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earth changes and the new spirituality‏
Changes and Mother Earth
-through Amy Clavijo

Dear One,

All of you have been on alert sensing that things will be changing in earnest.
Some will be subtle and possibly overshadowed during those larger changes, but
all are a part of the process. The thing to remember during this time is that
there will also be positive changes that are signposts of things changing and
moving in a better direction. Be aware of those as well and be sure to share
those with one another in order to uplift and encourage. As with the law of
attraction, like attracts like. Try to appreciate the positive and focus your
energy on sharing those. Do not dwell on what others perceive as the negative
changes. You are well aware that these are not negative energies but a required
cleansing process that are part and parcel of our Mother Earth's mission. She
more than most deserves our love, support and admiration for what She has done
for all life forms within and above her beautiful body. She has sacrificed much
in Her support of all of us. She loves all of her children but is free to make
Her choice to ascend. All were given the same choice and must abide by the
decision each one made.

Send LOVE from your heart to the Earth every day in earnest and thank Her
profoundly for allowing creation to evolve. We are here with Her and support Her
in everything She has chosen. She is worthy of the honor bestowed on Her from
all over creation.

In gratitude to ALL of the of the Earths children who support Her mission.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

2. Earth Changes and You

- through Peter and Amy

One of the other 'triggers' from Guidance having us watch the movie Prince Caspian last night were the words, " Nothing happens the same way twice." Following up on this we came to understand that no two ascension processes are at all alike, and this one, being as unique as anything that has ever happened in Creation until this time, has no precedent. Thus the specific earth changes that will begin to take place at this time are as unpredictable as anything about the basic ascension can be. Where things might once have been thought to be 'relatively safe' now they are not. The only constant one can guarantee is that if you are connected and following your moment-to-moment Guidance you will be in the place you are needed to be , doing what you need to be doing. If that includes your loved ones that's fine. If not, is there really anything you can do about that except educate?

New Mexico will be affected as one of the first places from what we have been given, where Amy is in Atlanta is relatively safe . . for now. Hence her Guidance shared with her the following channeling in response to my request to confirm the imminent approach of soemthing major in terms of earth change events.

Through Amy:

Q- Is there something I should be aware of related to this weekend ?

Dear One,

It is our expectation that the Mother Earth will begin some of her more serious cleansing. As your parents will be traveling to see you, now is a good opportunity to spend some time with your father in particular to clear away some outdated thoughtforms and energetic patterns. The time spent with your children will be healing for him. Follow their example in showing
him the unconditional love We are all so deserving of. He will continue to experience physical symptoms of pain until the energies held within his body are released.

Your physical safety at this time will not be endangered so the message is not directly for you. However, there may be others in your extended family network who will be closer to where "the action is" . Relatives in countries other than the US are the ones to be aware of.

Q- Is there something specific related to earth changes that will result in lives lost ?

Yes dearest. Soon the earth changes will have begun in earnest. Those individuals who will be leaving this earth are one of two groups, those who are contracted to leave at this time and those whose vibrations are incompatible with the changing energies and who have chosen to not follow the LIGHT. More and more of these individuals will be removed through cataclysmic events because of their free will choice not to ascend. There is no judgement. The Earth Mother must continue on in HER choice to ascend and she cannot support those who do not support HER mission. It is only just beginning but this serves as a reminder to those working in the ideals of the FATHER. Bless those leaving so their transition to the next step
in their journey is smooth. Each makes his or her own choice. It is not for you or anyone to attempt to persuade anyone otherwise.

Our love surrounds you at all times so you have no reason to be in fear. Be alert and aware instead in order to be prepared for whatever comes.

We love you all,
Aristenna, High Councillor of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

So just a warning to be prepared, have your 5-minute drill down apt, and once last time if not for your sake then for the sake of thsoe who depend on you, connect with your Guidance and remain so from now on, channeling daily and asking EVERYTHING.

L and BW, Peter

3. The New Spirituality

12-06-08 - through Sue Ann and Peter

Is there a message for the group?

Yes, Dear One,

Many of you are 'trying' very hard to be what you 'think' and/or feel a
surrendered spiritual person should be.

Note this sentence above. Read it again to yourself. Notice the use of the word
'be' in it, for everything stems from that key concept of Creation -'beingness'.
You can't try to be something. You can only be it or not be it. Isn't that what
Shakespeare meant in his most memorable line of all - "To be or not to be, that
is the question . . . "

The 'new' spirituality is, in truth, the original spirituality that has never
yet been fully manifested in this corner of Creation. This is the situation that
stemmed from the inherent difficulties of the female element rejecting its
rightful role of co-creation and seeking instead to explore more fully the
nature of self-will. Thus, the original understanding of spirituality, that
which every Soul is created, is nothing like you think it should be or maybe
even have experienced since the fragment of Soul that you are was first
manifested in this, until now, dysfunctional Superverse.

