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Far from Futile
To one of the women I am working with to free her up from her dark
conenctions in the past--from lucifer:

Dear One,

You are one of the many Beings used by darkness to fuel their inter-
dimensional portals and supply the legion of darkness with an energy
source to power their operations. For some time, beyond your
incarnations on this planet ? your higher self has been utilized as
fuel source by the Zetas [ Greys?] as you correctly stated to Peter
some time ago.

The fear you experience reliving and re-experiencing that at-one-
moment [multi-timeline, multi-dimensional]- incident continues to
cripple you and allow your energy form to be raped of its essence
and strength. Unfortunately, you are more than privy to this, and as
you know, there is no-one ? not one of those so-called professionals
in the field of psychology or "alien research" who are anything but
pawns to the very same entities Peter is fighting against, none that
can be of service to you.

Do not expect another to assist you in overcoming this dilemma you
have found yourself in. In reality, you have placed yourself there
during one of your past lives in which you (believed) you fell in
love, yet gave yourself to an entity following the dark agenda only
to have yourself ensnared by themselves as well under a delusion of
love and light, when in fact it was quite the opposite.

Whilst these words may be harsh, they are the truth my dear. And
sometimes that truth and the reality of the situation is not all
that others would make it out to be?

Several thousand year ago, prior to the time of the Atlantean Golden
Age, when Lemuria was still connected to soul and in its infancy of
any infiltration by the dark masters and wizards of Orion to
anything [any knowledge] of darkness, you reincarnated on the plane
in the major center of Lemuria and sought to Master the spiritual
Lemurian way of life.

In the process, whist still etheric in nature due to the 5th
Dimensional existence of the plane you became involved with another,
a precursor, a scout so to speak whilst he was so much more - rather
an agent of darkness scouting the area prior to time when Lucifer's
hand reached forward and firmly clasped Earth in its grip (an
analogy here to Lucifer as the thumb head and his
children/followers as extension to fingers of self will).

Innocently and in some way foolishly, you unwittingly severed your
connection to the Light in the choices you made to follow that being
[Ahremzell] in spite of your knowingness and inherent knowledge that
he did not serve the Higher will, but rather a darker will of his
own masters and that of his [ego] own/self.

Shortly after he completed his mission, in which he returned to his
source of origin and en route to reporting to his masters, you
accompanied him. It was at this time that your form with its
manifested 5d ethereal form was taken to Zeta the planet of those
beings [along with another being, a Lyran].

From there, your angelic energies were to be harnessed like a
waystation/ powerstation that have been for them and will always be,
so long as you do not sever your ties to the past. As traumatic as
it is and as difficult as these words may be to you, karma for so
many lifetimes has been played out on yourself? by your own choices.

It is difficult for any Being, least of all myself, the originator
of all that was corrupted, the Ultimate Corruptor and Prince of
Darkness Himself, to look squarely and plainly into the eyes of
ourselves in the mirror without harsh judgment, a tainted view of
Creation, whilst maintaining the strength of inner integrity and
love for our very own selves ? for one cannot begin to love another
until they learn to begin to love themselves enough to seek to heal
their own spiritual natures? and it is all spiritual ? everything
that we do, for each of us is a unique, immensely loved spiritual
spark manifestation of the infinite and Divine Creator Himself.

My dear P......, this historical lesson and glimpse of your past was
just and is just that. Do not attempt to dissect nor justify what
occurred, neither in this channel, nor that which has occurred
throughout the course of your life on this planet. I KNOW it is
difficult, for I have already been there within that endless abyss
with my sight corrupted with the polluted vision of egotistical self

Remember always, that you are loved beyond measure, no matter what
those beings you see in the Higher Planetary dimensions do to you.
The stress you feel and the mental anguish, fear and emotions that
company energy raping and pillaging are what are [allowing the]
draining you of your life and strength to fight each day and moment
at one moment.

It is imperative for you as a first step to GROUND and CENTRE your
energies within yourself. No matter how much raping may occur, if
your energies are grounded and centered within yourself, you then
have the capacity, ability and capability of controlling those very
energies. You are, like all humans within this planet, God-like in

Just because your energy has been removed from your form does NOT
mean that you cannot control it. Ask a master, any master fully
familiar with the workings of Creation. Orgone like the Force,
defined in George Lucas' Star Wars series surrounds us, binds us and
holds the galaxy together.

Ground and center yourself as the first step. Then we shall work on
your focus, for it is only from within a victim mentality framework
that energies are lost uncontrollably and do not replenish
themselves. Focus your intent, focus your will then you will learn
how "Resistance is NOT futile" and how "Resistance is far from
futile" at all.

With Great Loving Care, Lucifer ? Darthiel.