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Essential Background part 2
Part 2
. . . Therefore, when we decide that we want to take a look for the
origins and the causes behind our history, the best place to go is
deep within ourselves to our own DNA and to our very own cellular
memory. Although there are many evolutionary processes at work in the
Universe, it is a fact that no human life on this planet has ever
evolved from anything other than an intelligent, flesh and blood
human, or proto human-like life-form.

Now that this has been said, how does it make you feel? Does it make
you feel like society will suddenly collapse around your head? No?
The only thing that might collapse is the power structure built on
the lies and subversion that have held our history hostage for so

I know it will take time before the full implications of this
statement to sink in, but somewhere deep inside you, you never could
believe that `crawling out of a swamp' stuff anyway. Perhaps the best
thing to do would be to take tomorrow off from work to think about
the ramifications of this fact and then it will become clearer to
you. The best thing to do then would be to set aside time this
weekend to rearrange your priorities. But, other than that, your life
will go on as usual.

Some of the illusions that you once held may have been
brushed away along with the digestion of these facts, but you will
only be left with a much clearer vision of who and what you truly
are. You will also be a person that is much less likely to be used or
controlled by those who are trying to enslave you.

Before you begin this process, however, wait until you have finished
reading the rest of this chapter. This is where our history in the
lower worlds begins--on this, the most beautiful planet in the
Universe. It is a time when the planet is almost devoid of all life-
forms other than some evolving animals and vegetation formed by
angelic realm beings. Many of these beings are now incarnated on the
planet and can remember this time of helping form the new divine
matrices which we now can see around us.

The "gods" whom this honeymoon retreat was created for are now
absentee landlords, so why let a good thing go to waste?
Oh, there were a few visitors who stopped by every now and again to
rest their weary space-legs. Most of these left again after
refreshing themselves?perhaps making a pit stop to repair or
replenish their craft and their supplies. Some stayed awhile but
ultimately perished, the planet at that time still being too hostile
an environment for any kind of advanced life form.

The Anasazi were one of the first to come and explore. Knowing their
own world was in danger of being destroyed by a passing comet, the
Anasazi traveled from their own region which is closer in to the
center of the galaxy, out to planet Earth. There purpose was to scout
for another planet to colonize. They had no space vehicles as such,
but since the vibration of the planet at that time was of a much
higher level, or much finer vibration, what we could call a fourth
dimensional level, there were other ways to come and go through the
universe. Noted western author Louis L'Amour has a story called
Haunted Mesa in which he tells about the Anasazi entering and leaving
this world through a portal located on top of a mesa in the Four
Corners region of Arizona. It is one of his most popular books
exactly because it triggers in so many of us those cellular memories
of when we too were amongst the Anasazi of that particular time. As
any Louis L'Amour aficionado will tell you, the author did a great
deal of research on any and all of his subjects and did not work
strictly from his very creative imagination.

The Anasazi left, however, after that first visit, finding that the
planet was too inhospitable for their needs. It was during this, and
subsequent visits though that the Anasazi became a kind of guardian
race for planet Earth?and many are now returning at the time of its
greatest need. It was in fact, only on the last of their four visits
to the planet that the Anasazi found it had settled down sufficiently
to the point where it could be a favorable place to live. Their
abrupt departure in the 14th century was in fact was occasioned by
the opening of the portal through which they needed to leave, and by
the continual threat they were under from other warlike tribes.

If they had not left at that time, it would have been more
another 2,000 years before they would have again had the chance.

Their history, which is another story from the one we are
telling here, is one of advanced spiritual technologies and ideas?
continuously hunted by dark-skinned enemies who sought to destroy
them and their peace-loving ways. Every Anasazi ruin shows the
defensive nature of their way of life.

There are numerous interpretations of the name `Anasazi'?however, the
one that perhaps rings the truest is "ancient enemy." This a name
which connotes the difference between them and the Native American
tribes existing in the area at the same time. Some oral Native
American history actually calculates itself in time by the movements
of the Anasazi ?the movement of the "short peoples" (the average
Anasazi being only four and a half feet tall?hence the small rooms
and apertures that form the majority of their cliff dwellings).
It is important to note here that so many races of people have, at
one time or another, populated the Earth and then disappeared
suddenly and mysteriously seemingly into thin air, leaving behind
them the remnants of their great cultures. Entire civilizations have
just up and, within the span of a single night, left. The best
explanations for this that most scientists, archeologists and other
so-called experts seem to have are at best weak ones that often `do
not hold water,' never being able to explain where these cultures and
civilizations moved to.

Keep it in mind, for indeed it is the history of this planet, as well
as many others in our universe, that many races have come and gone
for many different reasons. We will try and explain the relevant ones
for this planet in the brief amount of space and time we have in this
book, without losing sight of that which is our first and main intent?
the true history of the Darkness and the Light.

Most of the other visitors to the planet found it as inhospitable as
the Anasazi did. It was often covered by too much ice or, conversely,
too much heat. The strange animal and plant life at the time made it
difficult for them to survive. The Els, from whom we get the
word `elders', were the first beings to successfully colonize the
planet some 15 million years ago. Their civilization grew large and
covered many areas of the planet. They were technologically advanced,
but still relied heavily on their inner knowingness and spiritual
abilities to live. Many of the Els later went underground when a
large planet came too close to the Earth and threatened to destroy
all life upon it. This was the infamous planet known as Nibiru. Some
of the Els went underground where they are still rumored to exist
today. Most, however, left.

Brother Philip tells a part of their story in the book Secrets of the
Andes. Their story gives us a better idea of how many planets were
started through some type of colonization, just as modern days areas
of Earth were also colonized when adventurers from France, England,
Spain, and Portugal, roamed the world in search of new lands to bring
into their country's fold.

"After the Earth had cooled, and was ready for inhabitants, a
race arrived from out of space that was not human, but was of the
race of original true man. They were called Cyclopeans, and are known
in the secret arcane knowledge as the `L' Race or simply, the `Els'.
Before coming to the Earth planet they traversed space following all
the great cycles of Time; they were Titans who rode the starways and
sought always the best pastures of space for their flock. They were
the first life upon the Earth and are the Immortals of our legends,
the God Race or Elder Race that preceded man. . .They were about
twelve feet tall and were male and female, but not as we think of sex
differentiation today. Before coming to Earth they had colonized much
of what is known today as the Milky Way Galaxy; thousands of suns and
worlds came under their influence."

Brother Philip also makes the astute observation that Earth has had
many civilizations and, when one has gone to `the bottomless pit',
another one rises, only to see that one drop to the bottomless pit as
well. This, he says, is an error of the Earth, for on Venus there has
never been such a destruction of a civilization. And on the planet we
know as Mars it has occurred only twice, although obviously quite
catastrophically. But how many hundreds of times has it taken place
here on Earth?

After the many comings and goings of these civilizations, their rise
and their fall, a history that is too far back in the dim mists of
time for us to even worry about here, it was decided by members of
the local spiritual hierarchy to use the planet for an experiment.
This was to be an experiment in the blending together of the many and
varied universal civilization types. Although this kind of work had
been done before with some kind of success, that on planet Earth was
to be a blending on a far greater scale than had ever been tried