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fallen - the strange case of amber smith, part 1
Fallen - The Strange Case of Amber Smith, Part 1

Well actually it\'s not all that strange if you\'re used to demonic-style possession, reptilian-takover, gargoyles inhabiting human bodies, alien creatures strangling people\'s hearts, and on an on in the same ilk. For some of us it\'s just another day at the office.

In Amanda Smith\'s case it all began when she was raped at age 9 by her 18-year-old cousin. From that time on she had what doctors all over the country diagnosed variously as \"non physical spontaneous orgasm disorder\", \"persistent genital arousal disorder\", sometimes also called \"persistent sexual arousal syndrome\". Of course all these doctors looked only at it is a physical thing, didn\'t know how to treat it, and by the time she was 19, Amanda Smith\'s life was a nightmare.

\"What that means is I have orgasms for no apparent reason whatsoever. And it wouldn\'t be so bad except when I orgasm, I squirt...A LOT! . . . An embarrassing amount of fluid.\"

So sexually speaking that sounds like some teen\'s fantasy situation, right? Wrong.

\"When it happens in public, it looks like I just peed myself. When the bog ones hit, it\'s like having tourrette syndrome. I can\'t control my voice or actions...I have VERY intense orgasms, with no notice, I scream, I moan, I claw.\"

Now I\'ve done \'exorcisms\'. One lady had her dead brother inside her and would speak in his voice until I yanked him out and sent him on his way. I had gone to see her initially because she had a similar problem to Amber. In her case she had three large reptilians attached to her through her spinal chord and they were using her to get their sexual pleasure - \'the sons of God still coming down to mate with the daughters of Man\", only this time not quite as visible to the general public.

The way she described it it was if she had \"a 9 foot long penis between her legs and she just wanted to f..k everything in sight.\" In the restaurant where we first met she said she wanted to just lie down on the table and let everyone do it to her.\"

Some women have dimensional portals between their legs where such things come and use them sexually, and where it is necessary to close these things down to give the women some peace. It\'s easy to remove the reptilians connected to people, in person or long distance. In fact one lady in Maine who had a single reptilian connected to her and using her for its sexual pleasure I taught how to remove it herself, and she did, but with much regret because as I looked at her past lives this Being was like a lover from the past during the Annunaki/human history. She was sad to see him go, but he was violating her free will as all such creatures interfering with human progress are, wasn\'t he? So she got rid of him. The woman in Nashville had hers removed too and the dead brother taken out and eventually got some sanity back inside her.

With Amber it was a little more complex situation. The cousin had first passed along the original Beings that infested Amber\'s space. However, along the way with the maddening desire for sexual satisfaction, Amber had also picked up many more, and also passed them along to others. Think AIDS is the worst thing you can get from having loose sex?

Amber estimates she has \'easily\' been with 100 men and more by the time she was 19 when I encountered her. Not to mention the women too.

Have you seen the movie, Fallen, with Denzel Washington? It accurately displays how easy it is to pass along such energy forms, even without being so intimate? and like Typhoid Mary, Amber and others like her also pass along things which may not so devastatingly affect their own lives.

Amber not only had things attached to her using her, she also had energy forms inside her inhabiting her energy field and using her for their own pleasures. I\'ve written a number of times about the gargoyles that infest people and try taking them over. They\'re very commonly picked up by people in cemeteries and at funerals. Gradually these entities force out the Being that was originally in the body, or simply overwhelm it. One wife noticed her new husband of only a few months gradually changing, growing angrier, becoming more violent, even to the point of hunching over like the archetypal

church-hanging gargoyle. Everything made sense to her when I pointed out what was taking place with him. She even mentioned that he had begun collecting those little statues of gargoyles commonly sold in New Age and psychic bookstores.

Then there was the very large one a guy in the navy picked up from a hooker in Asia that turned his hair white overnight. Fifty years later when he came to me to have it taken out there was so little of him left inside the body but enough to know he wanted to be free of this thing. And thing it wasóbig, big thing. And nasty. It paralyzed my arm for the rest of the day taking it out, shocking my entire nervous system even until now. In many ways it reminded me of \'mama\' from the Alien series of movies. This is the real world out there that most people are unaware of yet interact with everyday until someone comes along to make them aware of what\'s really taking place. And if they have something going on like this, as so many do, they have no one to talk with or relate to because it\'s not accepted in this world to talk about it.

\"In Junior High I was walking to my locker when a big one hit in the hallway. . . I started screaming like I was getting f...ked, and then totally soaked my pants. When I came to my senses everyone was silent and staring at me.. .then giggling and laughing and pointing. I looked like I pissed my pants. I was so embarrassed I ran out of school straight home. . . I don\'t want to go back, but my parents made me.\"

People are not only used sexually by such entities, it is the unseen world we deal with every day but don\'t know it. Ninety-five percent of our lives are affected by the things we cannot see, and yet we never make an attempt to understand that world surrounding us. My work details this world and how it affects us, and every day someone new like Amber comes along worn out from searching for some help from someone who sees and understands what\'s taking place.

Sometimes I wear my \'Buffy the Vampire Slayer\' hat and tell people she and I are in the same business (*S), but believe you me, I\'ve dealt with some things much nastier than vampires.

End of Part 1