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giving 100 percent
Dear One,

Crystals work as channels of energy even if they have flaws. So it is that human beings can channel even if they still have imperfections. The clearer the channel the better, but perfection is not necessary. It is better that people grasp as much of the message as they can rather than that they get no message at all. The instrument who receives the channeling may filter it in some way, just as the person who reads or hears a channeled message may interpret it in their own way. Still it is the best way for us to send messages until humans accept telepathy as an ordinary way of communication.

To be the most pure light worker you must give 100% of yourself. Trying to reserve just a little bit of self-will does not work, as this can become a little here and a little there until you are back into ego and not into service to others. Service is easy when you are committed to it, but can be a bumpy road when done half-heartedly. Put all of your heart into service and you will see the difference.

We are not asking you to be perfect, just to be committed. We see what you can be and we want your best self to step forward. Only your free will stands in the way. You doubt yourself because you have seen nothing else in this lifetime, but until you are committed you cannot see more. That is the way it works. No security, just a cliff to jump off of when you make the leap of faith. Everyone must face this sooner or later. Your time is now. Believe in your best self and you can make a difference in this world.

With our greatest love in all that you do,

Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy