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Essential background Part 7
The Jewish Branch
It must be remembered here that when the Nine speak
of `civilizations' they are speaking also of levels of consciousness.
Any particular group of people or beings will have a certain group
consciousness formed by the simple communal linkage of their
thoughts. This is because we are all connected together as a small
individual piece of that much greater entity known as Soul. This is
the origin of the Native American saying, `We are all Brothers' (not,
we are all one).

Any school class will have a certain group consciousness. So will any
city, or even suburb of that city. Any state will also have a certain
group consciousness, any country, and certainly any planet. This is
the generalized consciousness of the people themselves as the group
who inhabit a certain planet such as Earth. It should not be confused
with the consciousness of the planet itself, which on Earth is known
as `Gaia'.

This consciousness will usually manifest itself in a predilection for
certain abilities associated with the mind or the emotions, and will
therefore give rise to certain abilities in the fields of science,
the creative arts, music, or even physical prowess.

As well as existing at different dimensional levels in the Universe,
each of the Twenty-Four civilizations also have different levels of
consciousness. All are not perfect, all are still evolving in their
own way, and many have difficulties of their own to deal with,
although none quite as bad as those we have here on Earth. We have,
indeed, inherited the problems of the Universe along with our genetic
mixing. As such, we have become a central focus for the healing of
the Universe?a microcosm for the larger macrocosm. We not only have
all the positive attributes of all of our interplanetary parents, but
also all the negative ones. Thus we truly are the microcosm of all.
"In the beginning, all civilizations were equal. Yet each of them
worked primarily with different levels and in different arenas, and
the civilization in the level that was most influential became the
most predominant civilization."

Humans `abducted' by aliens will often talk about seeing the various
races of aliens working together onboard ships where they are taken.
These various aliens don't always seem happy about the fact of
working together?but at least they are cooperating on things. It is
much like a group of nations operating together here on Earth, each
one wanting to participate, yet each one wanting to retain its own
sovereignty ad individuality as well.

The planetary civilization known as Hoova is the one that brought
forth the nation of the Hebrews. They were one of the original
civilizations that seeded planet Earth in very ancient times, and
therefore rightfully can be referred to as `the chosen people' in one
small unimportant sense. Others came too, but Hoova re-seeded the
planet Earth on three separate occasions, hence the relative
importance of the Hebrews to Earth's history. The last time they came
to the planet Earth for this, according to the Nine, was in the time
of Sumer.

Hoova itself is a planet 16,000 times the size of planet Earth. It
has a population of approximately only five million inhabitants. This
means that family and group ties are very important there because of
the sparseness of their populated areas. Comparatively, Altea,
another one of the planets inhabited by a member of the Twenty-Four
Civilizations is only 52 times larger than Earth. Because of the
different speed of time in the finer vibration in which Hoova exists,
a Hoovid would live approximately one million of our Earth years.
The Hoovids are a smaller race, with dark skin, and usually straight
dark hair. While Hoovids have vocal ability such as we do here on
Earth, Alteans on the other hand do not have vocal chords, but rely
rather on telepathic abilities to communicate, much as was previously
discussed about the Pleiadeans.

In terms of the sexes Hoovids have what is known as a tri-polarity
gender, similar to what one might think of as the male/female/neutral
blend inherent in the FATHER. Alteans are of two polarities, blended
in togetherness. Hence the uniqueness of the sexual reproduction and
mating customs of Earthlings, and of the great desire to reunite the
two. This desire for physical union can even cause unbalance in
beings from other planets and dimensions coming to the planet much
like it does with the people already here.

Gregg Braden refers to this and its relationship to what is happening
with the current planetary changes:
". . Even as seeds, many have become "lost" in the density of the
earth experience and are just developing a new sense of identity. As
the memory returns, the constructs of their lives may appear to make
less sense; careers, relationships and even commitments made prior to
the wake up, may not feel harmonious with the codes being activated
from within; the patterns simply will no longer "fit." For those
individuals, their path will lead them through the doorway of
experience that brings them to the threshold of resolving those
feelings, facing the fears and coming to terms with the emotion of
what has come to pass. Even now they are preparing, and being
prepared for, The Rapture."

