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facing reality
In this morning\'s e-mail someone was sharing an experience from their
early life with me, one that they asked me had I heard of before:

\"One more thing I want to relate, this is exteremly personal, but
guidance has asked me to share it with you. When I was about 13 years old, while
I slept, I was taken under the sea to this beautiful place by this female
creature who at first appeard kind of jelly fish like in appearance, the closest
thing I have seen to describe what she looked like is those life forms that were
in the movie The Abyss.This happened back in the early 70\'s long before that
movie came out. Anyhow she put me in this bubble so I could breath under the
water until we got to the underwater city.

Once we were inside the city I could breath with out the bubble. She told me not
to be afraid, and that she wanted to touch me. I can not describe the incredible
attraction she had on me. Her very words calmed me even in that alien
environment. I was still a virgin then and some how I feel that is significant.\"

It\'s as I say in most of the radio interviews I\'ve done, standing
in the Roswell UFO Museum talking with everyone who came in I found that
EVERYONE has had experiences of one form or another, but everyone is afraid to
share them because of the way the New World Order has made it \'criminal\' in our
minds to be out of the ordinary --the peer pressure of denying everything we are
, everything we experience, and certainbly of everything going on around us.

It occurred to me last night that to be American means one must wake up each
morning and deny everything we know to be true, everything we feel, everything
we see as the grand conspiracy going on in ever aspect of our lives, just in
order to get through the day. It\'s like the chemtrails daily sprayed above our
head that confirm more than anything for the normal person the validity of the
conspiracy going on to enslave humanity even further than it is.

Jennifer Lopez recently did a movie called \'Bordertown\' that only begins to
describe the atrocities going on down along the border with Mexico where women
are being murdered in the thousands because of their total vulnerability working
to produce cheap radios and TVs for the American economy.

Americans are the most irresponsible people ever to exist on planet
Earth because if they ever had to face up to and accept responsibility
for what their government and corporations did and are currently doing they
would all commit suicide, the burden being too great to bear.

Denial makes me cry myself to sleep at night wondering how better to get across
to people what\'s going on, the very real personal devastation the pandemic I\'m
now beginning to see in its entirety will cause to those who aren\'t part of the
ruling elite. And yet, it\'s the only thing that indeed will wake people up, when
they themselves are so personally effected that it cripples their very Being,
but by then, for them, it will be too late . . and of course they will blame it
on Peter for not beating them over the head harder.

When you look at how many people ARE going on ascension, so few, it helps to
realize how these people will suffer on for many lifetimes until they learn the
meaning of personal responsibility . . and that no one in their right mind can
argue the case for everyone going on ascension whether they are ready or not. It
is not judgement to say this person is ready for ascension and this one is not.
In a finer vibration where thoughts instantaneously manifest results how
many people do you know who have that level of control and
self-responsibility to exist at that level and not create havoc with their
unruly thinking and selfishness? And then ask yourself,
do you?

In service, Peter