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faith and hope
Faith and Hope

Faith becomes irrelevant when you have your own moment-by-moment connection to Guidance for faith is religion\'s way of explaining away the things they don\'t want you to understand.Everything is knowable, everything is doable, everything is changeable, even down to Creation Itself.

A number of people have been e-mailing me from all over the world lately depressed at what they see going on in the world right now. They\'re people who have not yet done the difficult work of pulling their vision out of the Matrix view and into the higher levels of understanding that accompanies one\'s constant connection with Guidance. Reading the books or articles or postings is useless without one\'s own connection to their Higher Self or some form of spiritual Guidance to give the words some meaning and reality. It\'s like having the instructions but trying still to do difficult things without reading them.
How many of the postings over the past 6 months or so have talked about getting into the Heart center in order to be able to handle the stress and difficulties that we face every day right now and are only going to face more of in the coming days? This is not the refrigerator-magnet \'love\' and \'heart\' that so many religious and New Age people use and carry with them on their bumper stickers to prove how spiritual they are. This is the long-term resolve and support one feels when connected with the reality of spirit and with their own spiritual guidance. Nothing else will ever work to solve the issues of the mind and the way it tends to view events and drown itself in the misery of the day-to-day news.

Nobody sees it better than I do. As I said the other day, I wrote the book on it -- literally. And every day as I face death and wish that I could escape the constant work I have to do and the constant attacks meant to shut me down, nothing else keeps me from giving in to these constant assaults except that moment-by-moment connection I have and which I\'ve learned to live in now for more than a dozen years.

Working with a couple of clients yesterday on their health issues, people who have suffered for years with problems, have been to see 10 separate neurologists - none of whom could even begin to offer explanations for their health problems -- I realize why Guidance says I cannot yet leave.

A dozen years ago, if you follow the writings (volumes 1-4 of the book) and many of the early articles, the fate of this planet was assured, and it wasn\'t very positive. All Guidance could talk about then was helping rescue some of the Lightworkers still sitting on their fences from falling further along with the planet.

As you may have read in someone\'s channeling the other day They always called me an \'impossible case\' in the beginning, but it was this impossible case that changed some things and made it possible even to talk about planetary ascension in a very real way. And yes They then assigned to me the other impossible cases such as you reading this article hoping that one former hopeless case could help get some other hopeless cases to step up and do something real.

I\'ve learned not to be attached to outcomes, the highest level of mastership one can attain, to do as I\'m asked to do and do my best and if something doesn\'t work out or someone doesn\'t step up then that was their choice or the choice of others who affected the outcome outside my ability to do anything. If the planet were not to survive that would be sadder than you can ever know, but life would go on. Each of us would still exist and have life somewhere out there in the Universe. I live this reality every day and try to share with readers the channelings and e-mails of others whose situations reflect this fact that life goes on and even this lifetime is just another progression from the many lifetimes that have gone on before.

New Agers take this concept and make it an excuse not to do anything in this lifetime because you have an eternity to sit on your lazy butts and never get anything done, and that\'s why it is darkness incarnate. The thing that\'s special about this lifetime is it\'s the one that counts. It\'s the one all our previous lifetimes have been leading us and training us to step up and serve in. It\'s a very special ending and the chance for each and every one of us to go along with the planet and Creation into a new birth just like the starchild in the end of 2001 - A Space Odyssey. A new birth, a new beginning for those who accept it and step up to help make it happen. For those who sit on their butts through this one, for those who don\'t like what they see right now and the way things are going, imagine living in the same Groundhog Day progression for lifetime after lifetime until some other opportunity perhaps comes up somewhere down the road. As it always has been, it\'s do it now because you never know about tomorrow.

Spirit directs us and all we have to do is listen and then do the work. The results can only be seen, the plays for the game can only be called, from the sidelines, from the coaches and trainers just as in any football game we like to watch on TV. As players we just listen to them, run the play, play the hardest we can, and that is how both games and wars get won -- one play at a time, marching down the field, scoring on every drive, playing all 60 minutes until the final whistle blows.

