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finding a purpose
Can you help make sense of having a purpose, a reason that
keeps one from falling back into the grip of the matrix.

Dear One,

This is a very good question. Having a purpose keeps one focused on
the needs at hand. It isn\'t the same as having a goal or desiring an
outcome. It gives one a reason for being. If it was only focused on a
goal then what is your reason for being once that is accomplished. It
has to be more than that. A purpose is something outside yourself. You
can\'t do this with the hopes of becoming fulfilled or enlightened or
completing your mission. You can\'t even use world peace as a purpose
for it is too broad and not something personally tangible to most.
As Peter suggests, do it for the kids. So they can grow without the
stifling, power sucking influences of slavery imposed by the New World
Order, so all souls can be free and truly have free will. What touches
your deepest parts and makes you stand up in anger wanting to fight
back at any cost? That is what your purpose is, your reason for being
here. The thing that keeps you going day after day no matter the
obstacles, no matter how many times you fall down; you keep getting
back on that horse to do the best you can with the highest intent of
your free will to serve the highest will of the FATHER.

Anger is not a bad emotion to be stuffed in a box and not allowed the
light of day. It is how you express it that makes all the difference.
WE are not saying to use it in a way that keeps it smoldering in the
background but use it as an impetus, the emotion that identifies the
issue that drives you to want to make a difference. Do not dwell on
the anger but the issue that causes it. Formulate a way of thinking
about it that creates a purpose to your mission. They are deeply
related, perhaps in more ways than you are willing to recognize right

If you are one of the many that have been severely desensitized you
are going to have to work extra hard in getting in touch with your
heart. Find the things that bring joy to your heart. Sunsets, flowers,
art, children at play, instances of good deeds done. Find too, the
things that can bring tears to your eyes, you might surprise yourself
at the unexpected moments this can happen. See how it feels, grasp it
and know it. Do not feel guilt for not feeling how you think you
should feel about a thing. Sometimes the feelings are there, you just
haven\'t learned to recognize them as such because for so long you have
refused to allow yourself to feel them. During the course of this
heart exploration many memories may come up and demand to be dealt with. Don\'t
ignore them. Find the feelings about the situation and bless it and the people
involved, forgive them and yourself. Learn the lesson. As sequences of these pop
up you might even recognize a pattern. Feelings must be processed and felt.
There is nothing wrong with feelings, it is how you deal with them that can
create problems. Now is the time to release them and do not continue to store
them up and let them fester. Own them and the power contained within them. You
cannot blame another for your feelings. They are yours alone.

With much love and guidance
RAJ, Creator Son of the Original Trinity

In service, Betsy