The Nine say that the Hoovids, and thus the Jews, have been great
civilization builders, and were chosen to seed Earth for their
knowledge and seed-influence on civilization. Ancient Babylonia and
Baghdad were Jewish outposts. They also had a great influence on
Greek and Roman civilization as well as on Islam through the
Diaspora, and then upon the rest of the world. Jewish people are
descended from the original Aksu line of starseeds.

The Hoovid race was also chosen for the implantation
of "individuality and determination," and perhaps an ingredient
of "tenacity." The Nine say that the difficulties this race brought
with them to the planet, however, were in the matters of "obedience
and compassion." The Hoovids did not obey their original directives
they came with, and have not obeyed ever since. This circumstance is
mitigated by the fact that they also do not have enough understanding
of, or compassion for, other races.

"They set themselves up on a pinnacle and they do not comprehend
that by doing this they are putting themselves up as a target for
slaughter, for in the center they are the purest and gentlest. . .
And thus Israel is important . . All these years the opposition (the
Dark Side) has bound it . . . The other civilizations are bound and
hindered by the obstinacy of the Hoovids."

The Hoovids have a basic strength within their character, but also
the planet they come from is a war-like planet. In coming here to
Earth, they were asked to be at peace. They were asked to be
catalysts and leaders amongst the peoples of Earth, but instead they
have doubt, suspicion and deception. Part of the reason for their
involvement with this planet was to overcome that very same factor?
"Within them lives the knowledge that they have made an
error, but because of pride, they will not acknowledge this."

The Nine explain this error by saying that when the Hoovids
agree to more freely intermingle with the other races and share
their DNA, their life-force, it will create a greater opening in
humanity, and with it a great release that will in turn help to
release the Universe. They say that the stresses and strains of
earthly life caused the Hebrews to look increasingly after their own
interests and people, which ended up being counter-productive. The
opposition then "got their oar in."

"The Hoovids . . . are a small group of people that have
survived at all odds, a small group who have continued to educate and
forward all their peoples, but this is not to say they are
perfect . . . The majority of people working with spiritual elevation
contain somewhere in them the genes of the Hoovids."

The lost tribes of Israel were dispersed to far off places
such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, North America, and were also mixed in
with various peoples such as the Phoenicians, the Celts, and even the
Orientals. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, was fond of
saying that most North Americans are "more Jewish than the Jews." It
was one of these lost tribes that were the origins of the Bloodline
of the Holy Grail as explained in Laurence Gardner's work, as we
shall see later on.

