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gods and gurus
David Icke is a god, or at least that\'s the way he often is
perceived by some or almost all of his followers.

So too are Mark Kimmel, Jordan Maxwell, Jim Marrs and Linda Moulton
Howe. And damn it if once in a while someone doesn\'t try to treat me
like a god,too, but I just can\'t stand on that pedestal long enough to make a
very good god.

It is the worship of a personality, the cult of those made famous by
the media, not so much for who they are, nor even very much for what
it is they do. Mostly it is for the fact that they are up on stage
and most of the rest of us aren\'t; for the same reason kings and
popes sit on a dais so that the heads of their followers have to look
up to them, even while the person in that higher position is seated.

Unfortunately, as I have experienced in my own life where I have
watched masters fall from grace, people who are worshipped in this way get too
caught up in their own egos and/or the personality worship. Have you ever
considered the fact that Masters, just like Lucifer the LightBearer himself, can
fall from Grace through their own lack of humility and or because they get too
caught up in their own self-will?

As human beings (those of us who are), we have been trained since birth to give
away our power to those who are in positions over us, those who have more
education than us, those who supposedly know more on any subject than us, those
who are the scientists, the priests, the artists, those who are older than us,
in fact anyone who knows how to put on a better smoke and mirrors show of their
intelligence, religiosity or spiritual development than we do. Often this
includes our \'best friends\', our significant others, our family members (those
who can\'t manage their own lives but know how we should be running ours)--in
fact anyone we know. It\'s just easier to surrender our lives to others rather
than take responsibility for learning the often difficult lessons of Spirit we
agreed to come here and learn.

The higher one goes spiritually, the stronger are the forces aligned against him
or her to make them fall from Grace. Surrender and commitment must be renewed
every day, even when one is tired, ill, or simply worn out . . one cannot cease
to keep moving forward, to continue serving the Highest they have committed
their lives to. Again and again I go back to that, to me, scariest movie of all,
Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where if one falls asleep the \'pod people\' take
them over. The struggle to stay awake, to stay alight, is a difficult one, as
anyone who has tried to stay the course for very long has found out.

Why are there so many souls and so few Masters? It is for exactly
this very reason. One grows tired of the lack of support from their
fellow man, from the constant barrage of negativity about the decisions we have
made to experience our lessons. One grows weary and wants simply to forget all
the things they know and return to the fold, to live a \'normal\' live where they
do not have to think about freedom and serving and surrendering their will to
something Higher.
It\'s just easier to give in to Big Brother State and to all the others who are
trapped inside but support the very Matrix they say they hate so much.

As I sit and watch the highlights of the Tour de France bicycle race
I wonder if that kind of determination needed by the cyclists to
compete, when applied to spiritual pursuits, would achieve the miracles it will
take to save planet Earth. And I ask Guidance how many people working with such
a level of determination would it then take to do what must be done?

And They answer, only One . . . you.