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Dear Ones,

Today I would like to talk about empathy, about putting yourself in
someone else\'s skin before judging or reacting. It is not about not
being honest or about pleasing others but about really feeling
someone else´s truth. Sometimes your day-to-day life makes you feel
insensitive to someone else\'s feelings. It would all be a lot easier
if before reacting, one would ask: \"Why is this person reacting this
way? How would I feel in his or her situation? How would I like
someone else to react when I am in this situation?\" It is about being
centered, about taking distance, about looking over the situation from
a different angle like you are watching a scene in a theatre.
Nothing is personal. When you take things personally, you get in the
emotion and then it is just about power, who is taking energy from who.
This is EGO.

Remember to stay centred, calm and radiate love. Do not feed
negative comments on other persons. Do not fall in those traps. When
you are in such an environment, just be who you are and by being in
your energy, you will balance the situation.

With love, CALIEFAH