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Essential Background Part 4
Part 4
. . . That is why we must take a look at the starseeding done by
the twenty-four Universal civilizations which took place in Aksu, as
well as that which occurred in the great empires of Lemuria and
Atlantis--civilizations which were colonized from other planets, in
order to get a better feel for our own history. Lemuria and Atlantis
we shall deal with in the forthcoming chapters. Aksu shall be dealt
with now.

Before we begin, however, it must be mentioned that prior to any of
these more famous civilizations there were the races known as the
Polarans and the Hyperboreans ?both in varying stages of
corporeality. When you start to go back too far into our history you
begin to talk about a different level of existence from that which we
now currently know and can imagine. In as much, therefore, these
races are not a direct part of the Tree of Life we are tracing in
this book. Just know that, after the Els, and as far back as four
million years ago, there were great civilizations upon the planet
which rose and then fell, leaving behind no trace of themselves due
to the major physical changes which have occurred on the planet since
that time. The only memory of them exists in the various myths and
legends from around the world, and in the Akashic Records of the
planet. Some psychically aware people are able to tap into these
records, but always be aware of the level of the source from which
this information comes.

The original beings that evolved on the planet then was from remnants
of former colonies. These are what we would call the black race.
Blacks actually evolved on all the landmasses of the Earth, and even
in China the remains of Negroid ancestors have been found. At one
time in Africa, the fierce black Varkas Kings had a great empire and
ruled with an iron-fist all the lands south of the Mediterranean Sea.
A book called The Golden Kingdom tells a wonderful excerpt from their
story, and is a worthwhile companion to this history.

The Orientals, the white race or Aryans, and the Native American
Indians, have all been the results of colonization from other
civilizations in the universe. They are the results of the breeding
of the civilizations upon planet Earth, but the Native Americans are
the only ones to openly acknowledge their ancestry in the stars.

When UFO activity was at its peak in the 1950s, a holy man of
the Cheyenne River reservation of South Dakota named Blue Hair was
asked "what are these that travel around but do not stay in one place
long enough, nor avail themselves to be seen." Blue Hair told the
listeners after a special ceremony that they are "our relatives,"
and that they will come again from time to time "as they have in the

When we speak of the red, the yellow, and the white races, they were
all descendants from colonization occurring from other civilizations.
This all took place many thousands of years ago. This is not the same
colonization from the higher civilizations which began around 32,400
BC as explained in The Only Planet of Choice.

If you begin to see a pattern here in why perhaps the different races
don't get along with each other here on planet Earth, then you will
start to recognize some of the negative effects of this
experimentation brought to the planet by the Universal Civilizations.
Interplanetary wars are not an uncommon thing in this area of the
universe, and `racial' hatred is a not an Earth-born thing alone.
Some planets are, indeed, very, very war-like, and also very
arrogant. They take their planetary prejudices with them in their
genetic codes, and this in turn comes out in many of us who are more
directly related to these various star ancestors.

Racial purity is also not a new concept, and many of the wars taking
place on Earth today are simply reflections of the `tribal wars'
which have to do with this kind of racial purity and ethnic cleansing
on other planets. Lines drawn on maps cannot classify a person as to
their ethnic background, nor indeed can they cover up the inherited
planetary and racial prejudices bred into us from our ancestral roots
in the stars.

According to Clow, history on Earth has been nothing more than the
projection of fear:
". . . the experience of the original people of Earth has been
continuously and extensively influenced by visitors from other
realms. As you struggle to remember who you originally were, your
meetings with those who have changed you will be part of the critical
process of regaining your identity. Your teachers from Nibiru and
other alien cosmic sources have been so interwoven with the natural
evolution of Earth that it is very difficult to remember the original
resonance of the Earth or of yourself."

Part of this grand Earth experiment was to see in what manner the
original race that was not seeded would evolve in comparison with
those that colonized. Those that colonized, after a period of time,
because they came from civilizations that had perhaps more technology
or different kinds of developed intelligence, often began to feel
that they were superior to the native races who they saw as inferior
because they had evolved more from this planet than the others.
Often, too, these colonizers contrived to dominate the blacks and
their homelands as well. The remnants of this attitude can still be
seen in society at-large today.