Trying to do something is just that - 'trying' not doing; they are two very
different things. Trying to pick up a glass of water and picking up a glass of
water are two very different things. The first way suggests that one does not
already know how to pick up the glass of water or that it is somehow difficult
or dangerous to pick up the glass, or even perhaps that something stands in the
way of the glass being picked up when in truth, for most people, it is an act
that can be done very simply and with very little if any thought being given to
its doing. Doing exerts a force that creates an action and gets the job done.
Trying sits on the fence mulling over its options and perhaps half-heartedly
makes a feeble attempt at action while leaving one buttock squarely and firmly
placed high on its perch or fence position so that only a partial force is
exerted, usually one insufficient to overcome the inertia of 'not fully doing'
thereby NOT getting the job done - in this case the picking up of the glass of

The same is true with surrender and be-coming and/or be-ing a spiritual person.
Eventually one must stop trying to do it and just do it. How long this takes is
up to each individual, but at any given moment of the day one can just stop and
make the necessary change and JUST BE a spiritual person. Trying is not a real
commitment whereas doing is.

Any preconceived ideas of spirituality you may hold have mostly been shaped by
the religious programming of the matrix, including much and/or most of your New
Age thinking. This all needs to be let go of just as an old threadbare coat that
has no more use needs to be let go of so that what is underneath it can shine
through in all its majesty . When one allows old programming and the judgment of
what is spiritual and what is not to be dropped then it is far more simple to
feel and just be-come the LOVE of the FATHER. In the end this can really only be
accomplished through the Heart and the Heart is always spontaneous -- it just
acts and picks up the glass and drinks deeply of the live-giving refreshment it
has to offer while the mind hesitates, ponders its choices, and wastes precious
time in getting the job done. No preconceptions are necessary for a person to be
that which they already are or were created. Thus the first piece of this
grander puzzle of spirituality must be-gin with self-acceptance and the
realization that the FATHER and the Spiritual Hierarchy on all levels love us and
do not judge us as we choose to judge ourselves. Those who work with us from the
higher planes know and have usually experienced what it is like to learn the
tough lessons associated with living.

So, once again, Soul exists because god loves it. Allowing this higher
understanding of LOVE into your Heart is the second step and this be-gins with
asking your Highest Guidance how to manifest this LOVE into all of your actions
and towards all people for the Highest good. This does not, of course, mean that
one must be a doormat for any type of use or abuse, but only your Guidance knows
and can instruct you on how best to handle each and every situation and the
persons you're involved with. As We have said many times before, it will not
always be sweetness and Light and certainly at times it will be
uncomfortable. Many of you, especially the females, have been doormats and will
need to stand up for yourselves, but not in a cruel or heavy-handed manner. This
will take having your Guidance to help you achieve a balance in each and every
one of your actions.

Many of you will also be guided to move or change jobs or even to leave
so-called 'loved ones'. These are all things that Guidance may lead you to do in
order for you to move forward in your own 'new' Spirituality and to begin
accomplishing the mission you have chosen during this upcoming upheaval.

It is very obvious the 'upheaval' is already here on many levels. The darkside
'powers that be' are trying desperately to prop up a crumbling matrix while in
other areas it simply continues to collapse. The new paradigm of cooperative
living will begin to emerge as the old gives way to the new. The ascension has
already occurred for many of you and many are feeling their new wings drying
just like the butterflies that you are, newly emerged from the old restrictive
cocoon. For others of you there is a stifling and overwhelming sense of
claustrophobia meant to stimulate you to act and break through that thin veil of
the cocoon's wals and into a brighter more glorious new world, one such as this
corner of the Universe has never experienced before. And, of course there are
many cocoons that will feel like a deathtrap for those who only 'try' to break
free of the old paradigm or for those have no will of their own and who make no
attempt at all.

One cannot wait until the old is completely gone before committing to the new,
as then it will be too late. Many will be needed to assist with a mass ascension
of souls as the planet goes through its continuing birthing process. Those who
already have a strong connection to Spirit and are led to act by their Highest
Guidance and by the FATHER's LOVE need to be prepared during the tough times
ahead to assist others both on a physical realm level and also in 'crossing
over' or shifting from one reality to the other. Get solidly connected as
quickly as possible as this is what people will need, particularly as an example
of what they also can achieve with a strong spiritual connection.

Ask Us for help with whatever you need to be able to connect with Us in each
moment. Channel each and every day, as this will greatly strengthen your
connection. We are always here to be of service to you and to assist with your
own connection to the FATHER. We want as many of you as possible to ascend with
Planet Earth and to dedicate yourselves to assisting anyone and everyone who
asks for your help just as you ask Us - but always remember, first you must ask.

With Great LOVE and Constant Support,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light