not expecting a
tsunami of such magnitude to hit the coast" - meaning Oregon and
particularly up along the river to the basin in which Portland sits.
Watching a part of Knowing THEY've had me rewatch a few times I came
to understand that I need to be a lot closer to my safe spot' than where
I currently am prior to the day of the event happening.

I don't want to be a prophet because that's just people giving their
power away and everything Guidance has had me doing for 15 years now is
trying to help empower people, but the problem with that is most people
are comfortable as slaves and don't want empowerment because that means
self-responsibility. Telling people the day something is going to happen
helps no one because they're not going to survive it anyway. That's part
of why my Guidance won't tell me the specifics of what and when, only
vague glimpses, because if I am not doing right now what needs doing
right now, then the future won't matter anyway. Same for you. You're
just hanging out and waiting for someone else to lead you to safety,
lead you to a new paradigm you have not (for the most part) earned.

None of this is about surviving the earth changes just to keep on
living the way you've been living. NOTHING that has ever happened in all
of Creation (all 7 Superuniverses) has ever rivaled what's about to
happen on the newly ascended 5D planet Earth, and NO ONE is welcome to
attend the inaugural events without having put in the work needed to
show they have transcended 3D with its accompanying attachment to
'stuff', to self-will, and to non-service to others. If you are not
already in some way connected to YOUR OWN personal Guidance (and I don't
mean having a strong intuitive sense where Guidance is being filtered
through the Mind), aren't living a life where other people's needs
transcend your own, then you're not even welcome to the festivities. Oh,
and yes, I've heard it 5,000 times from 10,000 different people, "I care
about other people". I don't care, Spirit doesn't care what your Mind is
telling you you care about -- the big question is can you point to
myriad times you have gone out of your way, sacrificed your own needs in
order to actively help others?

Yes, 'god' and your own Spiritual Guidance still loves you even if
you're a self-willed ass. And it's not judgement that will keep you from
attending the events, it's just you haven't done the work to earn the
right to be here for the amazing things to come. If you're still a
believer in a 'free ticket' to 'heaven' then you need to repeat
kindergarten and that's not where 5D planet earth will be any longer.
Planet Earth has been and is a n honors class that most people have
failed. The new planet Earth is more a reward (though a difficult
reward) for those who care more about serving Higher Will than their
own. A new paradigm needs to be created and put into place before the
planet cleanses itself and prepares for its newly ascended 'crown jewel'

As said a dozen times before, waiting (as I suspect many of you are) for
someone to tell you "the shit is going to hit the fan on Tuesday" will
do no good without you being connected to your own personal Guidance to
know where you need to be, on what day, AT WHAT SECOND you need to get
moving, prepared in such a way as to survive the 'nightmare transition'
between what currently is and what will be.

It's always your choice to stay or to go. It always has been your
choice. Collusion is just going along with things by not making a
choice, and that's still a choice. Stay or go, but if you're staying,
do the homework --and very very quickly. Focus every waking moment on
'being there' where you need to be to get this training done for that's
what it will take to survive. Otherwise pack your bags, do your bucket
list, and have a happy trip to wherever it is you're going next. We'll
see you again when you've learned your basics. Then we'll all clean up
the rest of this dark-spotted Universe and make it the wonder it can be.

With L and BW, Peter

[4truthseekers] Dreaming of 'end times'From:silvia

Posted 11/09/09

Hallo Peter,

I'm still confused by a strange and anguishing dream I had tonight,
there was a conspiracy against mankind. Some dark people created an
unconventional virus, a "vibratory" one, which affected people through
vibrations sent in the air...there was no escape for no one.
I tried to run away but knew they were going to catch me. The only way
to survive was to... wake up!

Don't know which meaning it can hide, better, I can guess...

and I still have to wake up!

Ciao a tutti!



ciao peter,

I had forgotten this dream but yes, it's true, it sounds almost
realistic! (Scalar warfare)

but my dreams are often crowded with disasters and menaces to the
humanity which sometimes actually occur.

a few days before australian flood I dreamt of waves and waters coming
from everywhere

and I had to save some children.

a few days ago it was the turn of ice, blocks of ice all around the

even falling from the sky closing their way to escape.

fortunately nothing of this kind happened yet.

and yesterday night we were subjected to a dictatorial government

which decided on every aspect of our lives.

we are not far from that result here in Italy with a chief of government

that became a politician just to escape jail...

sometimes I dream also that I have some special gift that helps me
resolve some impossible situation

and always there are lots of strange beings helping.