How many of you would ever go on a football field to play a very good team that has their \'stuff\' together and has dominated the field for eons, without some last minute training, without having listened to your coaches and trainers, and without having bought into the overall game plan of winning? That\'s the greatest assest the darkside has is that it keeps us playing as a bunch of individuals thinking we can\'t win by ourselves instead of seeing ourselves as a team, each with a different postion to play, each a part of a finely tuned machine. If the New England Patriots are perhaps the finest football tream to ever play it\'s simply because each man knows his job and performs it for all 60 minutes of the game. They play as a team instead of what so many other teams do in playing as a group of individuals.

Most of you want to go through life without doing the training. Well the bad news is that you have been in training ever since your fragment of soul was first manifested into this SuperUniverse. Now on the day of the big game you\'re nowhere to be found or refuse to do the final things that will make you a part of a winning team. The real bad news is that your team is winning and is going to win and you won\'t be on that final victory podium, for only the workers get the glory and the rewards of having served here on planet Earth in this it\'s most desperate hours of need.

This is the type of response I\'ve now standardized to address people\'s depression over what\'s going on:

\"Paul, You\'d be surprised how much has changed, but then again you only look at things from the Matrix point of view. If you were in connection with your Guidance\'s point of view you\'d have some more hope for things have changed drastically, and yes, still much devastation to occur and some serious battles to be fought, but you\'d be surprised if you did some homework that this war has already been won. Now it\'s just up to those of us who can see outside the Matrix to help as many as we can survive the ordeal of the changing paradigms, and to shepherd the planet through the rest of the ascension process as best we can, and this won\'t happen through people who live so much in the mind and don\'t fully understand the functions of the heart.

\"Once upon a time there was still time for people to do their individual missions they came here with. So many things have changed since then, we\'re on a fast track after much has changed in the planet\'s ascension process. Now the one mission for everyone is to get connected with their own Guidance, and quickly too, or any chance of a mission is about down the tubes. To say your mission is \'gone\' would not be true but it\'s disappearing fast as the ascension process accelerates. Many too have a continuation of their missions after the planetary ascension in rebuilding the planet in a way that really works. With a connection to your own Guidance They can help you adapt your mission to the newer energies, without . . . well . . We can go into that later.

There\'s a whole new section on the my website about connecting with your own Guidance and \'channeling\' your own Mission. Because time is running so short, people\'s missions if they are not already doing them must change or be sped up or elevated to something doable in the short time left before stuff really hits the fan. Without being connected to our own personal Guidance missions are almost irrelevant. That\'s why so much of what my Guidance is having me do right now is assist people to connect with their Guidance in a personal way, to hear that Guidance moment-by-moment and be able to write it, vocalize it, at least hear it 24/7. In lesson 1 of the connecting with your own Guidance is a simple channeling exercise that many in my yahoogroup are using and bringing down to moment by moment Guidance that is changing their lives and making them so much more useful to others -- what can we really do for you except point you in that direction. If at your age, in this late time you have to ask me your mission then there\'s something missing isn\'t there? Are you willing to do the difficult-easy work of connecting with your Guidance so Their words are as clear to you as mine are? That\'s where we need to go with you for you to be able to salvage any of your mission, or should you choose to step up to something even higher and grander in service. There\'s many here willing to help you do that but it will take your commitment and work.

Read lesson #1 and do the exercise there and let me know how it goes . . if you like. It\'s all up to you. You can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem, but don\'t criticize others if you yourself are not willing to be a part of the solution. BW, Peter
It\'s all about listening to your coaches and trainers and getting the up-to-date plays and scores before and while you\'re in the game, but as usual that\'s a choice that only you yourself can make. the tools are always there. the help is always there. All you ever need to do is ask, and then do.
With love, in service, Peter