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Explaining 2012
Explaining 2012
By Peter Farley
(from Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? Vol 1)

There are two directions in Creation, one centrifugal, or out-
flowing, the other centripetal or inward-flowing. Some religions
call this `the Breath of God', the exhaling and inhaling of
Creation. The Light which the FATHER is, travels outward to the very
corners of the created Universe carrying with it the manifestation
of all that is, including the individual essences of Soul to be
manifested in order to gain experience. This Light then returns to
the FATHER bringing with it the harvest of those `individual atoms
of God' that have chosen, and have earned the right, to go on to a
higher level of Creation.

In The Only Planet of Choice, the Council of Nine express this idea
while referring to the rebuilding of the planet after a major
disaster such as the Great Flood:

"It became necessary then to populate Planet Earth, so that the
cells of the Creator could become individuals and free souls, in
order for them to become one in unity and harmony by choice."
Choice and Intent are everything in Creation.

This Breath of God travels in a spiral direction down through the
various levels of Creation or Heaven until it reaches the very
lowest rung of the ladder. It is from the very spiral nature of this
energy that the word which describes it is formed?`Spirit.' As it
manifests into the worlds of the physical plane it appears to be a
vortex, and this is the name often applied to the portals of the
planet through which the energy comes. These vortexes or portals
create `windows' into and out of the planet for the energy to
continue circulating, much as a bedroom window allows the free
circulation of air into a home. The chakra system of energy that
supports the human body is a microcosm of this form, masculine
energy flowing in a clockwise or downwardly `creative' direction;
female energy traveling conversely in a counter-clockwise or
upwardly `destructive' direction.

Every living thing, the planet, the continents and even particular
regions of the planet as well, all have their corresponding chakra
system that allows for the ebb and flow of this Universal energy.
The battle to control the access to these energy centers is also a
key issue in the current battle raging for control of this planet,
and indeed for the entire Universe.

As this neutral creative energy known as Spirit reaches the lowest
levels or farthest outposts of Creation, it then reverses direction
to begin its upward spiral back to the very heart of Creation
Itself. This is the Light of the FATHER carried on the Sound Current
also known as `the Audible Life Stream of God.' It is the energy
that supports all of Creation, a neutral force which can be used to
create or manifest at any level of existence. Being a neutral force,
it can be used for positive purposes or for their antithesis. This
is the key to understanding the Ancient Mysteries from which the New
World Order sprang, and also the key to understanding the coming
ascension of planet Earth back up the spiral of Creation into a
higher dimension of Being.

Time exists as function of Space and of this movement of energy
through the various spheres. All things however, have their allotted
period of time, and this brings to us all the Great Cycles of Time
talked about in so many religious texts. The end of the Mayan
calendar is the end of one such major cycle of Time. It is this
Breath of God that supports all things and also brings all things to
their ultimate and final conclusion through the various cycles of