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Essential background Part 5
Part 5
The experiment of the Twenty-Four Universal civilizations began as
recently as 32,000 BC, which coincidentally corresponds very nicely
with that 35,000 BC jump in the evolutionary ladder referred to
earlier in this chapter. By that time the `seeds' these civilizations
had planted had evolved into human beings who were ready to receive
new energies for the uplifting of the species.

In an article entitled A Galactic Exchange Univer-city, co-
authored by James Gilliland and John Novak, the authors speak about
their impressions of the `benevolent' aliens with which they have had
contact in Oregon, sounding very much like representatives of the
Twenty-Four Civilizations:

". . . These benevolent beings have an omnipresent understanding of
God that transcends the need to separate into structured truths with
names, images and dogma. This is one of the main problems causing the
fear, separation, division and war now plaguing Humanity and the
Earth. They have found it is better to honor diversity and choose the
Universal principles and understandings within each culture that are
necessary for a healthy society and environment. Principles that
support Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom
and Prosperity for all and service to the Creator within all

"These understandings, given to our forefather/mothers, were
inspired by great overseers in the past and are the basic foundations
for all religions today. Unfortunately, these basic truths have long
since been altered by kings, governments and religious institutions
that still dominate the social consciousness of Earth today. They do
this by keeping people in fear, ignorance and dependent upon them for
the basic life necessities of food, water, shelter, clothing,
medicine and transportation."

After the seeding, what was planned for the planet Earth did
not come to pass, however. As the Nine tell it, it was discovered by
the civilizations that, of all the planets in the Universe, Earth was
the only planet that has such beauty, such diversity of changes, but
also has such density--more than any other planet in the Universe.
It was discovered that those who existed upon planet Earth had a
great "physicalness and sexuality" that was not present on any of the
other planets. Like all the other Souls who have incarnated here for
one reason or another, the colonists, having a higher vibration and
coming from planets with lesser densities, found the Earth's density
too difficult to overcome. This caused them to get trapped in their
desire for physicalness, so they too began to repeatedly reincarnate
on planet Earth.

"It was not meant to be that way," say the Nine. "That is
where the great imbalance on this planet comes from. This is the
problem in your physical world: there is too much involvement in the
releasing of energy, rather than in refining energy. . . it was a
form of masturbation that seeded the Earth."

Instead of helping cure the problems of planet Earth, the
colonists only served to add more fuel to the fire.

Those who were in the Southern hemisphere did not get as much
of the influence of the other civilizations to assist them in their
evolutionary process. Because of landmass changes which had occurred
prior to this time, the continents of the Southern hemisphere were
much more difficult to get too, just as they are today. The Northern
hemisphere, on the other hand, had a much greater settlement area,
and was much easier to get around, especially when you consider the
presence of a smaller yet still substantial Atlantis stuck squarely
in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Then around 32,400 BC, a small number of representatives of the
civilizations came to mingle with those who had already been seeded
upon the planet. They arrived in a place the Nine call Aksu, located
in the Tarim Basin in Central Asia, 350km SE of Alma Ata, Khazakstan,
in what is now Xinjiang or Sinkiang province under the Tien Shan
mountains. The arrival of these beings changed the stakes, however,
by infusing new DNA coding into humanity, a DNA which we shall see
later was far different from that which we now possess today.
The others who were here on the planet at the time were in simple
societies, and there was a mixing of genes with them as well. Besides
the evolving black race, the starseeds, and the colonizers, there
were also others on the planet at that time who were outcasts from
other planets. Just as Australia had started out as a penal colony
for those deemed unfit for polite society in 18th century England, so
to at times was Earth a dumping ground for those considered unwanted
by the civilizations on their home planets.

This first mixing of genes in 32,400 BC did not work, however,
because it was too soon. The starseeds had not yet progressed far
enough by this time to assimilate the genetic changes in
consciousness. According to the Nine, "their minds and the souls of
the spirits were too dense. It was a high civilization, not properly
adapted to Planet Earth."

The new arrivals tried to give the original starseeds language?an
alphabet which had no vowels, much as the Hebrew language has today.
Before these star-beings had come to Aksu, the people spoke in grunts
and gungs, so the star-beings taught them a toning language, a
language that imitates the sounds of nature, and is the language of
the universe, much as the toning sounds were used to communicate with
alien beings in the final scenes of the movie, Close Encounters of
the Third Kind.

Some of these star-beings stayed and tried to make it work, but after
about 600 years things fell apart. Because there were no connections
between the groups moving out from the central core area, confusion
reigned, and they became involved in local developments, often
merging with the peoples of those new areas. Therefore, there was a
loss of memory and a reverting back to a more simple state of
development. This then necessitated the re-enhancement of their
genetics within a period of about 500 years (the Anasazi culture of
the American Southwest suffered many such similar problems in trying
to keep in touch with the outlying areas from the hub of their
civilization at Chaco Canyon, NM).

Culture thus began to degenerate after initially flowering. The
ability of the DNA to maintain itself lessened after being watered
down in the genetic pool and through basic lifestyle choices.
About this time, the last great Ice Age was winding down and things
on the planet were beginning to warm up. Three different groups
dispersed in three different directions from Aksu. Some went to
China. In Aksu there were people with mixed strains and people with
pure strains. Some were mixed with different Civilizations of the
Twenty-Four, and some were just mixed with the locals.

