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By Peter Farley
From Vol IV of Where Were You before The Tree of Life?

If one really wishes to see where all the alchemists have gone today, one need look no further than the chemical industry centered around Germany and Switzerland?for herein lays the control of the raw materials that effect most peoples lives. What Barbara Clow suggests in her work is true that it is evil men working for multinational drug companies under the direction of the Secret Society New World Order who are cleaning out people in Central Africa by seeding lethal viruses, much as they did in the Middle Ages by spreading the painful death known as the Black Plague.

The secret societies also totally control everything that goes on with radioactivity, from its mining to its use in weapons development and energy production, and even to its so-called ?disposal? in such government sponsored sites as the Waste Isolation Pilot Program outside Carlsbad, New Mexico. The scientists, the modern-day sorcerers, are the ones who are holding the present authority structure in place, much like they did once upon a time in Atlantis.
The Pleiadeans channeled by Barbara Clow say that the difficulty for Earth is that it is the secret covens of the military that are much more evil than most people can imagine.

?We have reached the most influential military scientists and political leaders, and these humans know we are real. We have told them that we will not allow military use of space technology . . . we have programmed some of our messages into earth?s computers . . . The scientists are so disturbed by our interference that they are considering polluting the atmosphere with radiation, specifically plutonium . . . The scientists who are trying to do this are the Men in Black from Orion . . . The scientific community . . . will demonstrate publicly . . . that they are an ancient technocratic cabal of scientists who were previously the cause of the fall of civilization on Earth.?
The military is only the ?sword arm? of the new religion of Freemasonry, and the scientific communities are simply pawns scrapping over the money dished out by the Masonic power structure in order to have them do their alchemical work for them.

Bob Frissell also attempts to explain some of this interaction of aliens with the power structure of the Earth in recent times. He says it was the infamous aliens, the Greys, who set up the time experiments such as the Philadelphia Experiment, not the government.

?It wasn?t even really our government who followed their lead; it was something called the ?secret government? and it was not done for the purpose of making a ship invisible, although that was the ostensible reason. The Greys had a much larger agenda having to do with Mars. Remember one million years ago their ancestors were successful with a similar experiment almost identical to this one; in fact, they left the monument on Mars mathematically describing that experiment.?

Noted UFO researcher, Dr. Richard Boylan, has a more positive outlook on this struggle between what Clow terms the World Management Team and the aliens involved with the planet:

?The plutocratic oligarchy, who control the Earth through such structures as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Society, have good reason to fear that their unjust and obscene concentration of the world?s wealth into the hands of the few is about to come to an end. The extraterrestrials? emphasis on mental and spiritual development, rather than on technology and materialism, and their ethic of service to others, will seriously challenge the so-called world order, which is based on a few living lavishly and arrogantly, while the majority of the Earth lack adequate food, health services and economic security. Faced with the choice, most on Earth will opt to end the concentration of Earth?s resources in the hands of the privileged oligarchy. Such an economic and social revolution is long overdue. If the ETs? visit is an inspiration, so be it.?

This is definitely a more positive if somewhat unrealistic vision of the influence aliens might have upon Earth?s current crisis given the history of alien involvement with the planet that we have been studying throughout this book.

Clow?s suggestion that the media is also loaded with masked sounds and images used to control people is correct. These subliminal communications are used to encode the viewer with thought-forms while they laugh innocently at ?I Love Lucy.?

?The World Management Team uses your electronic forms of entertainment to get into your head. You can ascertain these subliminal implants by observing odd thoughts, emotional patterns, or physical reactions such as stomachaches or headaches when you are tuned in to the media. Notice when and where they come from.?

Foreseeing with astonishing clairvoyance the advent of a new kind of spirituality in the approaching 20th century, Blanc de Saint-Bonnet (1815-80), a French philosopher and author of L?Unite Spirituelle, writes:
?Religion will be revealed to us through absurdities. We shall no longer listen to the neglected doctrines of the voice of conscience that nobody heeds. Facts will speak in a loud voice. Truth will no longer reside in lofty words, but will be present in the bread we eat. Our light will be fire!??
It is this focus on the present and the need to survive which consumes all of a man?s time. While television portrays a life of ease for most people, in truth the majority of people are living on credit and hard work that will never be brought into balance. Worldwide religious feuds continue just as in the days of old, and the ethnic cleansing of the Inquisition is still apparent today. Capitalism is equally ruthless because it venerates balance-sheets above the welfare and humanity of people; as a result millions are condemned to starve to death in the poorer regions while vast food mountains stockpile elsewhere.

