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Fear of the Future
From: Kristin Floyd
Subject: San Diego

Hi Peter,

Is it possible to touch on the subject of "fear being a magnet"...
or something along those lines?

I am frightened to a certain extent by my feelings of what is
coming- normal for a mom, I think. I am also conflicted by knowing
there is nothing for me to fear, but fear itself. Then I think of my
kids and worry creeps in...

I think I dream of things to come - It seems every night I dream of
fire falling from the sky. I see places I have not been, but my
family is mom and dad are trying to move our horses or
release them to try on their own to get away....

The most consistent thing is fire.... and men falling from the sky
in what I think are parachutes.... They come down , but often get
caught in power lines...most often over the pool at moms house.

A recurring dream has many people gathered at my parents house in
northern Ca.. There are what seem like warehouses full of food and
drinks and supplies.... A man falls from the sky - fires start and
people flee....

I just wanted to let you know and ask about the fear attracting
nasties (Darkness) to oneself....




If you have no fear for yourself why should you have fear for your
children? Yes,a normal reaction for a mom, but the biggest problem I
ever see in the healing situation is children where the mother has not
'kicked them out of the nest' emotionally or in some other way. These
very same Souls (not yours or mine or anyone's) have AGREED to be here
for what's coming in such a very short time, as you and most of us
rightly feel. It is part of their spiritual lesson, part, in your
case, of your spiritual service. It is ONLY through such lessons or
through such service that Soul gains in its awareness. As I tell so
many people, you gain your spiritual medals here on Earth, not out
meditating or in 'foo-foo' land.. Those are only techniques to help
you do what it is you came here to do. Each one of your children came
here with a specific mission, as did you. The best thing any of us can
do is help and ALLOW our children to be who they are and do what it is
they came here to do.And set a good role model for exactly that
--doing what it is we came here to do.

And yes, it isn't going to be pleasant at all, but everything we can
do now can help mitigate how bad this is going to be for both
ourselves and for others.

With love and best wishes, Peter and the Spiritual Hierarchy