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Energy patterns and grids of the planet
On Saturday the energy patterns and grids of the planet shifted. I'd appreciate
anyone whose Guidance has anything to add to the understanding of this situation
to please send it to me at peter6265@... Erica's angelic Guidance had
this to say in response to her querying the events in her own life:

Dear One,
The time is near where things will be in place- for the changes that are about
to occur will occur swiftly and with force built up over thousands of years and
various thought forms to support it. It is like the shell of the idea will
suddenly become filled with a life of its own and will animate into action so
fierce as to knock everything else not as strong away. Prepare for this time
mentally and spiritually by staying in touch with guidance and practicing
perfect and unwavering trust in us and in your Creator. You are ever close to he
and us at all times, don't ever doubt this fact.

We love you and all your brothers and sisters incarnated upon the
planet at this time. Any pain caused can be repaired, any damage done
can be undone. Just do not fear what happens, do not fear anything at
all. The only way to defeat them is to practice love and strength when all you
want to do is run away and hide from these things that are coming.

In your personal life these things don't matter, and the petty
concerns will be revealed as they are to you; petty human drama has
been kept as a distraction for yourself. It has worked very very well
in distracting you from your very important job at this time on this
planet. Release your angers toward family and realize it is not as
important as what you are about to do. Lately your ego has become
rather inflated, and you must realize this is a form of fear. Let it
go and trust in the higher will. Remember that we are all a part of
the same infinite one and when one suffers, all suffer. When one is
joyous, all are joyous. We all must heal together and progress from
this place of darkness as one. That is all, keep in love and trust.

With Great Love,
Your Angelic Guidance

Erica, like all of you, is going through her own challenges of making
the final choice that will guide her life into the future of service,
or by default, helping the darkness to spread. The Spiritual Hierarchy has asked
me to include a part of her more personal channeling here because no matter what
we are connected to and how clearly we can channel this moment-to-moment
guidance there is
always struggle until we make that total commitment which comes
from knowing we have no other purpose but to serve. There is no
spiritual greatness in meditation. There is no spiritual greatness in
personal awareness. There is no spiritual greatness in achieving
another step along the stairway of dimensional progress. It will take you a
hundred thousand more lifetimes using this method to get to that high point at
which you already exist which says to you, "Serve or get out of the way". All
this is but kitty litter until we recognize that self-will is only there to be
used in service to the higher will. This is what mathematician John Nash won his
Nobel Prize for (the movie A Beautiful Mind) that went against traditional
economic models -- what is good for the whole is also good for the individual.
Read again my article on Choice at my website ( ).

Dear One,
We have been with you the past weeks and have seen you struggle to make
decisions based on self will and service to self rather than the higher will. It
is as if selfishness has won you out and you can only account for yourself and
none other. We know that you have been feeling hurt and frustration within and
without your circumstances. We feel you in pain, reaching out and grasping for
something to save you, but you can only save yourself at this time. No one will
be sent to rescue you, you are the rescuer in this mission.

You forget how powerful you are and cannot stand up even in these minor
obstacles you have been facing, for fear of the wrong decision. If you rely on
guidance there will never be a wrong decision and you will not have to try as
hard to do the things that need to be done in your life.

Your selfishness . . . is that you do not want to give of yourself and do not
want to allow your own energy to heal. You seem to think there are good and bad
sides, but really we are all the same and no part of . . lucifer energy is
necessarily bad or good; and no part of the angelic energy is necessarily good
or bad. We all just are and what your guidance needs from you now is acceptance.
Acceptance of . . . of all the other parts . . . that need to heal at this time,
including your own part of the . . . energy which needs to heal.

Do not get caught up in time lines or specifics of anything, just remain open
to guidance and allow us to lead you where we may without fear of repercussions.
You have slipped . . . but this is only a brief lapse and more a cry for help
than anything else. You will be able to remain . . . as long as you rely on us
and serve the higher will as much as possible. Always ask us, no matter how
small the decision. We need to build you back up, for you have slipped pretty
far down in these past few weeks. We love you, as always, without judgement.

