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(The Swan)



The White Buffalo Calf Women, who brought the Sacred Ways to the
people, including the Sacred Pipe, is often depicted in the form of
a swan. She has been known to present herself in a Swan's form,
especially when the message of Peace is needed.

Message from WAGLE SHUN.

Look, can you see my physical form? I am grace, silent movement on
the waters of your emotions.

Grace, as my mate and I entwine necks in an embrace. We mate for
life and I remind you of the duality in all things. Peace and love
can only be found by knowing that opposites are one within the
Wholeness of Creation.

I am peace of the heart, and I present myself to you that my image
may cast in your mind's eye the dream of peace. You all have a
portion of the Universal Dream of Peace within each and everyone of
you?know it, realise it and feel it, and be at PEACE.

Guidance and Reflection.

Be at peace with all things. Find that place of peace within the
centre of your being and accept all that you are all that you were,
and all that you will become. Forgive yourself and others, and
always accept the remembering. Let love take the place of fear, for
with fear, there is no love. Without love we die a thousand deaths.
Allow your inner peace to gently come forth, and share this beauty
with all around you. Let this feeling of peace spread forth
throughout the world, so all of our brothers and sisters, and all
our relations feel the dream of peace.

Give yourself time to ask yourself what you can do in your life to
make it more peaceful. As peace grows, the dream awakens and it
begins to take flight, touching and uplifting all that you come in
contact with.

Dream your Dream awake, and be at PEACE!