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exercise locating and releasing emotional body blockages
Exercise: Locating and Releasing Emotional Body Blockages

A second exercise will locate emotional `traffic jams\'. These are the areas of the emotional body that have the greatest collections of excess energy. You can then release and disperse these congestions. This technique will also stimulate circulation between your astral and physical bodies.

Begin by breathing into your chakra centers as described in the previous exercise.

Now, breath into your right leg. Pretend it is a long, thin lung. With the inhale, feel your breath reach down to your toes. As you exhale, feel a subtle tingly sensation. This is due to increased energies nourishing the area.

Keep breathing until you feel this tingly sensation throughout your leg. If you still don\'t feel anything after a minute or so, proceed to the left leg. It may take a few practice sessions before you are able to sense more energy in the various parts of your body.

Repeat the process with the right and left arms. We work on extremities first, because it\'s easier to isolate the tingling feeling in them.

Now, breathe into your back. If you wish, you can do just the upper part first, and then the lower part. Next, breathe into your abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck, then the back of your head and your face. Each of these areas can also be divided into right and left halves and treated separately.

Take not of which areas of your body resist the tingly sensation. They are the ones that harbor blockages.

I stopped my breathing for a moment and asked, \"What if one doesn\'t feel the sensation anywhere in the body?\"

Try relying on your knowingness. Perhaps the tingling sensation will not be felt in the various parts of the body but within the heart, as a feeling of openness.

When you are finished, go back to the areas where you felt blockages. There are several things you can do to help open these zones. Imagine the congestion as a pile of jumbled toothpicks. Straighten them out so they all lie in one direction, or move them so that they are not as concentrated.

This will encourage the needle-like fibers in the astral body to become less tangled.

Or give the area love. When you have positive input reflecting on the photographic plates of your mind, it rearranges the lower bodies.

Another method is to imagine a stream of water flowing through the area. Let it clear out all the obstructions in its path. Or, flood it with the seven healing colors of the rainbow, one color at a time.

You could also use a therapeutic Diamond to help open these areas as well.

Excerpts from Beyond the Light by Ginny Katz