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exercising the spiritual senses
While 24/7 communication with your own Guidance is critical at this stage of
things, there are other exercises that will assist you in expanding your
abilities to both \'hear\' and \'see\' spiritually with all your senses.

Exercise: Mapping Your Inner Being (*Learning \"Gentle Sensing\")

Part 1

Stand in front of a full-length mirror, or look at a full picture of
yourself. Examine what you look like from head to toe. Close your eyes, but
continue to see your image in the inner screen of your mind. If you lose the
image, look at your reflection or picture again. Practice this until you can see
your image clearly in your inner vision.

Then sit down and get comfortable. Close your eyes and again visualize the image
of yourself. Imagine yourself moving around the room.

As if watching a movie, see yourself lie down on the bed, get up, sit at a desk,
stand up, or brush your hair. If you wish you can watch yourself walk into
another room. You might even go into the kitchen and do something like drink a
glass of water.

If you lose the image of yourself, go back to the beginning. Look at
yourself again in the mirror with your eyes open and then practice
seeing yourself with your eyes closed.

Part 2

While sitting comfortably with eyes closed, once again visualize an
image of your physical body in the screen of your mind. Watch this image lie
down on the bed.

Examine the image of your body on the bed from different angles.
Gradually move your viewpoint to a position above the bed where you can look
down at this sheath. This is your supra-physical body, which you will learn
about later.

Notice that it is encased in a cocoon made of golden light. This light casing is
an extension of your supra-physical form lying on the bed. It completely
surrounds your physical body as well, and varies in depth from about two to six
inches. Examine this golden cocoon carefully.

Do you see any dark patches in it? Dark patches or spots indicate areas where
your body might be weak, susceptible to disease, in pain, or out of balance.
Take note of them if you wish to pursue therapy later but do not attempt to do
anything about these dark patches now, except to observe their location.

Now move your viewpoint a step back. See the golden cocoon surrounded by a
sheath of light. This form may extend from one to two feet out from the previous
one. It may be a lighter or darker shade of gold, or its color may be different.

Step back again and notice a third sheath surrounding the other two.
This one may also shine out one to two feet from the borders of the
second form.

Take another step back and notice a fourth form surrounding the other
three. This one is much bigger than the others reaching from three to
four feet beyond the previous body.

Step back again to examine this fourth sheath from a greater viewpoint. Notice
that its border is different from the others, reaching from three to four feet
beyond the previous body.

Step back again to examine this fourth sheath from a greater viewpoint. Notice
that its border is different from the others. It is a band about two to six
inches thick, with a much darker overall appearance than any of the other

Now, look at all the sheaths together.

Part 3

Turn around and find yourself in a land of pure golden Light. A
haunting, sweet flute plays an unending melody. The song brings the most
indescribably profound joy into your heart.

You may not have been aware of it, but when you stepped back to examine the
thin, dark border of the last sheath, you stepped out of the lower worlds and
through a gateway into the Golden Kingdom.

Perhaps you will be greeted by someone who will give you a tour of the Golden
Kingdom. You might also receive a discourse from Sat Nam (the ruler or
manifestation of God on this level).

When you wish to leave the Golden Kingdom, place your attention inside your
image lying on the bed. Then, get up off the bed and walk over to your physical
body sitting on the chair.

To re-enter your physical body, sit down on your own lap—and you
will snap into physical consciousness. Or, simply think about your
physical body sitting on the chair, and you will be there.

If something interrupts you during the exercise and you suddenly return to
physical consciousness, spend a few moments re-centering yourself before getting
up. Singing HU will help you regain your balance.( ) That is all.

Excerpted from Beyond the Light by Ginny Katz