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A person would have to be insane, seriously out-of-whack, or terribly arrogant to say they could predict the 'end of the world' as we know it, even with all the signs going on all around us right now on every level of living. We've all seen the nuts in movies carrying signs about the end of the world. No one would want to be looked on like that, would they?

Or . . .

That person would have to have spent the past 17 years working with a the highest levels of Guidance, have discovered and fulfilled his mission and many others since, have written/put together a 9 volume set of the history of this SuperUniverse's Creation combining hundreds of other people's experiences and views of the subject including events and prophecies leading up to just such predicted events. That person would also have had to have collected hundreds if not thousands of other people's input and spiritual experiences reflecting the changes taking place on this planet and with its entire ascension process - including channelings from various spiritual beings from Higher Dimensions. After following their Guidance for more than 15 years moment-by-moment and seeing how in every thing that Guidance works and has only the Highest Intention for the good of All, well then he might not be so nuts . . or so you'd figure.

Of course, if you haven't read those 9 volumes or the 850 articles on that person's website, if you had participated in their yahoogroup, read the other people's input, or God-forbid actually channeled and talked to your own Guidance about the present and coming events, then you could still think him crazy and blessedly for the planet not prepare for what's to come like most people aren't preparing and will thankfully soon be leaving. And if you're one of those high spiritual Lightworkers who's spent all their time 'reading spiritual stuff and thinking great spiritual thoughts but actually done nothing to help achieve the end results going on, or still playing in the kindergarten sandbox of Christianity/the New Age and Christmas time, then thankfully you'll not believe anything about what's coming and you'll be following the 3rd dimension to its new home far far from the New Ascended Earth.

Anyhow, believe or don't believe, there is no 'halfway' this time, as Yoda would say. You're either preparing or not, having your soul disconnected or not, staying or going, ascending or not, surviving to do more spiritual work or not. And that's bout all I (WE) have to say about that --(As Forrest Gump would have put it).

Thousands of birds crash into Walmart parking lot but wildlife expert’s explanation for the event makes even less sense
Posted on December 14, 2011
December 14, 2011 – UTAH – Thousands of migratory birds died on impact after apparently mistaking a Wal-Mart parking lot and other areas of southern Utah for bodies of water and plummeting to the ground in what one wildlife expert called the worst downing she’s ever seen. Crews went to work cleaning up the dead birds and rescuing the survivors after the creatures crash-landed in the St. George area Monday night. By Tuesday evening, volunteers had rescued more than 2,000 birds, releasing them into nearby bodies of water. “They’re just everywhere,” said Teresa Griffin, wildlife program manager for the Utah Department of Wildlife Resource’s southern region. “It’s been nonstop. All our employees are driving around picking them up, and we’ve got so many people coming to our office and dropping them off.” Officials say stormy conditions probably confused the flock of grebes, a duck-like aquatic bird likely making its way to Mexico for the winter. The birds tried to land in a Cedar City Wal-Mart parking lot and elsewhere. “The storm clouds over the top of the city lights made it look like a nice, flat body of water. All the conditions were right,” Griffin told The Spectrum newspaper in St. George. “So the birds landed to rest, but ended up slamming into the pavement. No human injuries or property damage have been reported. Griffin noted most downings are localized “but this was very widespread. I’ve been here 15 years and this was the worst downing I’ve seen,” she told the newspaper. Officials said they were continuing the rescue effort that started Tuesday afternoon and included an enthusiastic group of volunteers. The surviving grebes were released into bodies of water in southern Utah’s Washington County, including a pond near Hurricane. –Bellingham Herald

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