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god is dying
God is Dying

One of the nicest things about the planetary ascension, the earth changes, and so many people moving on is that along with the death of the old paradigm and the old New World Order Matrix, the old God and all the false conceptions about God will also disappear.

A few years ago, Neale Donald Walsch wrote a book titled Tomorrow's God in which he suggested that along with the new wave of understanding and new energies infiltrating the ascended planet, a new concept of God would also be needed.

When setting out to write the 9 volume history of Creation and its subsequent troubles in this corner of the Universe, it quickly became evident that language would be a key to unlocking many of the clues to what was taking place in the history being revealed. The word ‘God', for instance, is actually a relatively new term in the annals of history to describe those Beings some people worship as their creator. It has now become a generalized term in English-speaking countries for something "which was in the Beginning" and is responsible for both our presence and possibly also for our current dilemma. As Zecharia Sitchin explains in his works, the word most commonly used in ancient Sumeria for these gods was "lord", and this crops up again and again in various translations of names used for the ancient gods.

A serf in medieval England called the owner of the estate, ‘My Lord’, and even though that owner may have held a great deal of power over the life and death of the serf and his family, the lord was certainly not a god to be worshipped. This exact same situation is true then in many places throughout history and throughout many historical texts, places where, for instance, the title used to indicate a person's role or station in life has come down to us more commonly understood as that person's name rather than as their title. Jesus Christ is a good example of a title being used as a name.

The old God that is dying is the one that we tell what to do, what we want, and how he should run things in Creation. The one we never think to ask what we can do for it. The old God that is dying is the one that we blame for everything from stubbing our foot to why we can't have a wonderful life of ease and pleasure and little to no work at all. The old god that is dying is the nasty one that according to some books wipes out whole tribes of people in one day because it displeases him, that chooses one of his children over another, that lets you get a way with anything you like as long as you say your sorry sometime before you die.

So all I can say is good riddance to that god and come on new god. Of course if you've had any dealings with the Sirian overlords or the Orions you'd already know what some people on Earth know, that the word 'god' was a prankish joke on the slave race known as humans.

Dog is my co-pilot is not that far from being wrong since dogs came from the Sirius star-system along with the sexual organs base don animal ones that were needed by our Annunaki 'creators' when they decided we needed to reproduce and save the Annunaki birth goddesses from all the trouble. Ever wonder why it is that size matters so damn much?

If you've ever done with any of the friendlier aliens or our alien ancestors, you've probably already asked them their concept of god and depending on their own levels of awareness they will have given you an answer relating to something like people understand the Source or the Sugmad to be.

Of course if you've even read the first (free) volume of the history of Creation from my website you'll also have seen and come to understand that the true Creation story has been known on this planet, particularly by many indigenous people who relate it in their tribal storytelling, for eons.

So at least one of the best things about the changes taking place right now is that all the kinder-gardeners who can't get beyond a simplistic mental concept of God and into the real Heart and Soul of Creation and Its Originator, will also be leaving since their one answer to everything is, as we have seen today, is a rapture where the good people go and the bad people stay, or for all the mess we've allowed to be created on this planet, Jesus will come down and clean up after us.This is the god of no self-responsibility who is dying, and once again good riddance to him or her or whatever you conceive it to be for it never really was, now really isn't, and thank god never will be again.

in service, Peter