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Essential Background to understand the world situation
Seeding from the Stars Part 1

. . . Sometimes it seems easier to accept a Creation story like the
one we follow in the 9 voolumes of Where Were You before The Tree of
Life? than it is to believe there are aliens who might one day show
up on our front doorstep for a visit. Perhaps this is because `God'
seems so very far away and so much less personal, while aliens on the
other hand could be so very, very close.

Current statistics suggest that more than 57 percent of Americans
believe in UFOs, while fifteen percent say they have seen a UFO, and
as many as 5 percent say they have been abducted. These figures seem
very low after speaking with people from all over the world, and
working with abductees for a number of years?abductees who have a
completely different figure in mind, something more like 40 to 50

The one common thread that ties so much of the ancestral
mythology of all nations together is the idea that our ancestors came
from the stars. This is certainly common knowledge to just about
every Native American tribe, and in many other indigenous as well.
In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The
Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical
lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their
traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible
to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit
around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on
its axis.

This legend might be of little interest to anybody but the two French
anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded
it from four Dogon priests in the 1930's. Of little interest except
that it is exactly true. How did a people who lacked any kind of
astronomical devices know so much about an invisible star? The star,
which scientists call Sirius B, wasn't even photographed until it was
done by a large telescope in 1970.

The Dogon stories explain that also, according to their oral
traditions, a race of people from the Sirius system called the Nommos
visited Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos were ugly,
amphibious beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. They also
appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. The Egyptian
Goddess Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked
with the star Sirius.

The Nommos, according to the Dogon legend, lived on a planet that
orbits another star in the Sirius system. They landed on Earth in
an "ark" that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise
and wind. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about
Sirius B.

Such credible witnesses as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter have
admitted on record to having seen a UFO, though he is not the only
public figure to have done so. Voice recordings of NASA astronauts
publicly available tell how the astronauts have seen UFOs from the
space shuttle's windows. NASA astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and
Buzz Aldrin, Ed White and James McDivitt, James Lovell and Frank
Bormann, Walter Schirer, and Gordon Cooper, all testified before the
United Nations that UFOs are repeatedly visiting this planet. Russian
film footage of their cosmonauts working on the space-station Mir
show obvious UFOs circling the area in the background as the
cosmonauts do their work.

Ed Mitchell, Apollo astronaut, appeared on Dateline NBC in April,
1996, and indicated that NASA was covering up what really happened at

There is also evidence to suggest that Cro-Magnon man was doing
drawings of UFOs as long as 13,000?30,000 years ago in French and
Spanish caves where there were no sources of light at the time.
Prior to 1947 and the Roswell Incident, there had been as many as
1000 books written on the incidence of Unidentified Flying Objects.
Medieval paintings of religious figures show flying saucers clearly
visible in the background. Since the early 1980s, the number of books
on the subject has grown exponentially. Former U.S. President Ronald
Reagan is famous for his public comments made in 1987 alluding to an
alien threat that would force the feuding countries of the world to
pull together in a common act in order to repel hostile invaders. He
even concluded one statement in September, 1987 with the rhetorical
question, "And yet I ask you, is not an alien threat already among

Until recently, 1997 had been the busiest year yet reported for UFO
sightings in South America. And still the military and governments of
most countries of the world deny that aliens and UFOs even exist.
What purpose does it serve to deny this fact when they are so very
obviously real? The Brookings Institute did a special report in 1961
at the request of NASA on what would be the effects of disclosing
information about the reality of aliens to the public. The
recommendation was a resounding not to do it. The report suggested
that such a release of information at that time would cause society
as we know it to collapse. But would it? Or is it just that the
threat of alien `invasion' could be used against the people as a way
of keeping them `in line?'

At what time of an adopted or orphaned child's life should it
be appropriate to tell them who their parents really are? Is there
any easy way to do it? And what would be the repercussions on those
children after being told? This is the scenario we currently face
here on planet Earth.

We are not orphans. We are not abandoned or adopted children. We do
in fact have parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents, and
great, great grandparents as well--and somewhere back along the way,
there are at least one or two of our ancestors who really were
alien. It is more than probable that there is not just one or two
either, but lots of them. That `sons of God' stuff in the Christian
Bible, that is a story about us and our beginnings. All of us have
had many lifetimes on this planet, and indeed much of this history of
the planet and of the universe that we are talking about is simply
about us in former lives. Those who do not learn from history, are
doomed to repeat it. And repeat it. And repeat it.