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Facing Whatever Comes
Facing Whatever Comes

(I have combined the various channelings from others of Aristenna
and the Council of Light into a file in the files section of the
group entitled Wisdom of the Council of Light. I will format them as
I am able. There is also a book form publisher file of the collection as a
separate file suitable for printing out and giving as a gift. I will put it into a word document asap. . . Peter)

To Will but for us all:

Dear One:

You have struggle with control of alcohol for many years.
It is always a temptation to feel that you need something
to make you feel better, or to calm down from an emotional
situation, or just to dim the consciousness of the
situation, to go to sleep and forget your worries. But the
worries return and continue, only you are distracted for a

To begin, alcohol has an energy type that will draw many dark
beings, interested on the alcohol energy and making you drink more,
that is why its so easy to drink too much when at a bar. You must
move your consciousness outside the place and then decide if you
really want to continue or if you want to stop and change. While you
are under the influence of others, and this goes for any attachment
situation, you will continue to see things in a limited way and have
a hard time stepping out of it.

There is never need for worry, it never helps, but is something that
everyone is trained to do from very early age on the planet. Let
your worries fade and deal with things one at a time. Maintain the
focus of your mind on what you are doing, otherwise you are neither
using your potential, nor living the present moment to the fullest.

Only by being conscious of the moment and facing whatever
comes to you will make the worries go away. By doing this
you will grow in confidence that you can face any
situation, perhaps with our help when needed, but otherwise
your self-confidence cannot grow. This is not an
egotistical self-importance, but an assurance that
confronting or choosing what may seem hard will melt away
your fear of not being able to do it. Knowledge and courage
will grow with each success.

Confidence comes from the realization of your personal power to
change what you live, not to control - for that limits you, but to
change reality in an unattached way. You will see that when you care
less about what happens, that is is easier for you to solve the
issues that come to you. You need not deal with them all at the same
time, but you can break them in little parts, as little as
necessary, and then begin with the one that you feel you should pick
first. After you take one and start moving forward, it is easier to
continue, and you will easily sense that you are indeed powerful in
changing your reality and the way you deal with it.

Focus on what you do, because there will be distractions to make you
stop, unless you pay attention and leave distraction aside, it will
become hard to continue taking your work forward. Know well this
truth - It is only hard if you LET it be hard. You hold the power to
make things easy, and We guide you trough the way that is the
fastest and easiest, while also at the same time the most efficient
and fruitful.

Self esteem comes with detachment from what others think.. While you
are attached to the opinion of others, there is little room to how
you feel, and what you really are. You have no need to care for
them, they have their own lives and guides, or Guides if they choose
to listen. Take care of yourself and your healing so that you will
be able to do more as you choose to.

You are no puppet, so cut out the strings so to become free from the
power you GIVE others to control you. The same goes for situations
you get into - they can all be solved with you step up to do it, and
you realize you have no more need for them in your life.

Come now Dear One, knowledge comes with the will to learn. Guidance
comes with the will to be guided, and you are guided towards your
objective, no matter what it is.

Your objective draws guidance of equivalent vibration. Pure intent
to serve will inevitably bring Us to your presence. While the will
to be blinded/fooled and walk in circles, will bring the equivalent
group of beings to guide the individual that wishes to do so.
Spiritual blindness is present only until there is a decision to
see, and to realize the truth.

With your pure will, and intent to be healed and take your Life
forward, you always listen to Us well, and we guide you to the
Highest Path. It's not good or bad, better or worse, more or less
pleasant, but always the Highest. It will be hard sometimes, because
of the opposition and your own process of becoming free from the
things that are around you, blocking your Light. But you will always
be able to walk forward, and to be guided in the highest way during
the process.

One more important thing: Again We stress that you need no worries,
no fear. Those feelings are to be completelly excluded from your
life and be replaced with Love, so that you are free. Worry is
attachment to end results, and fear is the concern with the results
themselves, with the consequences of your actions, and concern will
bind you to the illusion that there is a better way to do things.

There is no better way, there is the way that will benefit some or
others, but that is nearly impossible to be conceived by the human
mind within the 3D physical dimensional level of awareness.

You will never be free while you let things get in the way to acting
the way you really are. Authenticity is a must, you must allow
yourself to BE, and develop your own work here. You cannot do that
by being something different and false to your truth, just because
of fear from the outcome or what other might feel about it. Cut out
those strings, you no longer need them in your life, no more need
for such a heavy baggage. You need no baggage where you are going,
you need only You.

The removal of the Ego Chakra is the removal of the accumulated
feelings of being binded to others, to how you feel you should
please them, to external and all other types control of your Being,
including self imposed limitation and control.

As you want it to be removed, take the steps forward to become
increasingly free from the ties you know have been a source of
darkness in your life. Remember you don't need things that fortify
your vices or drag you down anymore. Now that you chose to go
higher, you can let those things go, and you have no more need to
worry or fear them, because they will be completely removed from
your life. Simply let them go and take on what your Guidance shows
you to go for next.

You can overcome everything, just let yourself do it.

We are here with many hands to pull you whenever you call. Know that
we never judge, and neither should you - you always deserved and
deserve the Highest, in all aspects of your Life.

We send you Great Love as you read this, and always when you have Us
in mind.

Aristenna along with the Council of The Light and all of the
Spiritual Hierarchy