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Essential background Part 6
Part 6

As the Nine describe it, the Pleiadeans are our actual biological
ancestors, and are very much a part of our family. A lot of people on
the planet feel drawn to the Pleiades for exactly this same reason,
and hold very close feelings for these beings and this star system.
Most Native American tribes point to the Pleiades as the home from
which their ancestors came. There are also many legends revolving
around the Pleiades in numerous other cultures from around the
planet. The Balinese and the people of Tana Toraja (in Indonesia),
both say they came from the Pleiades. Their houses, resembling long
boats, are symbolic of the ships that the ancestors from the Pleiades
arrived in long ago.

As stated earlier, the Pleiades were also a seeded planet, one which
had a little more success because of its finer vibration and the
level of its people's existence on a higher dimension. It is now a
civilization which exists almost solely to provide seed help, as well
as technical and biological intervention on other planets.
Randolph Winters, in his book The Pleiadean Mission: A Time of
Awareness, shares some of the history and qualities common to
Pleiadeans, and sheds some extra light on the ancestry of other
"The Pleiadeans and their ancient ancestors called Lyrans,
have been aware of our planet for more than 22 million years, but
this was the first time that they had come to Earth, to observe and
become involved with us. They could have come at any time, but it was
clear to them that our civilization was beginning to develop, and
that an important time was coming which would lead to great change
here on Earth.
"The ability to project thoughts to another place on the
planet is very common and is the socially accepted method of
visiting. Telepathy, the ability to communicate by thought, is
practiced by most of the population. Devices such as phones are non-
existent. Try for a moment to envision what life would be like if
everyone on the planet were contributing part of their thought energy
to a common pool that was used to protect the health and well-being
of the planet, the animal kingdom, the food, and the health of all
inhabitants. There would be no greed, hate, anger, or negative
thinking, but only true understanding and love among everyone.
"Even though most communication is mental, there is till a
tube type of system to travel around the planet. You can travel to
almost anywhere on the planet in a very short time. This tube system
is mostly above ground and available to everyone. When you are riding
in the tube, there is no sensation of movement because the problems
of gravity and energy have long been overcome by Pleiadean science.
The tube cars are something like our monorail systems on Earth, but
are far more advanced and intelligent. As with other structures on
Erra, the tubes can think and carry on a conversation with you about
your destination, and answer any questions you may have about the
scenery or topography of the planet (more primitive tubes such as
these were also used on Earth by the Anasazi to travel on the long
straight roads they built, having no wheels as such).
". . . Because of this, everyone is able to share in the
resources of their world in accordance . with their contribution,
without the fear of greed and power. This has made their life more
pleasurable, and creates an environment where the quality of life is
considerably higher.
". . . . Divorce is not allowed because they feel this is an
offense against the Laws of Creation. If the marriage laws are
broken, the partners are exiled from the planet, but this rarely
happens ((how do you get exiled prisoners)) They believe in many
kinds of love, especially in friendship and marriage which are very
closely related, as well as the love of all creatures."
"If you are beginning to feel a little lost, perhaps it is time for a
quick lesson in genetics."

The Old Stone-age Neanderthalers were so physically unlike modern
humans that we could not possibly have evolved from them in terms of
our genetics in such a short period of time. They were even mentally
quite different, as determined from a skull shape affording little
room for thinking and speaking parts of the brain. Thus they were no
missing link. There was also no separation between Neanderthals and
Cro-magnons, but they were both totally different genetically and
their cultures remarkably dissimilar. Cro-magnons showed
sophisticated art, clothing, habitation and general lifestyle, yet
somewhere between 30,000-35,000 BC they did exist as contemporaries.
It is through genetic testing done in 1997 that proof was finally
achieved that modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) had not the
slightest trace of ancestry from even the Cro-magnons. Similar
testing found that Homo Erectus dated back to only 40,000 years ago
in Java, rather than having died out 200,000 years ago as originally

None of these forerunners evolved from each other either. They all
seem to possess singular characteristics unrelated to the others,
meaning that their genetics evolved separately from one another.
Then, too, some mysteriously died out while others survived. This
logically suggests the garden concept expressed by the Council of
Nine that you plant many different kinds of seed in new soil to see
which one will survive and will flourish.

