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earth changes and che sara sara
Friday was a pretty dark day for a lot of people in terms of feeling the energies of change and 'darkness rising' hoping to escape them. It's the day Anca channeled about. It's the day Elizabeth didn't feel like going out of the house but did and came back carrying a lot of very deep dark critters in her energy field. It's a day (one of two late last week) where Guidance kept having me take naps in order to use my energies for realigning things around the area. It was just a dark day all over. When I asked Guidance what was going on all THEY said was 'It's the End" and didn't qualify it further. Now you have to put that in perspective of everything written about before about the Earth Changes, the ascension process, the darkside's efforts to escape the planet etc.

It comes on the heels of THEM having me close down my Facebook, post a warning that I would not be doing this any more after Sept. 20 except for a limited number of people, remove lots of people from this group a few at a time, reduce my mailing lists to a few handfuls, and much much more that all seemed like preparation for . . . for ending what I've been doing up until now. Now I'm not scared to put something out there from Guidance that may be wrong because after 15 years I know THEY"re never 'wrong' just sometimes circumstances change. Fortunately with the earth changes there's too much going on to deny that it's working up to something much bigger. They weren't wrong about the planet's ascension, about any of the planning THEY had me do for these times long before these times were here. THEY have NEVER been wrong in THEIR diagnoses of people's problems and health issues I've worked with anywhere around the world. So when all the energies have been sinking lower and lower toward something that one might call a 'zero point' then I have no doubt that something bigger is about to transpire.

This morning I work up continuing a song I was singing in my dreams - Che Sara Sara - 'What will be will be'. When I told this to a friend this morning he said he had woken up two days ago singing the exact same song.

I've learned a good lesson from trying to help people over the past dozen years or so and that is what the psychology books teach, people don't like you id you try to help them. Their egos, their issues of self worth and self esteem are all threatened by someone who knows how to do something that they themselves are not willing to exert the efforts to do themselves. Men especially feel threatened. I know from my own experience and from the news every night now that men have a great difficult from being unemployed because it hurts their pride, their self esteem, their sense of self worth that they cannot provide either for themselves or for their families. women accept help a little easier I've found, but when it comes right down to using their new found gifts and talents they lack the courage to do so. Women were supposed to lead the way into this new paradigm but in the end they were just too into their societal programming and too into their false sense of security. Leadership is a lonely task but someone's got to do it or we end up with the slave nation that now exists on this planet.

No day is more indicative of the state of humanity's slave programming than 9/11. America's penchant for killing its own, either through money-grubbing pharmaceuticals that destroy a person's health rather than curing them, or the blowing up of twin towers in order to instigate a freedom-robbing police state, there's no difference. People won't do their homework. People won't understand the nature and effectiveness of propaganda. People will too easily blind themselves with a flag and call it patriotism when it is that very same patriotism that will kill them and their families deader than a door-nail. And worse still, their souls are enslaved not just for this one lifetime either, but for countless lifetimes where ever they may end up in their re-incarnational cycle. Saddest of all it will rob so many of their spiritual awareness and growth, all the lessons they think they've learned and bravely come back to share. To underestimate the enemy is the greatest mistake of all. The darkside has been instilling its reign of terror on too many planets and in too many star systems for too long before now not to have perfected their systems of control so that they trap even the Highest Souls coming back to planet Earth to help free up people and unblock the congestion this planet has been until now in the entire re-incarnational cycle. It's the cycle of slavery and soul entrapment that has been taking place now for eons. The cycle it has taken me under Guidance's direction 9 volumes to even partially document.

But all that's coming to an end right now as Guidance suggested the other day. I can now only do for myself what needs to be done in order to finalize my own preparations and hope that in following Guidance 24/7 this all does come to fruition over the next few months or at least that if not I am away from people and a planet falling further and further into energetic cannibalism and decline.

Mark Twain said it nicely, "Hell is dealing with other people." Fortunately some people ignored that saying when it came to helping me and I've done my best to make them proud. I wish you all well in whatever choices you have made for now even that time of choosing is about near over.

In service, Peter