It was in this period between 5,000 BC and 6,000 BC that a larger
group came from the Twenty-Four Civilizations to attempt to elevate
the consciousness of the planet again. The problem with the beings
that existed on the planet this time was that instead of welcoming
the visitors as brothers, they instead worshipped them, much as they
worshipped the other alien beings who had been on the planet prior to
the time of the Great Flood. These alien races we shall deal with
more in the coming chapters.

The Nine say that the realization that sent the representatives of
the Civilizations back here at that time was that if they waited for
humankind to evolve of its own accord, it would still be in its own
state of six toes (a common petroglyph at many ancient sites), that
which was considered to be a primitive state of development.
In the Bible, David's nephew slays a son of Goliath (the Philistines
supposedly being 8-10 ft tall) who had "on every hand six fingers,
and on every foot six toes." (2 Samuel 21:15-22)

What the Twenty-Four Civilizations were trying to do was to
spread evolution and civilization through the `100th Monkey
technique', what they got instead was worship.

This time, their representatives decided to share with the people the
idea of communal development. Some offshoots of the group went to
China, what is now and seemingly always has been, a great communal

The effect had by the presence of the other alien beings on the
planet at this time caused great dissension and confusion amongst the
relatively primitive earthlings, especially after the incident known
as the Tower of Babel. Everyone, indeed, was babbling like a non-
human. It was therefore necessary for the Civilizations to re-seed

What needs to be understood here is that when there is a separation
of people, by long distances or by long periods of time, there is
also a loss of knowledge when there is not a group with whom to share
that knowledge. It therefore becomes lost to future generations.
The Native Americans have kept their legends and ancient knowledge
precisely because of this fact. They have worked hard to maintain
their ways and their traditions by repeating that knowledge over and
over again at tribal ceremonies, precisely as it was handed down to
them in the beginning. The old Hopi prophecy that a "Day of
Purification" was soon to arrive has survived this long just because
of these forms of oral and ceremonial tradition, along with the
pictographic representation of the events as carved into stone:

"The Day of Purification . . . It would be a day when all
wicked people and wrong-doers would be punished or destroyed . . . We
believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard
there. . . The arrow on which the dome-shaped object rests, stands
for travel through space," Katchongva said in explaining the rock
carving. "The Hopi maiden on the dome-shape (drawing) represents
purity. Those Hopi who survive Purification Day will travel to other
planets. We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are
true . . . " (Kimball)

So once again there was a need for more genetic engineering to be
performed on the central group of seeded inhabitants. Many of the
legends and mythology of Ancient Greece and their gods, those such as
told about Atlas and Zeus, came from this exact time when the people
saw alien beings landing in strange craft and doing miraculous things
with technology they didn't understand. These strange things they
translated into images using the only language they knew. Any kind of
alien from a spaceship became "an angel or winged messenger." And the
spacecraft themselves became "chariots of fire," just as modern-day
UFO researcher Erich Von Daniken first deciphered them.

One of the major starseeding influences came from the beings sent
from the Pleiades, one of our closer neighbors in the Universe, the
group of stars known as the "Seven Sisters." Many of these ancient
legends refer to the Pleiadeans, in terms that the people of those
days could understand especially when they involve a bull--the
Pleiades being in the constellation of Taurus, the bull. These
legends and their truth in origin, has had incalculable influence
upon our civilization, legends such as this one:

Europa and Her Kin
Jupiter was the chief figure in one romantic episode, which
brought in its train a number of important events and consequences.
Europa was a princess of Asia, the daughter of the king of
Phoenicia. She shone preeminent among her attendant maidens as Venus
did among the Graces. The son of Cronus beheld her, and he fell in
love with her. He wooed Europa in the fashion of a bull (Taurian,
lovely and mighty to behold). He came into the flowering meadow where
Europa disported herself with her maidens, and when the rest fled, he
cast his spell on the princess so that she was not afraid. She
approached him and he lowed gently, and he bowed himself before her
feet and showed her his broad back. Smiling, she was tempted, and sat
down upon the back of the bull; and scarcely was she seated, when he
rose from the ground, moved towards the neighboring seashore, and
leaped into the waves.
In vain she called to have her companions, in vain she
implored the seemingly gentle bull to return to dry land and to
permit her to escape. Over the sea, suddenly smooth before him, he
swam with powerful strokes, and never a wavelet wet the hem of the
maiden's garments. Around him gamboled the monsters of the sea, and
bevies of sea nymphs rose from the waves and greeted him joyously.
Wither do you bear me?" at last the maiden cried in awe; and the bull
answered her in deep, immortal tones, bidding her to be courageous.
"Behold, I am Jupiter," he said, "and love of you has
compelled me to wear this semblance. But Crete shall presently
receive us and shall be our bridal chamber?Crete where I myself was

So he said, and so it was; and from this princess Europa it was that
the whole continent received it's name. Three sons were born to
Europa?Minos, later king of Crete, Rhadamanthus, and Sarpedon. The
two former after their death became judges of the shades in the
underworld (perhaps underworld aliens).

All of these legends involve flying and `immortal acts' done by
heavenly creatures with amazing technology and superhuman abilities.
They were not the products of fertile minds, but rather the
translations of amazing events done by simpler minds than ours. In
this case, Jupiter was a god who was "wheresoever you look,
wheresoever you move."