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golden-tongued wisdom
Golden-tongued wisdom is an incident in which we find a message from our inner guidance through being \"triggered\" by what it is someone else has to say. This something might not necessarily even have been directed at us, but because we are used to the ways in which our inner guidance works, we definitely know it is. In some cases we might not even know the person who is speaking. They may be someone who just happens to be walking by when we chance to overhear a couple of the words from their conversation. These words then trigger something in us, and somehow lead us to an answer we have been searching for. Clearly these are words we needed to hear at that particular time, words which give us a greater insight to our problem. But how did our guidance get these other people to be there at that particular time and place? And how did it have them say exactly the things we needed to hear? Remember, we are all connected. We are all one. And so to is our inner guidance all connected into one in what is perhaps one of the greater paradoxes of life. Therefore, everything in our worlds can be used to trigger for us a solution—even other people.

Golden-tongued wisdom can, however, also come from a person who we do know and with whom we may be speaking at the time. In this case, the person will often say something \"out of the blue,\" sometimes totally unaware of what it is they have said or why it is they said it. But we do because what they have said directly addresses the heart of one of our current dilemmas. The message has been a little gift to help us along, a gift especially for us from that common source of all inner guidance known as Soul.

One good example of golden-tongued wisdom recently happened to Peter. It is a little-known fact that television has different effects on different people. Some people can actually transmute the energy put out by a television into a positive form of energy for their bodies. In Peter\'s case, however, television has a harsh effect on his energies, and can actually make his heart feel sore if he watches it for too long. Aware of this, though not fully accepting of it, the golden-tongued wisdom was clear to him when one day three women were exiting an elevator just as he was about to enter. One of the women just happened to pick that time to casually let drop the comment that she didn\'t know why, but whenever she was watching television alone at night, it made her very angry. Peter knew instantly that this was a comment meant for his hearing, an incident of golden-tongued wisdom directed specifically at him. His spiritual guidance was pointing out that watching television was not only a source of negative energy for him, but also for many other people as well. The woman probably didn\'t even know why she had said what she did at that exact moment. Peter did, however, and he knew it for what it was, a loving confirmation of what he already suspected.

Even though television has its negative side effects, it can also be useful as a wonderful source of inner guidance messages. Channel-surfing with a remote control can be a great way to pick up on some golden-tongued wisdom being offered at any particular time of day or of night.. A line of dialogue we just happen to catch while surfing the channels might be a clue to something which is bothering us.

Sharon remembers one incident of golden-tongued wisdom that happened to her the day she was moving into a new apartment with a friend. She had been having some doubts about how the arrangement would eventually work out. While checking to see if the television in the new apartment worked, the first words she heard coming from the set as the picture tube warmed up were someone talking about \"what a happy home this will be.\" She had caught the line of dialogue from a sitcom in the middle of a sentence. But to Sharon, this was a positive message from her inner guidance about the correctness of the choice she had made to share the apartment with her friend. The brief period she spent in the apartment was, indeed, a happy time for her, but one which she knew she was destined to have because it had already been foretold for her in the words of the golden-tongued wisdom.

Surrounded as she is by the counseling situation, Sharon believes that the golden-tongued wisdom is working whenever anyone in a group says something which then triggers an emotion or a reaction in another person. Whatever jumps out at us, whatever catches our eye, whatever \"triggers\" us in some way, if it affects us, then in the words of counseling jargon, \"We must own it.\" This means that we would not have placed any importance on what we had seen or heard unless there was something in the message that brought up something within us. When everything we see and hear can contain a message for us in this way, that gives extra meaning to the saying, \"\'All life is a waking dream.\"

Triggering also ties in with the concept of mirroring that we have already mentioned earlier in the book. When something triggers us, it means that the other person is mirroring for us a problem we also need to take a look at. This is usually an aspect of ourselves we are not admitting also exists within us. In being triggered, we are being asked to take a deeper look at the way in which that particular problem affects us. Even if it simply seems to be a case of feeling sad for that other person who made the original statement. We need to look at what it is within ourselves that has triggered this emotion. Could we somehow be suffering in the same way as that person? To Sharon, this is the power of working together in groups and of participating in the group process. It helps us to find our own inner response patterns. In doing so, it is also a process by which we can help each other grow and access our own inner resources.

Golden-tongued wisdom is everywhere, from the radio and televisions we listen to, to the very conversations which surround us. All we need to do is listen, and to trust.

from Waking Dreams and the Waking Dream Cards: Finding Answers to Life\'s Questions Using Your Inner Guidance by Peter Farley and Sharon King (available free to download from the Files section of the group)