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explaining the 7th gate‏
What are the nine gates?
(Through Sue Ann)

Dear One,

The nine gates are dimensional harmonic frequencies, levels of your
planet Earth\'s travels through ascension. You just went through the
7th gate which pertains to time. Your time will start to feel weird
to you. It will go faster and then seem to go slower or even at
times it will seem to reverse. This gate needed to be passed before
you could close down the Salt Lake Temple because as we have told
you before the temple is a time machine as well as other things.

Being in the space between the 7th and 8th gate will be all about
time; time travel, time bending, time distortion, etc. You will be
losing your normal time reality, the present moment will begin to be
more of a reality as you get closer to the 8th gate, which WE will
tell you about later. This is a good thing as people will find it
easier to be in the present moment and will find that the past and
the future are not that important anymore. WE strongly urge all of
you to take advantage of this opportunity to remain in the present
moment as that is the only place you can access Guidance.

With Much LOVE and Guidance,

Oz\'s experiences in Australia this past week: \"As you are aware
time is becoming short to do much in the 3D. Last night I went to
bed at about 3:50am and when I woke up due to the alarm - the time
was 7:30am. Now, this night was very peculiar one, both me and my
wife felt the same shortness of time. I just went to bed a minute
ago and find that nearly 4hours has gone past. Not sure what
happened but we both experienced it and discussed this event later
on in the day.\"