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From the FATHER
Dear E. . ..,

The dedication you choose to give to your "chores" in real life, are
clearly effective in bringing about the results of your work. You
can touch and see the results of your labor with physical hands and
physical eyes.

On the other hand, you don't feel so much progress during your
spiritual efforts. Nevertheless, you progress tremendously with each
step that you take head on, with pure intent to serve, towards
healing and further service.

You can't ever bring yourself to be completelly separated from The
Light, but you can sucessfully walk in circles as long as you will,
as you make an effort to do so.

Obstacles in life, Spiritual Obstacles, are the means through which
your attention is deviated towards perdition into darker instances.
Instances that are as dark as you allow them to be.

When you walk along a well-lit road, there may be a barrier blocking
the way so that a peddler will take the dark side road and be
robbed. He will be robbed of his merchandise. You, when you let
obstacles detour you to dark paths, are robbed of your Free Will.
Your Infinite Power. Your Life.

Tim orany other 'controller' is a symbol of the obstacle against
which you can pretend to be "helpless". A woman being in love, or
pretending to be so, in order to have an excuse, is not new. SImply
the woman delves into her self will to be attached to something that
is easy, confortable, and in most cases - the rich man.

Remember well - deviation from the Highest Path is heavily
influenced by your own ego. It is heavily and not completely -
because you play the final part with your free will and choose your
ego's control instead of Surrender to The LIGHT.

Submitting to him or any other form of attachment to being
controlled, or forced into certain mind frames and situations; works
as a means to stop you from Serving. It is also a form of
maintaining the controller, or whatever else, under the sucessful
control of darkness. Just another puppet to control you.

You allow them to succeed and they are put up for tasks of further
importance to the Dark Side - Lured even farther away from the

It is not to convince you, but to show how you can better serve the
people and objects you apreciate. There is no higher, or "better"
path than the path of Freedom.

As you become free, you set your captor free from keeping you.

As LIGHT sets one free, it is the very process of healing taking
place. THere are no more obstacles, no more seduction or control.
There is no longer blindness or separation because of the darkness.

Let LOVE be your will and LIGHT your path, as you so choose.

Along with darkness, there is no place for Self WIll to take one,
other than one's self.

All ends meet, and originate from, the same SOURCE.

WIth LOVE and through The LIGHT,