You see, as the Nine explain it, only about 5% of the DNA within each
cell is used in constructing a physical body. The remainder concerns
information including race or archetypal memory, psychological
factors such as collective consciousness, and other streams of
energies. It is, in a way, the hard drive storage for all the
lifetimes of our ancestors who have added their genes in order to
create ours. It is also the container for various elements of cosmic
knowledge, and especially for the secrets regarding the cosmic
connection of man to his Creator. Do not be fooled by modern day
experimenters in genetics and the supposedly worthwhile goals they
say they are seeking. As we shall see, much of what is happening
today with regard to genetic manipulation has already gone on before
in Atlantis and other places, and with often disastrous repercussions
that we are still trying to cope with today.

During upgradings in our genetics such as those the Civilizations
have done, genes have been introduced which have physically adapted
the brain and intelligence hormones. This is kind of like upgrading a
computer's memory capacity and processing ability. The information
brought to the Earth seeds then was not only verbally transmitted
through ideas and information, but also genetically encoded into our
DNA and transmitted through procreation between the inhabitants and
these off-world star beings. Genetics is one of the major factors we,
in truth, are following in our quest for understanding the Tree of
Life as it has been seeded on the planet, been hybridized throughout
the millennia, and even today is being manipulated by power-seeking
groups for the purpose of control.

The biggest problem with genetics is that this pool of genes we carry
within us, which on the one hand can be upgraded by the adding fresh
influences from other races, can also deteriorate if left too long
without other fresh additions. Interbreeding within a group for too
long can actually create great problems in the humans that it
creates, mostly by concentrating certain traits to the exclusion of
all others.

The Grays, the infamous group of aliens who are blamed for many of
the abductions on the planet, are said to be a dying race who are
trying to use genes from those they abduct to reinvigorate their own
genetic pool. Unfortunately, it seems as if the human-Gray hybrids
that have been created have lacked that vital quality which allows
Soul to embrace the new form, and inhabit the physical structure.
There is, indeed, great difficulty involved with the workings of
genetic manipulation. The FATHER's Creation does not allow for change
very easily, as the Grays and even the Twenty-Four have found out
over a long period of time. Those that have been successful need to
understand the light coding that allows genes to fuse effectively, as
talked about in The Pleiadean Agenda.

Many of the diseases known to humanity were caused by genetic factors
originally brought about by the mixing of the various races. Some
were from genetic factors inherent in one group from a particular
star system which then did not intermarry well with the genetics of
others from another planet. This is evident in the diseases
particular to certain races of people.

Is it starting to make sense now why there are so many different
blood types on the planet? So many different types of digestive
system? So many different types of metabolism?some for vegetarians,
some for meat eaters, and so on?

Not only did we inherit the benefits of the new genetic factors in
this mixing, but we also inherited many of the problems, attitudes,
and `physical' attributes associated with beings from the various
planets, as we shall see here in the story of the Aryan race of

