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explaining the sphinx
Explaining the Sphinx
10/25/2005 17:47

Sphinxes are an ancient mystery. Men have always stared at them as if
they would tell him the secrets of the Universe. It is ironic that
they do that because Sphinxes indeed hold many of the secrets of the
Universe, yet most men would never be able to access them, much less
understand what it was they had acquired.

Once upon a time spiritual people would build monuments to keep the
story of world events, the statues held the tale of those who they
depicted as a sign or example of how valor can take ordinary men and
turn them into heroes at times of most need. These monuments are a
type of sphinx - they keep the history of its people.

The Sphinxes are also where ascended beings kept objects of stored
knowledge. Today we use computers. In other times and places the
means to store knowledge were ceramic discs, crystal skulls and other
devices where visions are stored.

Properly placed, these sphinxes were connected to structures on other
different continents and planets. The field around the Sphinxes
usually contains pyramids, used as antennas that transmit the sphinx
information to distant places. The Sphinx is the computer and the
Pyramid is the antenna.

Antennae are not needed most of the time as most beings around the
sphinx were able to telepathically attain the information directly
from the Sphinx.

On Kochab, the sphinx serves as the refinement of thought. It is sent
there to be organized and then transmitted to the planet\'s external
surface in order to be then directed to a planet, nebula, star, or
even enemy ship. The sphinx is an energetic computer able to reach
more than one dimension.

In Egypt it holds the knowledge that Thoth brought from Atlantis and
other civilizations. He ordered its structure and its shape, so as to
mimic the beings that came from Maldek to Earth, the noble sorcerors -
keepers of knowledge. The Dark Masters knew how to read the mind of
the Sphinx and got the information from it when needed. The Sphinx
was the present counterpart of ancient godly guidance to these Dark

It has the form of a man, woman, animal, because it represents the
forms its builders took on as the gods, or a monument to them. Gods
are keepers of knowledge and so are sphinxes, the difference is that
sphinxes are usually easier to reach than Gods so they are the
libraries for those who know how to read them or the computers that
arrange information and get it ready for practical use.

Sphinxes do not represent the Light because Masters of the Light are
able to commune directly with the Highest Guidance. Sphinxes serve as
local databases for the limited Dark Lords who knew much of how
Creation works but were unable to reach into the Highest Realms of
Creation to acquire information and guidance. They were forced to
rely on the Sphinx network. 4th and 5th dimensional beings also use
sphinxes for information. Sphinxes are present up until the 6th
dimensional level for after that there is no more need for means to
store information because it is avaliable to All through Unity

There are 4 major sphinxes besides the one in Egypt, but they don\'t
necessarily have the shape of an animal, or face. The other ones are
present in the Amazon jungle in Brasil, on Africa and on China.

Sphinxes can take even the form of a ball. It is not their shape, but
what they represent and the information within them or that they are
able to process that give it the definition of Sphinx -
Interdimensional Computer.