As well as the `benevolent civilizations out there in the
Universe, there are also those who have aligned themselves with the
Dark Side, and even many who have simply been taken over by the Dark
Side through force of arms and other more exotic weaponry. An excerpt
from Solara's EL:AN:RA?The Healing of Orion gives us a more detailed
view of this kind of interaction in narrative form:
"All of this was done under a cloak of utmost secrecy, for
Kurala still distrusted most of the spider people. She knew that when
the time came, that they would fight fiercely alongside them against
the OMNI, but she didn't want to risk revealing their plans before
the time was ripe. In the meantime, she stills sent forth war parties
of spider people to conquer small, insignificant planets, in order
not to arouse anyone's suspicion.
"Shamo was not told about any of this. Both Kurala and
Shakarr agreed on this matter. He remained in extreme pain and spent
most of his time moaning and writhing about in his bed. Kurala would
visit Shamo several times a day, sitting solicitously at his bedside,
stroking his furry black legs. She was appalled by the presence of
his Orion implants. Every time that she looked at them it renewed her
will to fight the dreaded OMNI. Kurala murmured to him that soon he
would be healed, for indeed, she had sent messengers forth to bring
back Galaxitron the finest healers who could be found.
"During the period of preparation, Kurala was given little
time to think about AAla-dar. Yet his memory would emerge into her
consciousness at the most unexpected times. Sometimes, it appeared as
if he resided within her. His handsome face would shine with love;
she would see his starry eyes cajoling her to serve the Light.
"Her response to this depended upon her mood as well as her
outer activities at the moment. Sometimes she would flash an angry
reply at him. "Go away, leave me alone! I have chosen the task that
you and your Intergalactic Confederation should have taken on." At
other, quieter moments, she would allow herself to bask in his love,
calling for him to giver her strength and support. On occasion, she
would wonder if there was any way they could ever be together.
". . . The renegade ships zoomed by the Galaxitron craft from
both sides, cutting across their ship at weird diagonal angles,
forcing them to slow down to almost nothing. As the ships cut closer
and closer to them, Kurala shouted to her crew to bring the ship to
hover position.
"So they want to play it rough with us, do they?" Kurala
whispered with excitement. "This is not quite the welcome I expected."
"She personally took over the ship's controls. Her features tensed
with concentration as she waited for the right instant to act. Nearly
forgetting to breathe, she sat with her hand ready upon the
hyperspace throttle. Here they came again, even nearer. This time she
could feel the oscillating air currents of the passing ships bombard
her craft. Then she acted. With spit second precision, she activated
both hyperspace and reverse simultaneously. This, she had never done
before and wasn't quite sure if it would work. But actually, Kurala
had discovered an old secret used by the triple Commanders for
entering Orion's sword.
"Without a second's hesitation, she slammed the ship forward
and then after the briefest of pauses, out of hyperspace. There just
ahead of them loomed the planet Maldon. If she had traveled another
instant in hyperspace, their ship would have rammed right into it.
Instead, the craft from Galaxitron made a graceful, swooping arc over
the spaceport, then delicately landed as if it had been a normal,
unhurried entry.
". . . This was his mystery and his mark of greatness and why he has
chosen to stand in the center of the OMNI. It could be said that if
you truly looked at Zeon carefully, with your clearest vision, you
would see a small sphere of white within his vast vortex of
blackness. Only one being at a time within the entire of the Dark
Lords of Orion was given this circle to embody. But it was essential
to the Divine Plan in accordance with Universal Law, that always
there be one embodiment.
. . . "No, we will wait for Quintron. He probably just hasn't
arrived yet and should be here anytime. I wish that he had picked a
planet with better energy though. This must be his stupid idea of a
bad joke, trying to scare us," she replied.
"Well, it worked! I'm definitely scared! So let's get out of here!"
Shakarr rattled with terror.
"Kurala admitted to herself that she was also afraid and Shakarr
wasn't making things easier by his whimpering. Maybe it would be
smarter if they left this place, the quicker the better.
"O.K. Shakarr, let's get ready to take off; we've had enough of this
grim planet."
"Kurala moved to the bridge as they prepared to ascend. As they
became airborne, a curious thing happened. Every time their ship
reached a certain altitude of ascent, it was as if a ceiling had been
placed above them. They could only go up so far. Each time they hit
an invisible barrier which bounced them back downwards.
"With mounting frustration, Kurala tried to remove the energy shield
by shooting it with lasers an photon beams. The barrier remained in
position. She even considered throwing her ship into hyperspace, but
that would be suicide for sure. Most star systems were cluttered with
too many planetary bodies to propel your way through in hyperspace.
All they had to do was hit one of these deformed moon fragments and
they would be thrown into another dimension by the heightened impact
created by hyperspace thrust.

"Great welcome, Quintron!" Kurala muttered angrily as she rammed into
the barrier again. She attempted to slide under and around the energy
shield, but met with no success. Finally, giving up, the warship from
Galaxitron landed awkwardly on the runway.

"Instantly it was surrounded by a multitude of small, grey craft
which rained down from the sky relentlessly. Curious looking beings
began to emerge from the space station and the crafts, walking
rapidly towards her ship. Several of them held photon detonators,
ready to throw.

"Come out of your ship, now, alien intruders." Announced a metallic
"Come out immediately or we will vaporize you."
"Well, I guess that I have no choice but to disembark," said Kurala.
Of all the possible traps that she had considered, this was something
she had never thought of. She pondered briefly whether Quintron had
been captured by these grey beings too, but they hadn't seen any
signs of his ship. Besides he wouldn't be travelling alone., he'd
bring along at least a squadron with him."

"Kurala gave her crew strict orders to remain on board and to defend
the ship for as long as they were able. It was her plan to try to buy
Shakarr and her crew their freedom if she could. Giving the sobbing
Shakarr a final embrace, Kurala stepped out of her hatch with dignity
and courage, doing her best to remember that she was not only the
Queen of Galaxitron, but an Angel from the Celestial realms where
these sort of terrifying events must be regarded as mere illusions.
"She was instantly encircled by hordes of weird looking beings.
Their bodies, of a semi-transparent grayish white, were short and
skinny making her tower over them. Kurala did her best to emanate
detached authority while she stared at them with repressed revulsion.
One of the worst things about them were their oversized, elongated
heads containing large black eyes focused upon her, were mirrored
reflections upon mirrored reflections of herself. It was truly
"What are you doing on our planet?
"What are you doing on our planet?
"What are you doing on our planet?
"Why did you come to Reticulum?
"Why did you come to Reticulum?
"Why did you come to Reticulum?
"How dare you enter where you have not been invited!
"How dare you enter where you have not been invited!
"How dare you enter where you have not been invited!
"The weird beings reproached her in a din of metallic echoings. They
seemed to speak several stepped down forms of language which made
them confusing to listen to.