I guess I have to give them a overall picture...

thank you for making me think it over again...

a presto


Channeling Exercise: Learn to channel your own Guidance with this
simple, easy to use exercise:-

The following simple technique is how I have taught so many to
successfully channel their own Higher Self or Guidance, correctly, the
first time and every time that fear does not get in the way. Do yourself
a favor and print out the exercise and read through it as people tend to
`skim' articles on the computer rather than read for the full deepest
meaning of the words:

I am writing to tell you about a way to channel. It is called the "Dear
One technique".

First, I would suggest going to a quiet area where you can sit
comfortably in a relaxed state, somewhere where you won't be bothered.
If you are serious at all about your spirituality and therefore give
your Guidance and your own spiritual nature the respect it deserves you
will set aside to do this without being interrupted by the outside
world. One of the greatest reasons for people failing to do this is that
they are too worried about other things or their day to come rather than
being HERE and NOW to connect. If appropriate, sit and do the HU for 15
minutes before sitting to write -
The HU belongs to know religion or
spiritual path. It is for everyone, regardless.

Then, either on paper or set up on the computer in a Microsoft Word or
word processing program, begin by writing - "Dear One," on the page.
This is your guidance referring to you as the "Dear One". What you then
write is THEIR words to you, not yours to Them. From there, begin
writing whatever comes through you however you receive it. Do not stop
and judge the message, and do not try to edit or spell correctly or
anything for this shifts you into the analytical side of your brain
instead of the creative heart side. All that can be done when you are
finished. Keep writing whatever you are getting and do not stop until
your Guidance signs off. As a free writing exercise you never lift your
pen from the page in doing this very same exercise just allowing
everything to flow outward until done.

If you have a little trouble beginning then you may need to start out
with a prompt, something like, "The most important thing for you to
know right now is. . ." to get you started. Your mind may try to get in
the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not
question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for
this is `Just do it'. If something happens to stop you, just start over
again by writing "Dear One," and then continue. When you are finished,
you may channel a closing such as "With Great Love" and then channel the
name of the Being or Beings or your Higher Self you are channeling. If
you do this once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes it should become more
comfortable to do within a very short time. Learning to trust it depends
on you and your connection. That's why I am here initially to help
confirm things for you as I am able to work with anyone and everyone's
Guidance. A little confirmation in the beginning helps you feel secure
with the process and tends to help you move forward instead of easily
finding an excuse not to do it.

Always COMMAND that only those who are for your highest good and those
who serve the Highest be allowed to channel through you. Some may
channel their Higher Self, that part of themselves connected to every
other Soul and to the Creator Itself. Some have more specific missions
to channel messages for or from the planet, for specific groups of
Beings on the planet, or for the Lightworkers as a whole.

When you are comfortable with the process you can then begin asking
questions which you should write down, and then channeling an answer,
again beginning with "Dear One,". To strengthen your own innate talents
of doing this, ask your Guidance for an answer inwardly whenever you
have a decision to make anytime or all of the time throughout the day.
Should I wear blue or green today? Should I go this way or that way to
work? Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy's for lunch? Should I have the
chicken or the hamburger? This is working with moment to moment Guidance
and the channeling and it both help strengthen the channels between you
and your Guidance.

If you can even get just a yes or no answer to such questions, with
time, you will be able to deal with any situation that confronts you by
simply asking Guidance. Constant practice builds the ability to hear,
see, and to trust.

Guidance will rarely ever ask you to do something which is not a part of
your spiritual makeup. You always have the right and should eventually
learn to challenge whatever you are getting by asking/commanding THREE
times "In the name of the Highest, is what I am getting correct?

Yes, there are other entities out there that like to play games, but you
are not trance channeling and as long as your intent is pure, nothing
should ever be able to bother you.

Read the other lessons in the Connecting with Guidance section after you
have done (not `tried') the channeling technique a few times. I am
always here personally to help individually with this task until you get
comfortable with it. Most people I work with get upwards of 90% correct
the first times they do this. I am always happy to let you know the
results of your initial efforts should you so wish and what else you
might do to improve your connections. . Some of you out there have
specific messages for people and some others around you relating to the
talents/skills/mission you have brought into this lifetime. I can also
help you with this should you see fit to ask for this kind of
assistance. The key word here again is `help you'. It is of no use to
you if I simply tell you your mission since without you being connected
to your own Guidance in some real way, the chance of your ever doing
your mission is little or none.

Above all, Enjoy!
Laugh and Be Well,

Peter R. Farley