Ramtha also has harsh condemnation, not just for the powers that control mankind so well, but also for the people who allow themselves to be controlled, especially the Americans who he refers to as the ?Sugarlanders.?
?How could a wall of wire enmesh and entrap millions of people, you wonder? They were ensnarled in an attitude of subservience that was allowed to flourish in this Emerald World, an attitude that accepted things as they had to be. Those people who were wrapped up in the barbed wire lost their freedom. And soon, the Sugarlanders would lose theirs, because the ideals that gave birth to their nation didn?t exist anymore?the land of the free and the home of the brave did not exist anymore. The fabric of their laws of rights and freedom?liberty, bared breasts?was rotted through by the manipulation of the Grayteam, by laws and bylaws and interpretations and rulings and programming and propaganda that simply commandeered the original intent, to lead the country light-years away from its original purpose and design. And most important of all, the Sugarlanders had grown fat and lazy on their cans and sweet tooth.?

According to Clow, species are held in form by our ability to feel them, and this is why Native Americans work with totem animals as allies. As the ecological crisis occurring on this planet deepens, this knowledge is going to become increasingly more important or species are simply going to disappear.
?Meanwhile, the World Management Team has diverted Indians into running gambling casinos in their native lands. The true mission of humans on this planet is to commune with all the other animals, as well as themselves. . . Christianity assumes humans are superior to animals. Other religions value mysticism, a feeling-based approach, but Christianity has become so mental that it is lethal to all life.?

The premises on which the United States have been built, while seemingly pure and innocent and hopeful, have in fact created two hundred years of the greatest lie ever told?the lie that people in this country are free and that the government of the United States is concerned with the freedom and rights of others around the world. As always, this is not that the great majority of people do not wish it were not so. They are good and thoughtful people, but the truth of the situation as Ramtha expresses it must be brought out for people to understand the depth of their entrapment by these nefarious powers that say one thing and mean quite the other.

Keeping people off-balance in every aspect of their lives is the surest way to control them. To this purpose, the secret societies have become the religion of the 20th century, as we shall see in the similarities between the Masons and the Mormon religion.

Money is seen by most people as one of the keys to this religion of power and its struggle for control of the Earth, and it is to Ramtha who we once again turn to for an explanation of such a serious subject as how this came to be, beginning in the time of Napoleon:

?So the little corporal appears, galloping in on his white horse, to lift his beloved country of fragrant vineyards out of the gutter, to set it again in its ancient place of preeminence. And along comes what is termed a dally of an individual, who sees that he can make a tidy return. The Little Conqueror is financed by his financier?he?s given a substantial loan to go out and conquer, with the understanding that whatever loot he brings back to the empire will pay back the debt. Now remember, women stayed home and men were doing the marching. Well, a few of the weaklings stayed behind and took care of the women.

?This little emperor?s first conquest gave birth to what will be forever known in all universes, seen and unseen, as grayball. The Gray person who threw the opening pitch of Grayball, from whom the little Emperor secured the gold, started a wonderful system of supplying and financing conquests. It provided his family with a very nice return?it turned out to be a very lucrative business: war-making, Grayball.

?One curve-ball idea that occurred to this early financier was that in order to finance war, he must not swear allegiance to any country, so he didn?t?maybe it should be called a screwball instead of a curve.
?Soon his business began to spread. Grayball playing fields began to sprout up everywhere; others wanted to play. He realized that to be the entrepreneur and to set up financing for anyone else who wanted to make war, not having an allegiance to any country allowed him simply to be there to fulfill the need. The power behind this pitch was that he would collect much more from the victor than he could lose from the loser. Screwball.

?The first particular Grayman had no woman whom he cared for and loved. His wife did not age handsomely, as the term would have it. But she gave him sons and they quickly learned the skills of Grayball, enhancing it beyond the inventor?s wealthiest schemes. The treasure of sons, his divine heritage, the first team, would go on, and it did. We could call them the Brothers Grim; you will appreciate my meaning soon.

