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Experiencing the Timewave Shifts
Experiencing the Timewave Shifts
by Peter Farley

Experience anything funny last Thursday? Something perhaps in the
air beside the soft subtle hint of autumn? Did you perhaps feel the
soft rippling shadow of a timewave coming through our sector of
Creation bringing with it a `correction' to the future, a correction
brought about by all the changing that has been going on due to the
work of a very few light-WORKERS over the past few months and years.

One of the essential understandings for each and very one of us at
this present time is that this is the PAST, not the present nor the
future. If the energy around us feels a little `dead' then think
back to Stephen King's seminal work The Langoliers and how the
energy of the present doesn't simply fade away, but gets eaten by
the smiley-faced Langoliers of his child-like imagination.

The best explanation for what IS taking place occurs in the Bruce
Willis-Terry Gilliam movie, The 12 Monkeys, where Willis' character
is sent back into the past to correct the tragedies that have
occurred to create a nightmarish future in which humanity now exists.

The healing of major participants in the Creational hierarchy, grid
work extrordinaire, healing miracles, and so many other things have
taken place for so many that this latest timewave found much to
change. This timewave was not unlike a not-so subtle shifting or
correction in the course of a vessel at sea or in the air. And the
ripples will continue to occur consistently from now on through the
end of 2012. This past has already been altered drastically and
thereby has created for all of those ready to make the jump into
hyperspace a new opening into a far, far brighter future.

In the 1952 classic short story A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury,
a party of rich businessmen undertake a time travel safari to the
past to hunt dinosaurs on the eve of an American presidential
election. While the organizers have taken every precaution to
minimize the impact of the hunting party on the past, one member
violates the rules and leaves the designated path. Upon their return
to the present the group finds that the world has been drastically
altered by the seemingly innocuous death of a pre-historic butterfly
stepped on by one of the hunters.

The flapping of the butterfly's wings is the essential idea of chaos
theory, the thing the New World Order hates most ?that which is most
uncontrollable. And it has been the not-so-silent flapping of some
lightworkers' wings that have created so much change to be rippled
forward into the creation of a new future.

Terence McKenna (who died April 2000) was a professional mushroom
researcher among other things who in the course of his long first-
hand study experienced a visionary inspiration for a fascinating
piece of software called Timewave Zero. The official introduction to
the original program from Dolphin Software (by Peter Meyer)
describes it best:

This software illustrates Terence McKenna's theory of time, history
and the end of history as first described in the book The Invisible
Landscape by him and his brother Dennis, and more recently in his
The Archaic Revival (HarperSanFrancisco, 1992). The theory of
Timewave Zero was revealed to Terence by an alien intelligence
following a bizarre, quasi-psychedelic experiment conducted in the
Amazon jungle in Colombia in 1971. Inspired by this influence
Terence was instructed in the certain transformation of numbers
derived from the King Wen sequence of I Ching hexagrams. This led
eventually to a rigorous mathematical description of what Terence
calls the timewave, which correlates time and history with the ebb
and flow of novelty, which is intrinsic to the structure of time and
hence of the temporal universe. A peculiarity of this correlation is
that at a certain point a singularity is reached which is the end of
history-or at least is a transition to a suprahistorical order in
which our ordinary conceptions of our world will be radically
transformed. The best current estimate for the date of this point is
December 21, 2012 CE [common era], the winter solstice of that year
and also the end of the current era in the Mayan calendar.

The mention of the end of the Mayan calendar wakes us all to the
changes taking place and those proposed by so many native groups and
prophetic historians. The reality of this approaching deadline grows
ever more apparent to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to
hear the reality of what is taking place around them.

Rushed from Seattle to Sacramento to Reno to Salt Lake City to Las
Vegas in a quick three day whirlwind gridwork-session, I arrived
back in San Diego on that Thursday morning and could not quite
comprehend why the reality I was seeing around me appeared as if
being watched through a thick pane of window glass. A weekend spent
watching movies and working out what Guidance was trying to show me
brought me to these understandings.

Many things have changed since that day, and more and more since
then the Spiritual Hierarchy are having me weed out the `spiritual
parasites' in my life and those surrounding me ?those who talk a
good talk but have no real actions or intent to back up there words.
And there are many of those.

And the repercussions have been strong, for somewhere someone seems
to have written a book which states that `spiritual people' are
supposed to be mellow, all-loving, all-tolerant, all patient, all-
forgiving people. Nowhere does there seem to be the book of
spiritual warriorship that talks about cutting away parasitic people
and vampires from out of our lives, kicking the asses of those who
spiritually agreed to come here in this past to help change it for
the better. Like lumps of large dog droppings on the sidewalk these
pseudo Lightworker-wannabes bask in the sun of their own egos and
arrogance and crust over to immunize themselves from the others
around them who seek their help, those who they agreed to come back
here to serve. And there are many like this ?the so-called Light-
workers or Light Buttsitters of the world sucked in by the easy path
laid out for them by the false New Age teachings.

Spiritual warriorship is what is needed at this Earth :Final
Conflict, not pussy-footing bedsheet-wearing hypocrites. If certain
things are not completed by the time of the passing of each
new `course-correctional timewave' then the eventual outcome of the
future changes will be lessened. For those still sitting on their
fences, these timewaves coming across Creation are final wakeup
calls to get down off their fences and do what it is they came here
to do with whatever time they have left. And if they get yelled at
once in a while to help them get down off their fences, they
shouldn't baulk at what is being said, but rather should thank that
person for caring enough to help them with what it is they came here
to do. The karma of not-doing is strong. The karma for knowing and
not-doing is even worse. We make a choice every minute of the day
whether to serve our own wills or the Higher Will, and there is a
deadline for this choice in this `past lifetime.' The next timewave
will come through October 21-22 of this year and again the course of
the planet and of this corner of the Universe will be corrected, as
well as the future for each and every one of those brave enough to
have earned the right to change.

Again your Guidance asks you ?Are you doing exactly what it is you
came here to do? And what is it you answer?

In Love and Service, Peter