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earth changes, deadlines and oct.7th
Earth Changes, Deadlines and Oct.7th

I received this in the e-mails today from one of the group who was
obviously triggered to send it by her own inner knowingness that
today is another one of those \'deadlines\' or critical points along
the path of ascension.

\"Beth Dudley wrote:
I have never written to you before but listening to Bill Deagle
interview. Says that October 7th will be a really bad day. You ever
hear of him?

I hadn\'t heard of him but I googled him and will take a further look
at his works. He\'s right about the 7th, whether he knows it or not,
though as with many things these deadlines along the ascension
pathway are more often dimensional than \'physical\', so to speak. It\'s
not coincidental that after the FULL entry into the 5th dimension by
the planet on September 4th, the next deadline we were given was
October 7th . . today. Monday\'s earthquakes in Tibet were not
coincidental either as this October 7th dedline marks an entry into
the window of earth changes now scheduled for the planet.

Guidance never quite fills us in sometimes on coming events because
life HAS TO be lived in the moment and if this moment is taken care
of and the next then all the moments from then on will also be taken
care of, that is if we are listening and following our own moment-by-
moment Guidance.

12 years ago some acquaintances of mine and I used to meet on Fridays
to plan for this time that is now here. Of course without the
immediacy of the events being right on top of us it was hard to get
much done. For the past two years, however, the growing immediacy of
these events could be felt in every possible way and it was ovious we
were racing headlong towards this deadline with an ever-increasing
speed as the ascension process manifested itself and was made safe
and certain over the past few months.

We were very fortunate that Guidance helped Sue Ann sell her house
(in the dead housing market of Las Vegas) and move to where we
currently are in the mountains of New Mexico, a place where we can be
safer and far more self-sufficiant while being away from any of the
cities that have little to no future in store.

For the past 6 months or so Guidance has also been having us use
every extra penny to stock up on food stuffs and other provisions for
the coming time that is evidently now beginning in earnest. It would
probably be safe to say that we now have at least 8 months worth of
food we could live \'well\' on if called upon to do so, and I know we
They have not finished having us stock up on more. Along with that
there are already plants growing, seeds in storage, etc., etc.,
things that will allow us to become even more self sufficient if
things really do get as bad as Guidance suggests they will. And lots
and lots of warm clothes and blankets for what appears to be more
than an average cold winter in store.

It\'s funny now looking back at the path that has brought us to this
point because it\'s always been so far down the road but now it\'s
staring us right in the face and it\'s on the doorstep waiting to
break loose and no one can really say they haven\'t been warned or
given the chance to be prepared for any eventuality.

If once upon a time someone had said to you that the face of
civilization would change after a certain day, it would be hard for
most people not students of esoteric history to believe. That\'s
exactly what many of us experienced however in the final sinking of
the last remnants of Atlantis. However, after 9/11, everything was
different. Not 6 days after the September 4th fulfillment of
ascension the financial crisis became headline news and things have
only sunk lower and lower into gloom from that point on.

How many signs does a man need before they sit up and begin to take

Earlier this year Guidance told me there would not be a full football
season this year, so now I relish every game I get to watch. I also
wouldn\'t go buying too many Christmas presents depending on where I
was living if I were you, but I\'d sure ask my Guidance will it be
here for me, for my loved ones, if I remain where I am. Like those
other warning signs that have now become so real in many of our
lives, think about a planet that has to give birth to a new paradigm
in a very brief period of time and along the way get rid of a very
nasty old darkside paradigm that has kept both the planet and its
people enslaved for tens and tens of thousands of years. It\'s not
going to be easy and it\'s not going to be fun for anyone unprepared
or unconnected to their own personal moment-by-moment Guidance. Think
about a year from now when even the continents as we know them may
look completely different and then remember back to someone giving
you that same warning as you went about your daily life in Atlantis
and how you ignored it then as you have been ignoring it now.

Whatever happens to you or to the planet, don\'t take it personally,
this is the time you agreed to be here for. This is the time you came
to experieince one way or another, to learn its lessons for your own
future spiritual growth if you have not yet stepped up to accept that
role as yet. It is also time that all of your past lives has led you
to be at for the most momentous event ever since the inception of
this corner of Creation.

Dying is not the problem, living without life is. That\'s now going to
end and the only choice you will have to make is to live consciously,
in tune with Spirit, in harmony with the planet and its other
inhabitants, and in Love with Life and all the learning it has to
offer you.

I wish you well in this the final wake-up call you may ever get.

In service, with respect, Peter

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