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ego - the greatest monster of all?
\"As the hydra-headed beast crept slowly upon me, approaching as it seemed from
from every side I held up my shield to protect my body while simultaneously
raising high my sword to fight off its potentially deadly blows . . . . \"

Sound familiar? Nope, not a sci-fi story you read lately, though it should
sound that familiar. It\'s you, it\'s all of us, fighting off the
deadly enemies or foes our ego has to invent for itself every day just
to keep itself busy, most particularly the worst enemy of all - FEAR Itself.

I can\'t tell you how many people ask me to remove their ego chakras
believing incorrectly that their ego is the source of all their
problems. They are almost always taken aback when my Guidance tells them bluntly
that their ego is not the problem. They are, instead, looking for \'a quick fix\'
to all the millions and millions of unresolved energy strands or pathways that
connect them to every event they have experieinced and every person they have
met throughout both this current lifetime and all their past
lifetimes as well.

It is these unresolved issues and a Soul\'s attachment to them
that help form the basis of the current attitudes we walk around with every day,
creating just about every experience we have or will have until each of these
\'karmic\' circles find its resolution and closure. And what is it that most keeps
these karmic beginnings unfinished and unresolved?

The answer is Attachment. Attachment holds all these threads of this and all out
past lives running on into the present and eventually also in our long distant
futures, if w eallow them to. The worst of all the attachments is the
attachment to who we think we are. This is why we think ego is the central issue
to be overcome because we believe ego is having a high opinion of ourselves and
not the right amount of humility. It\'s not. Ego is the combined arsenal of
defense mechanisms we have accumulated over this lifetime, centered usually
around some early issue or trauma in our lives when we first found ourselves and
who we KNEW ourselves to be, being attacked by some outside force such as
parents or \'cruel loved ones\', friends or even strangers.

This first event forms a weakness or \'bucket\' in our energy field . . a chakra
or energy center then forms that then can accumulate all the subsequent defense
mechanisms we find ourselves accruing over the years, thinking that we need them
just to survive. And yes, sometimes we do. These defense mechanisms then become
ingrained patterns in our psyche that then form \'grooves\' in our subsequent
energy fields and attitudes that the world is this and we are that and everyone
else is out to get us - spiritual paranoia, so to speak. And it is these
attitudes we\'ve formed over lifetimes upon lifetimes that we then refuse to see
for what they are, untruths. We learn to compare ourselves by some imaginary
scale of accomplishment or the so-called accomplishments and attributes of
others, judged arbitrarily by society\'s false premises. Along the way we never
once accept the fact that we are us and they are them and we\'re all on our own
separate but equal path of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. To judge
ourselves or to allow ourselves to be judged is to try and live someone else\'s
spiritual journey.

Now input is always handy, particularly by someone we see and KNOW has \'been
there done that\' before us. But always is is we who have to walk the path, and
no one else fits as well in our shoes as we do. No one else knows where they
rub, where they pinch, where those comfortable patches are on the soles. When we
allow ourselves to be judged or to judge ourselves by others, for us, false
standards, then it is we need bigger and more potent defense mechanisms that
when all combined, people call ego.

There is a spiritual law that if we are attached to anything, Spirit
will take it away from us to show us we don\'t NEED it. We can have
almost anything our heart\'s desire, as long as we do not get attached to things.
( The highest form of
mastership is the Mastership of the Vairag, detachment. When we are detached
from outcomes and simply walk our own path, following moment-by-moment Guidance,
then we are always doing the best we can and then allowing Spirit and the Higher
Will to determine the correct outcome of what it is we do --for both us and
everyone else concerned.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, it is always amazing to see how many people have
wrought-iron bars on their windows and doors to keep potential enemies out. Just
like those people living in their own little self-created prisons, each one of
us have our ego defenses we hide behind, peering out at the world from a safe
little place inside ourselves, keeping the world at bay and never fully
embracing anything.

As Guidance said through me in a recent article, it is the ones that easily give
in to ego desires that begin to further lose consciousness. They are then even
more easy to control. Ego Itself is the birth of control . . . ( from Being
Ready for the Higher Worlds
Message #3238)

Gandhi also addresses this very same issue in his Top 10 Fundamentals for
Changing the World. In fact it is number one upon the list.

1. Change yourself.

\"You must be the change you want to see in the world.\"

\"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the
world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake

\"If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think
then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world
around you will change. Not only because you are now viewing your environment
through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within
can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn\'t have or maybe even have
thought about while stuck in your old thought patterns.

\"And the problem with changing your outer world without changing yourself is
that you will still be you when you reach that change you have strived for. You
will still have your flaws, anger, negativity,
self-sabotaging tendencies etc. intact.

\"And so in this new situation you will still not find what you hoped for since
your mind is still seeping with that negative stuff. And if you get more without
having some insight into and distance from your ego it may grow more powerful.
Since your ego loves to divide things, to find enemies and to create separation
it may start to try to create even more problems and conflicts in your life and
world.(from Gandhi\'s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World
-for-changing-the-world/> )

Hence, following those wise words it is our ways of thinking and our lack of
spontaneity of the heart that then cause us even to need more and more defense
mechanisms, just as the U.S. military always seems to need bigger and better
weapons.Is that because America has an ego-identity crisis. or is just poorly
misinformed as to how the world is really supposed to be?

I once removed a woman\'s ego chakra and because all her attitudes stemmed from
having been very very wealthy, her ego was totally enmeshed in everya spect of
her Being. Removing it almost killed her, though Guidance managed eventually to
keep her safe. When you have a very, very knotted ball of twine you have to
either patiently unravel it or simply take a pair of scissors and cut your way
through the mess. Removing the ego chakra is like taking up the pair of scissors
and snipping away. Seems like it solves all the problems but all we are really
left with when we do that is a whole lot more unravelled ends.

The more we educate ourselves as to the reality of the world based on spiritual
understandings, the more those old visions of how everything works and the
attitudes we\'ve formed to cope with these misguided beliefs, will then naturally
unravel and we won\'t ever again allow ourselves to create new and unwanted
connections. Our longused defense arsenal will also then not be needed and we
will find ourselves naturally throwing it away piece by piece as we move
forward, confident of who we are, what we\'re doign here and what it is we are
ALL connected to - one way or the other.

In service, Peter