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Fighting Back
It would literally take another volume to fill you in on the work
we've just done over the past 5 days in driving many thousands of
miles from Las Vegas to Philadelphia for this week's lecture and
workshop along a very circuitous route opening grid points and
closing others, doing 'open-Heart' surgery on the Oklahoma City
Bombing site so that now it will radiate the love it was meant to
rather than collect the emotions of the visitiors to it and further
harness North America's positive energies and feed them into the

For now Guidance just wants us to share the following channeling Sue
Ann did after we 'ransacked' an undergound reptilian tunnel system
near the Blue Ridge parkway in southern Virginia:

Dear One,
We had you both stop here, and Peter once before, because you will
be doing some healing work on the area below you. There are many
tunnels that connect the buildings in Washington D.C. to the
outlying areas and even to some places hundreds of miles away.

Below you is a hub that connects more of these tunnels to other
hubs. This one in particualr is an important hub that needs to be
shut down. This will actually cripple the reptilian and other
forces' ability to move quickly and undetected from one place to

They will not be able to transport their captives very easily and
will have to resort to coming above ground which makes them
vulnerable to all sort of things. Also some of their captives will
be able to escape as there are not enough guards who can come above
ground. Some of the captives are starting to get a clue and will be
able to get away along with some of the children being held captive.
The captives are used for all sorts of atrocities and for many

What Peter will be doing will separate them and cause such mayhem
that the facility will no longer be 'safe' for them to use. This
will stop the torture for a while until they can set things up
somewhere else. Hopefully, they will never be able to resume and
they will simply abandon this horrorific project for
more 'important' things.

We will guide you as to what, where and when things need to be done.

Thank you for your participation. All our LOVE.
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Q: Why can only some come above ground?
Aristenna: Only some are equipped with a cloaking device, and some
are not. It takes special beings and special DNA that can cloakthem
to look like human beings. Also it takes a lot of energy to cloak
and they have less and less energy available to them since so much
of the grid work and portal closing work has been done. They cannot
wasrte what they have on 'trivial' things.