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earth changes and the mouse that roared
Earth Changes and The Mouse That Roared

Peter Farley

Dateline Las Vegas: NO sooner had I finished writing about Nostradamus and his advice for these times `to hide like a mouse' than mice started appearing in the yard and in the house where I was staying. At first it was just a few. They went after a greasy napkin underneath a seat. They nibbled at the dog food left out. They drank from the dog's water bowl and did some high dives from the upper ledge of the fountain into their own personalized swimming pool. As the days passed and efforts grew to get rid of them, they grew into a multitude much like the hordes of Vandals and Goths sacking Rome. They even got so bold as to swarm while people were around and the lights were on. Every source of nourishment was brought inside and the doors left open at night for the dogs got closed. Standing at the doorway onto the back patio we watched in horror as they swarmed, searching out anything and everything that might sustain their miserable little lives. NO fun Disney mice here, just a pestilence driven by their own sense of the Earth Changes taking place.

`Watch the animals' is the advice best kept close to heart as these changing times progress. The elephants in Indonesia knew there was an earthquake and tsunami coming and moved away from the shores. Now every day there are fish die-offs, birds falling from the sky and mass immigrations of animals as the poles shift around the surface of the planet. The extinction Protocol website collects stories of these events and categorizes them and lumps them together so that even the blind can tell it's not all a coincidence.

Watch the animals. Well one night, watching the mice swarm even after bait boxes and traps had done their worst, we stood behind the glass door onto the patio as one mouse came right up to the glass and started pawing at it right in front of us, pawing to get in where the dog food was now being kept, behavior the past control guy said he'd never heard of before. As I look back at that event the other night I will be damned if I'm not sure that particular mouse didn't look up at me and roar, "It's coming, it's coming! Be aware! Be prepared!"

From my own writings on the subject:

And from Sorcha Faal: New, And Ominous Warnings Being Given to the Americas
January 16, 2005 and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

As the world continues to reel today from a seeming to be never ending series of global chaotic events, more ominous signs of imminent cataclysmic events are continuing to occur.

Reports have been received today that another warning sign from the whales has now been delivered to the doorsteps of the Americas with the beaching of a large pod of "at least 17" whales in the North Carolina Region of the United States. Another media report says about this event,

"More than 30 pilot whales beached themselves on the coast early Saturday, and at least 15 of them died, officials said."

Prior warnings to the Great Tsunami of 2004 were given by the whales to the peoples of the Indian Ocean region, and where in this news report we can read, "In late November a pod of 53 pilot whales beached
themselves at Maria Island less than a day after 97 pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins died on King Island."

Western people continue to be in much amazement with animal warnings, and especially with the news reports from the Indian Ocean region where, it is acknowledged, "Wildlife officials have found no evidence of large-scale animal mortality, instead there was evidence of life - wild and free. Along the Cuddalore coast, where thousands perished, cattle, dogs and other domestic animals survived." as detailed in this one report titled, "Animal Instincts Can Save" from India.

Animal instincts are so linked to each other, and human beings, and to such a strong extent, that among the hundreds of reports received from the devastated regions we can see that even the elephants worked to save themselves, and also human beings, from mass death. "Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, and their sensitivity saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves," it was reported by media sources from New Zealand.

The connection to human beings also with these warnings can be seen also by independent Swiss Researcher Michael St. Clair in this report from

the Australia Magazine Nexus about the 1908 Tunguska Explosion in the Siberian Region of Russia, in which it is said, "Obeying some inner sense and supporting, as it were, the pronouncements of the shamans, the wild animals began to leave. The birds flew from their nesting grounds, the swans left the lakes and the fish disappeared from the rivers. An immense expanse of taiga, measuring several tens of thousands of square kilometers, lost its fauna. Only those who did not believe the shamans' words remained in the danger zone."

Another serious connection between these new whale beachings in the Americas and those prior to the Great Tsunami lie in the geography of the Atlantic Ocean areas similarities to the Antarctica and Indian
Ocean waters in both geologic formations and magnetic anomalous features, and as I had previous written about in my report to you, "Continuing Earth Changes Cripple American Submarine and Pose New Dangers for the American Continents", and where was written:

"More interesting in the light of these recent events are that these two events have more in common than their historically rare power in that both the Antarctica event and the Indian Ocean event are connected by their sameness in both geological and magnetic anomalous features, and as previously mapped by scientists.

One such other area on the earth is known as the Cayman Trough and is located in the Northwest Caribbean Sea.

A number of the world's top scientists in their fields have reported on this region in a report that in part says, "We review the plate tectonic evolution of the Caribbean area based on a revised model for the
opening of the central North Atlantic and the South Atlantic, as well based on an updated model of the motion of the Americas relative to the Atlantic-Indian hotspot reference frame. We focus on post-83 Ma
reconstructions, for which we have combined a set of new magnetic anomaly data in the central North Atlantic between the Kane and Atlantis fracture zones with existing magnetic anomaly data in the central
North and South Atlantic oceans and fracture zone identifications from a dense gravity grid from satellite altimetry to compute North America-South America plate motions and their uncertainties."

Of such concern is there about these events in the West that a group of International scientific researchers are preparing for immediate experiments in the Gulf of Mexico Region. "Marine seismologists from
the University of Texas Institute of Geophysics, the Geophysics Institute at Mexico's Autonomous National University and Cambridge and London universities will use underwater seismic pulses to learn more about the Chicxulub (pronounced Sheek-shoo-LOOB) Crater, a depression measuring about 120 miles in diameter and centered just outside the port of Progreso, 190 miles west of Cancun."

Occurring also today are more warnings signs from the sun with the releasing of yet another Corneal Mass Ejection towards earth from an X Class Flare, and which according to much research will have an even
more continuing worsening effect upon the already chaotic weather systems. As reported by the United States Space Weather Bureau, "Although the Sun is 150 million kilometers away, the sudden expulsion of particles and gas that we see in solar flares and coronal mass ejections can have a strong effect on the Earth."

Most of the scientific research in the Western nations devoted to sun signs is centered on their economic impact to their growing networks of space satellites and electricity grids and not towards the warnings it
provides to people about upcoming drastic weather changes. The interconnectedness of earth weather, the sun, the planets and our solar systems relationships with other systems in our universe are all ignored.

To ignore these relationships are the cause of much loss of human life, and as the events of the Great Tsunami have shown. For all of the West's technological abilities those who had a reliance on them for
warnings have all perished. The animals and the older peoples of the earth who did not rely on the West's technology were saved.

To the Americas the warnings are being given now, but very few are listening. More is their concern for not looking foolish in listening to the many warnings they are being given. To the many of the older
peoples warning them also much is the ridicule and scorn.

Not to these warnings do they heed, not even to those inside of their own souls. "To shoot always the messengers", as an old Western saying goes and to the silencing of their own inner soul warnings by their
medicines, hypnotic television pronouncements by their leaders and much alcohol they turn to instead.

And, 'like the shades in a painting, necessary to bring out the light of the composition and the beauty and harmony of the whole', it has been said about earths great cataclysms, they know nothing about the giant
brushstroke about to change the colours of their world.

January 16, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved.