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Following your OWN Guidance.
The simple lessons here are When are you going to take the time and
energy to tap into your own Guidance (not just intuition) and listen? There
is a universe of differing energies out there fighting to either help you or
keep you back here in 3D so they can suck and use your energies. I tell
people every book, every radio and TV station, every crystal you pick up in
a rock shop has its own vibration and sometimes 'other' forms of ebnergy
that wish to attach to you. Which ones are god for you and which ones are
not? That's why Guidance has always had me focus people in on getting
their own Guidance moment-to-moment because it's the only way to fight
this kind of war and have a chance of winning. It's easy, all it takes ais a
little help and a willingness on your part to pursue it. Again, the choices
are yours. BW, Peter

From: BEGoodman@............
To: peter6265@...
Subject: Re: FW: Rense and Jones
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 12:07:03 EDT

Now I am really confused----who is the "good guy" and who is the "bad
guy" ? I thought Alex Jones was really effective in pointing out the true
facts about 9-11, and now I am being made to wonder who is right????
(and is he possibly a 'shill' for Big Oil?) I would find that a little hard to
believe, but not impossible (?) Did you forward the article by Victor
Thom? and who is he?? Where do YOU stand in all this??

This e-mail shows you how much you really KNOW versus how much you
are being told and accept on blindfaith. When and hwo will YOU find your
own guidance so that you KNOW what is true for you and what is not.
That's the point the Hierarchyw ere trying to make for you. You are just
like evrybody else, lost in all the information not knowing what is true and
what is not, what to believe and what is not. And only you can make a
decision to get in touch with your own guidance to make this problem go
away, otherwise you will be lost . . . forever or until you do make that
decision to finally get in touch. BW, Peter

One thing that I always got is that whenever I read certain types of stuff
on the net about MIB or UFOs that involved some other races, was that
they came to watch like next to me, with David's books the same
happened, be the ones I got on Kazaa or the normal one "Children of the

I dont know if it happens to everyone, but I think these texts are rigged
with some type of portal that allows those beings to come to whoever is
reading them. And when i got those visits becasue of reading those books,
i would have those crying eyes with tears, but not crying, and chills, and
some sensations of fear, somethign was really there when i read those
things, dark stuff.

I think those books and articles are rigged because i never got any of this
when reading the same type of information from your books and some
other sources

I allways quit reading that type of thing when it was at night, only read
during the day

. . . . What occurred to me on train this evening... in line with BigAndrew's
comments from Brazil - Icke's books, in particular, the "Biggest Secret" is
rigged with entities throughout. Do you remember that time I mentioned I
felt an entity attach to self and had to feed love to it to let it go and
release?! It was DURING the reading of Icke's book in Paul's car. Yeah, I
know, being next to a dark being letting those things out didn't help either,
but I thought I'd mention this to add credence to Andrew's comments, as
that is what happened to me.