The Aryan Branch
One group of starseeds that has been responsible for much of
the confusion and disruption on this planet are the Aryans. As Peter
Moon describes their history, they come from the star Aldebaran, a
star which has two planets forming the Sumeran Empire.
"The population of Sumeran was divided into two classes.
First there was the Aryan or master race. Additionally there was a
subservient race which had developed in a negative fashion as a
result of mutation from climatic changes. As both populations began
to expand, there were problems because of racial intermixing. The
people became dull and the technology for space travel was lost."
In spite of this racist undertone, we are told that there was
no racism in the Sumeran Empire and that the different peoples
respected each other. The Aldebarans, or Aryans, were at one time
able to travel to other stars. They were, in fact, migrants to this
area of the universe, first settling on Mars and Maldek, the planet
whose remnants now make up the asteroid belt between Mars and
Jupiter. This planet was a part of the original Luciferian wars, as
they are called. A major war took place between these two planets,
leaving one a large, lifeless, chunk of rock floating in space, and
the other, shattered into millions of smaller chunks floating out in
There is a great lesson here to be learned by people on
planet Earth, for many of us were on these planets at the time they
were destroyed. We need therefore to remember the lessons involved in
this war and not let it happen again here.
The surfaces of Mercury, Mars, and several satellites of the planets
(including Earth's moon) show the effects of the intense bombardment
by fragments from this destruction. On Earth that record has eroded
away, except for a few recently found impact craters.
All the Darkness which has arisen from the foundation of humankind on
this planet has not all been totally Lucifer's fault, believe it or
not. Certainly over the past 50,000 years, however, his focus has
been on this planet and controlling its people, thereby gaining
control over it's role as a melting-pot and spiritual balancing point
for the Universe. The planet Maldek was destroyed in as much because
it would not surrender totally to his control. The Martian planet was
decimated and all atmospheric possibilities for life to exist upon
the planet surface again, were destroyed in this very same battle.
This was approximately 100,000 years ago.

There were many of these `Aryans' and others who escaped to Earth at
the time of the destruction of Maldek, during the earliest phases of
the Galactic or Luciferian wars. Their memories are very strong with
regard to what happened there, and indeed the planet Aldebran which
is destroyed by the Death Star of the Dark Side in the original Star
Wars film, is an archetype of this planet Maldek. So it is with
Solara's memories in her book, El:An:Ra: The Healing of Orion:
"Maybe she could liberate some of the small planets they had
invaded if they were willing to join the fight against the OMNI. Too
bad that AAlar-dar wouldn't join his forces with hers, surely
overthrowing the Dark Lords would be serving good. Maybe when he saw
her strength and power, he would bring the Intergalactic
Confederation to help. But, she knew that she couldn't count on him.
Besides, there was always the possibility that he would try to stop
"Kurtala's mind was made up. She vowed to destroy the OMNI,
whatever it took. Even if she now had two formidable opponents, both
AAla-dar and the Dark Lords, she was not frightened. Rushing from her
quarters, she made haste to prepare for the horrible times to come.
"And thus the stage was set for the intergalactic wars."
The Aldebarans or Aryans have played a significant role on in the
troubles here on this planet. They were a small minority of people
who escaped to the planet and unduly influenced others to accept
their beliefs and the memories of their home planet and what was
happening there. The translation of the stories they told were taken
at face value as a lesson in race mixing, when, as it has been
correctly said, there was no racism on their home planet between the
two different races. At a time of desired mixing of races on this
planet, their stories were something that influenced other races such
as the Hebrew or Hoovid race which came from the Twenty-Four
Civilizations, and convinced them not to interbreed.

This was a devastating blow to the original plans for this experiment
on planet Earth. Its success rested on mixing the best of all the
races to form one new and even more superior race, balanced in all or
many of its aspects by a deep love of its heritage from the many
races from which it had been formed. As this was the first time this
experiment of mixing so many bloods together had been attempted, the
interference of other alien beings on the planet at the time was
unfortunate. In a Universe based on Free Will, however, it was also
unavoidable. It was "a monkeywrench" thrown into the works which
eventually jammed up the gears of the overall experiment.

The Aldebarans or Aryans were in particular known for their
intellectual ability. Unfortunately they also brought with them this
piece of their history which has now formed an archetype within
people heavily influenced by their bloodline. This characteristic of
the Aryans is what has created much of the anxiety centered around
the separation of the races that has plagued nations such as
Australia, the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and certainly
South Africa, almost since their inception. Most of all it has
brought itself forward in the teachings of the Teutonic race and
eventually caused the slaughter of many millions when the archetype
was successfully used by Hitler as an appeal to racial purity, and a
reason to destroy the Jews, as well as many others.