With Great Love,
Your Angelic Guidance

Doors are closing and people are getting locked out of having any choice left at
all. Their denial, stalling and fence-sitting have left them incapable of making
a rational choice in favor of the Light work they supposedly came here to do.
What is left is only collusion. IN pursuing the story which makes up volume 7
(The Hunt for Lucifer) of my work,Where Were You Before The Tree of LIfe? I
have found that there is a force of darkness far far greater than Lucifer in
this particular corner of the Universe, and that is the darkness that all our
self-will has created. It has doggedly followed me and those who carry the
energies of Lucifer on the planet as we have struggled to search for the process
which would allow these various elements to heal. My encounters with it could
only be summed up in the title of Ray Bradbury's classic novel, Something Wicked
This Way Comes. Something there is which is greater than the combined darkness
of Lucifer's energies in this corner of the Universe and it was created by you
and I. Many channelers, masters and others have talked about our toxic thinking
and its effects. I have only now begun to experience the tangible truth of these
words. And now, the Spiritual Hierarchy ask each and everry one of us to answer
this following question: what are WE going to do about this unruly child of ours
that we have created and are therefore responsible for? So what is your answer?


Dear Andr?,

The shifting will bring great joy if you surrender before it occurs
and let things take their place as they "push" themselves in. Another
possible experience is the extreme pain of holding on to old patterns
and attachment to specific situations which will, like it or not,
simply cease to be. We are aware of the massive delay this whole
event has been pressed into by the plain laziness of most of our crew
here on Earth, but it has happened and now the crash course will take
place. Many awaken now, late, but begin to realize what they really
are supposed to do and how to heal themselves and others. The problem
comes to be that all they know is simply ignored most times, as you
frequently do, time and time again, and they stay as they are,
attached and enslaved by limited beingness. They write about those
problems they have and they keep them close to them, instead of
throwing them into the fire because it will hurt and feel empty
without the problems. The solution is filling the space with Love and
serving with the freedom acquired as problems get burned. Then they
can move on to healing others but only if they are healed first.

The grid time is now making everything stretch itself and thus going
by slower in mind-time, altough chronological time will continue to
move faster and faster. There is nothing to fear, love all the way
through and be at ease, rest assured you are going to a safer better
place, even if you can't see it for yourself right now. Trust us, we
are the Highest telling you you are coming up here soon.

The time stretching is due to great growth in such a little time
being so very needed right now at this point in Creation. We need
many to become aware as soon as possible and so they have extended
time in order to become more in less time. It's like a speed that
makes things seem slower, time included. Earth tells us and everyone
it is about ready right now, and that the last thing needed is that
its surface is cleaned up and has the darkness wiped out and replaced
with new missed Love, so that the ascencion takes place as was
intended from day 1. So friend, act now and help your fellow humans
heal themselves, heal yourself, let yourself be YOU, and rise up to
heal all others! Leaders are needed, pure intended leaders with true
love at Heart and the Will to serve all-ways. Serving the self will
takes you in circles. Serving others will take you and everyone ready
up to the higher realms where you belong. Realize this potential in
you to heal or surround yourself with protection, or a create a
blindfold to stop from moving forward, in effect stay lost in your
own self will that takes you nowhere and ever further into the dense
dark energy that has been haunting everyone all along.

The grid has been set in place now, and will be set again as the
tragedies start taking place. Anything else you can do right now
includes healing yourself and saying to others what we have you
channel so that they may finally wake up. And then you ought to
prepare to let go many many things that will be destroyed in fury as
the darkness resists their removal. It is now the time of healing but
the resistance to healing causes pain and misery all-ways. Specially
now that energies of love are easily inserted onto Earth, the
darkness will boost fear patterned thoughts and hate/anger towards
specific groups so as to divide them and keep them stuck in cages
unable to heal during this series of "unpleasant" events. Those who
are unable to heal will inevitably be removed somehow and as war
ensues, there is no guarantee for anyone, unless they serve and
proceed on healing themselves fully, and the whole planet, and then
it will be done. When it's done they won't need to fear or care about
anything else from there on.

In love and asking you for an opening so healing can take place.
Remember we LOVE YOU and ask that you do the same for yourself and
all, and with it let healing take place in order to proceed with

Artola and the Spiritual Hierarchy, especially your Council of The