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fallen - the strange case of amber smith, part 2
Fallen - The Strange Case of Amber Smith, Part 2

During sexual intercourse, two people\'s energies are very open to each other. It is a major time when one person may also suck or drain from another person\'s energies, and the primary significant time when feminine energies are sucked from Beings of Higher Light by forces and those working for the darkside. Because these people have no or little Light of their own, like vampires, they must suck their Light to exist from others.

From an earlier article of mine on stealing the female essence:

\"The female entity construction is the corruption of Gaia and the WALK IN OF ANOTHER ENTITY ON EARTH. TO PUSH OFF GAIA AND REPLACE IT WITH THE DARK MOTHER.

\"They need Female women here to pull this energy into the Earth and then bring it into place. Some women are corrupted unconsciously, while others choose to control and become the female beasts of corruption - dark mothers. These corrupted Female entities will be the portals for inserting the Dark Mother (Darshak\' Jeh\' Oh\' mrat ) pattern into Earth, bringing female healing to a stall, and keeping men under control.

\"The exaggerated turn over of fight between men and women, according to what the New World Order intends, is supposed to make women dominate men through sexual blackmail and other methods included in the education of their children, so that is not a healing of female energy, but rather, a complete corruption of what female energy now returns to the planet.

\"This is an experiment that dark side wants to implement for toying with Light. They see the Light and the intent to heal Females, and then twists it as in a ritual of corruption . . . \"

\"There\'s more,\" she told me, as if I couldn\'t have told her from the many experiences I had had with assisting people with such problems, \"...not sure if its related or not, but I have very intense, dark sexual urges, and when I get ..\"in the moment\" for lack of a better word for it, I can\'t control myself. I have had some very unhealthy sexual relationships because of it...kinda scary actually.

\"I had a boyfriend that when I would get \"in the moment\" I would ask him to beat the hell out of me while we had sex. and he did...after I would cum, I would be mad at him, tell him I hated him and break up with him....then go right back and do it all over again. . . so far I\'ve done good with some of the worse urges...mostly cuz I don\'t want to go to jail.\"

Sounds very much like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario doesn\'t it, but that\'s how fast it can happen with so many of the varied cases I\'ve seen. One minute this, the next moment that . . `in the moment\' as Amber describes it, when the dark urges, those energies working through her and using her take over. Don\'t think this has something to do with kids who go shoot up there schools and then can\'t remember doing it? Well, you\'re wrong.

Have you ever watched a movie called, The Exorcism of Emily Rose? Based on a true story it tells of one girl\'s modern-day possession by dark entities. Turns out Emily Rose goes through the hell portrayed, even though offered a chance to leave by her angelic Guidance, just so she could show people that such things exist. Amber Smith doesn\'t need to watch movies either; she\'s been experiencing the real thing.

It turned out the night I worked on Amber long distance and brought her energy body to me, she was of a very high angelic Being status, and this rape in and of itself had been an earlier attempt to steal the feminine angelic energy from her and corrupt any chance she might have of being assistance to the planet.

The work itself was intense as I had never seen a Being so `infested\' or `over-run\' with so many entities and control systems of so many varied types. To see her in this state was to look at a piece of meat infested with maggots crawling all over and through it. Both my living flesh and my dimensional energies crawled as I pulled off the various entities attached to her, unhooked the connections of the various dark energies working through her, and took off the various devices and contraptions meant to hold her sexual energies open. Along with this work I also removed some of the crystal imprinting designed to act as locator devices and as a homing beacon for them to find her energy signature. It was only after 10 minutes of doing this that I could even see the angelic wings as they began to once again unfold on her energy form. It surprised me that one of such high status could be brought down so low by such dark energies, but one must remember that the Archangel Michael was one of the first to have His own angelic energies stripped by Thoth and Lucifer in the early stages of the rebellion in Creation.

It was a very much depleted energy form I sent back to its owner, hoping that she would follow Guidance\'s advice to rest, take long soaking baths in a very sea salty tub, and to take more care from now on of who she gives her energies and powers away to through any of the means available, particularly doctors:

\"You should be a doctor...I\'ve been to dozens,\" she said. \"I could tell you some horror stories about all the doctors I\'ve been to.\"

We all can, I think.

Amber\'s is not an isolated case.

\"Soo, like why me?\" she asked me. Rape doesn\'t always have a reason, I explained, sometimes it\'s just wrong place at the wrong time. \"No, I know why I was raped,\" she responded, \"I mean the whole ...possession thing?\"

Some women get this from doing it with the wrong guy, some because they are higher-level Beings being controlled or `handled\' by darkside entities disguised as husbands, lovers, you name it all sent along into their lives with the purpose to drain their feminine energies, suck the life out of them, or simply to stop them from being of assistance in this the planet\'s time of need, I explained.

\"Wow, the story of my life...,\" Amber commented. \"You have no idea how many guys I have slept with.\"

I did know roughly how many men Amber had slept with, a lot, and some of them she had passed this same kind of `sexual possession\' along to, spreading something worse almost than any sexual disease.

When I mentioned the movie, FALLEN, to her, Amber\'s response was not so surprising, \"OOOH I love that movie!!!!!!! I\'ve seen it like 20 times. \"

So you understand how this jumps from one person to another, I commented.

Her reply? \"I whistle that song all the time...\"tiiiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side.\"

In service, Peter

Amber\'s reply after the work . . .

Hi Peter,
Love your article. Thank you for telling my story and thank you for your
help. I haven\'t been on-line much to catch you and tell you in person.
I\'m not feeling very well actually. My skin feels sunburned and I am
sooooooooo tired. I\'ve slept alot the last two days. The salt baths do
help, but only for a little while. On the good side, I haven\'t had any
urges at all, maybe because I am so tired. I\'ll get back to you as soon
as I\'m feeling better.

If any of your readers want to talk to me or ask me any questions, feel
free to give them my email address. Just let them know I\'m not feeling
well right now and it may take me awhile to answer them.

Love you.