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earth changes changes
Earth Changes Changes
by Peter Farley

I have this overwhelming sense that Mother Earth wants to throw up.

Having recently had to take some IPECAC to assist in getting rid of
some wraiths I know just how She feels.

MY heart chakra has been \'aching\' for the last few days of being in
Las Vegas, and then as Sue Ann and I returned from a brief trip this weekend
there came that old familiar feeling again as we approached Las Vegas.

Did you know Las Vegas has something like 10 different fault lines
running benath the Strip and around the town?

Some things that happened over the past two days that helped us make
sense of it all. Firstly, come 9.30 PM Thursday night Guidance askes
us to run out the door and drive 800 miles down to Roswell to get the
last of my things out of that town. As it has been for much of the
summer it was raining heavily down there --totally out of the
ordinary. Not to mention tornadoes etc ...

Anyhow, we had always been led to believe much of New Mexico in that
area was \'safe\' during the coming Earth Changes, but you know, the only thing
one can truly count on in these times is change.

Sue Ann channeled Aristenna to help us more fully understand the

Dear One,

. . . [personal info]

Now for the situation regarding the planet and her people. As We have
told you, the ascension and the FATHER\"S timeline is now
assured. It is just a matter of time, which will not be long. The
remaining darkside leaders are very angry, not only at losing the war
on planet Earth, but they are now trapped here, doomed to a death and
reincarnational cycle they haven\'t gone through in a substantially
long while. They have usually simply transferred their consciousness to
another \'body\' before death through black magic rituals or gone off world and then
re-entered without the loss of consciousness. Now their rituals will not work,
nor are they able to leave the planet for this process.

They will be experiencing death and rebirth somewhere else just like
the masses they have so brutally used in the past. At this point they
feel they have nothing to lose in causing as much damage as possible
before that time.

We will be moving you out of Las Vegas soon as there will be no
further need for you there.

With much Love and Continuing Protection,
Aristenna and the Hierachy of the Council of Light

We knew they were mad. They\'ve been after me so bad I haven\'t been
even able to go out of the house for a week until the request to make
the mad dash to Roswell came.

And then on the way back Sue Ann kept channeling as we were beginning
to understand that many of the places previously thought safe now
were not.

Dear One,

Yes, the new timeline is different from the one We had originally
talked about. This timeline is very extensive and includes all of
Creation, not just planet Earth. Because of this new timeline there
will be fewer \'safe places\' on the planet, and regrettably fewer
individuals who will be left for the last inhabitable stage of

There will be much more flooding of the lower area of the U.S. and
more earthquakes.

The planet will be doing a more extensive cleansing as She will be
changing even more than was originally planned.

As we told Peter, Creation in this SuperUniverse is starting again
from square one. We will give you more on this later, but with the
healing and cooperation of the Creator Family working as one unit,
Creation will be able to move forward from the place where originally
it got \'stymied\' and proceed more normally or even at a far more
accelerated rate now than the FATHER had originally planned.

The old timeline is crumbling in much the same way as you may have
noticed in the waking dreams of so much of the world\'s infrastructure

Generally speaking, the safer places are higher elevations not too
close to a fault lline. Follow Guidance when determining which place
is best for you.

. . . [personal info]

We love you very much and are always available to discuss anything
with you.

With Great Love and Continuing Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierachy of the Council of Light

Timelines seem to be the order of the day. With my major mission done
it\'s almost like the entire past 12 years just disappeared from my
Being, as well as all the life I had before that which
is \'encapsulated\' in the things They had me retrieve from Roswell.
These things will get a serious sifting through and throwing out over
the next few days. And now it feels like a whole new beginning. Wish
you could all feel this way. You can and will, very shortly, just
don\'t hang on to the old feelings and the old things of the old
paradigm. As said before, these will only turn you to stone and like
Lot\'s wife, stop you from ever moving forward.

Wishing you strength in the coming days, Peter and Sue Ann