"Can you please answer me on just one vibrational level? It's very
hard to communicate with you otherwise." Kurala spoke in a tone of
friendly arrogance, hoping it would give the desired impression of
strength." I came to this planet because I was invited here by
Commander Quintron of the UNA Command who surely must be a friend of
yours. Is he here yet?"

"We have never heard of anyone named Commander Quintron, never,
never! Therefore, you must be lying to us, so we will take you
prisoner," they replied impassively.

"Although not thrilled with the course this conversation was
taking, Kurala was somewhat relieved that, at least, they were
speaking through only one step down station."

To get a part of the bigger picture of who's who in the
Galactic Wars that have been raging for so long, and who is aligned
with the Dark side and who is aligned with the Forces of the Light
one almost needs a program guide. Fortunately, an Awareness from the
Higher Dimensions that is in alignment with the Light helps us here
understand some of that bigger picture. Along the way, it also brings
into more focus, how serious the issues are on this planet right now,
including the dominant influence of Lucifer, and how what happens
here affects the entirety of Creation itself:

The Structure of Alien Government (Rape & Pillage Allowed)
"The Orion Alliance creates structures on the planets
run by hierarchy and controlled by money systems and the Reptoids
enforce the allegiance to these structures and control the masses,
and for this they (Zeta Reticuli) are allowed what may be
termed "rape and pillage" privileges. This Awareness indicates the
Zetas support the Reptoids and the Reptoids support and derive
authority from the Orion Empire.
(Revelations Awareness 92-14/NO.398)
"Humanity in the meantime is semi-oblivious to all this and simply
goes along on their daily pursuit of pleasure/pain behavior life-
styles. This Awareness indicates that there are a very few people in
the human population who understand much about the overall picture in
regard to the alien presence on earth or the agendas of the alien
presence and its overall intent.
(Revelations Awareness 93-14/NO. 423)

Getting the Alien Federations Straight
"A clarification about Orion: This Awareness wishes to make some
clarifications in this respect; that the majority of those known in
Orion are of a negative nature , but that there are some planets and
sectors of Orion that are positive in nature. Clarion is a planetary
system, a star and planetary system that is of a positive nature.
Betelgeuse and some of those stars in that general area are filled
with planets that are of negative nature. This Awareness indicates
that there are some hundred and thirty planets in that area.

"This Awareness indicates that there is also, besides
the Orion Empire, the Draconian Federation. The Draconians have
absorbed those from Zeta Reticuli and have brought these entities as
mercenaries, but the Reticuli do not think of themselves so much as
part of the Federation,-they refer to themselves more as a network.
The word "Reticuli" means network, and that is a traditional
classification in their history, which they do not easily shed. The
Draconian Federation considers however the Network as part of their
Federation, subordinate to their controls. The Draconian are able to
control the Reticuli through treaties that have been formed some
hundred thousand years back, when they helped to rescue the Reticuli
from their dying planet (from excessive exposure to radiation) and
infused it with new life, and then, in return, gained control over
the entities of the Reticuli.

"The Reticuli hail from a binary star, that is, two stars that rotate
together, and live on planets close to these stars which are highly
unlivable to humans, being very heavy in heat and desert. The
Reticuli, in coming to earth prefer desert areas where the climate
is quite warm. This Awareness indicates that this in part is
favorable because of their insect genetic qualities, which makes up
part of their total being. This Awareness indicates that the
Draconians also being cold-blooded beings, prefer the warm climates.
This Awareness indicates as to the concept of the Confederation, this
is not a common term used in describing the amalgamation of these
planets from the Pleiades, Vega, or the Sirius system, but has been
borrowed from human tongue and from the persistent use of the term by
channels to describe the amalgamation of these planets working
together in this galaxy to try to hinder the spread of Draconian