?This man now saw an achievement in his altered self of ultimate wealth. Ultimate, meaning all of it. Now, listen: No one wants money for itself, but rather for what it can do. And to this first Grayman, obtaining wealth was the key that unlocked the door to what is termed power. It wasn?t money he passioned for. It was the power to fulfill his need, to maintain this image that he held of himself in his altered self. He had never felt the love of a beautiful woman, he never knew the giggles of a precious child, he never understood the simple happiness of the peasants tending their fields. All he knew was the sensuality of ultimate power. . .

?Why was it important to them to place their sons in ultimate positions of control on the playing field? They knew all about the law of returning to embodiment through their offspring?reincarnation, I do believe is the term. They knew they could return to the Emerald World at any time through the seed of their seed, to reap the rewards of an endeavor started, say, two or three generations before. They knew all about the immutable law of reincarnation, but they weren?t telling anyone else about it.

?. . . Every war since the Little Corporal?s first was manipulated, set up, and financed by the Gray team and their families. And if the inkling of war didn?t exist, they created it, at any cost. These brothers are grim.?
The Grayman to whom Ramtha is referring here is of course the German financier Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812). For almost 200 years the house of Rothschild exerted a great influence on European economic history. Members of the family, which spread to the major financial capitals of Europe, have also been well known as art collectors, politicians, and leaders of the Jewish community. With his five sons, he founded additional branches of the Rothschild banking house in four European cities.

The Rothschilds
Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1773-1855), the oldest son, remained with his father in Frankfurt to supervise their growing banking interests, and later became head of the family firm. The second son, Salomon Rothschild (1774-1855) remained in Frankfurt until the end of the Napoleonic Wars. He then established a branch of the house of Rothschild in Vienna, which handled much of the Habsburg government banking. Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1836), the third son, founded the British branch of the Rothschild banking house in London in 1805. He took a leading part in managing and financing the subsidies that the British government transferred to its allies during the Napoleonic Wars. Nathan Mayer?s eldest son, Lionel Nathan Rothschild (1808-79), who succeeded him as manager of the London branch, financed the British government?s purchase of a controlling interest in the Suez Canal in 1875. Lionel Nathan also became the first Jewish member of the British Parliament. Lionel?s son, Sir Nathan Mayer, 1st Baron Rothschild (1840-1915), was a Member of Parliament and, in 1855, was created the first Jewish peer in Britain. The Rothschild banking house in London continued under the management of Lionel de Rothschild (1882-1942) and Anthony Gustav de Rothschild (1887-1961), both great-great-grandsons of Mayer Amschel. The London branch remains today an important banking establishment among Western nations.

Karl Rothschild (1788-1855), Mayer Amschel?s fourth son, established the Naples branch of the house of Rothschild in the 1820s. The Italian branch was never as successful as the others and was dissolved about 1861. The youngest son, James Rothschild (1792-1868), founded the Paris branch of the house of Rothschild in 1817. For 50 years he remained the most powerful banker in France. He also became a noted philanthropist and leader of French Jewry. Alphonse Rothschild (1827-1905), the eldest son of James, was a prominent banker and philanthropist. The youngest son, Edmond James Rothschild (1845-1934), helped to finance the establishment of Jewish communities in Palestine. Since World War II, the French branch has been headed by three descendants of the original James Rothschild: Baron Guy de Rothschild (1909- ), Baron Alain de Rothschild (1910-82), and Baron Elie Robert de Rothschild (1917- ). Although the power of the Rothschilds seemed to decline with the introduction of new methods of state financing in the late 19th century and with the disruption of Europe during World Wars I and II, the banking house in Paris retained its eminence in the financial world. In 1982 the bank was nationalized by the French government.

The extent of the Masonic involvement in such power structures as banking and government is hinted at in the P2 scandal involving the pope?s own bank in the banking fraud of the 1970s and 80s. Even though the lodge involved was disavowed and suspended by the Grand Orient of Italy, then converted by its Grand Master Licio Gelli to his own purposes and those of his associates, when the scandal was revealed, the group was shown to be made up of a vast ?network of secret cells of powerful politicians, bankers, and publishers.?