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Grid People
Grid People
by Peter Farley
"Once I had a life, now all I have is a mission."
Aeon Flux, the movie

I have been asked to do many difficult things since I began
fulfilling my agreed upon mission in this lifetime. One of the
hardest is dealing with people who don't want to do what they agreed
to do as their missions here in this lifetime. Watching people try to
bargain with God when the future of humanity and all of Creation is
in danger, makes me realize so much more about how we got to this
point in our regression.

This past few weeks I have been staying in Los Alamos, New Mexico,
the place where the nuclear bombs were created at the end of World
War II. Coincidentally, I was here for the anniversary of the
dropping of those very bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What I didn't realize until the past couple of days was that Guidance
had an ulterior motive for having me here that I only became fully
aware of today. For the past few months I have been experiencing some
problems with my skin that I attributed to my recent stay under
difficult conditions in Florida. With so many roles I have to play to
get the work done that others have failed to step up and do, I was
only partially aware of my declining emotional state. Late the other
night I woke up to my Guidance talking about 'grid people', and the
fact that there are no 'grid people' in this town. Well,it just so
happens that there is one other 'potential' grid person in town but
she is only 4 years of age, and a relative of friends living in this

Over the past 6 or 7 years, I have had many opportunities to
meet,talk with, and read about these people whose almost sole mission
is to go from place to place as directed by angelic guidance in order
to stabilize the energy fields surrounding the planet. They are able
to do this by either grounding or transmuting the energies built up
in that area into less 'dangerous' forms so that things don't just
pop apart, so to speak.

All of this has to do with the larger picture of the War taking place
to control the grid system of the planet by controlling, in
particular, the most important ley lines, vortices and portals.

A book called A View Over Atlantis (John Michell) lays out a
wonderfully complete understanding of the grid system created by the
ancient Atlanteans and those before them who constructed the planet's
original grid system. Other books deal with those same energy points
as laid out across the European community, and also the 'dragon
lines' of China and the S.E. of Asia. As described in The Matrix
series of movies, and in my own works, the energies of human beings
can and are being harnessed by utilizing this grid system and control
of the individual vortices and portals.

Los Alamos is a major vortex of energy because of its connection to
so many complexes related to the underground alien and military
bases. More so, it is important because of its proximity to a vortex
of energy welling up from under the ground at Valles Caldera and the
whole magnetic/volcanic grid line passing through northern New Mexico
and into northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon. (We have been led to
spend a major part of our research lately on points surrounding the
Grand Canyon and their part in the Freemasonic/Orion control of
planet Earth).

Anyhow,the rising emotional state I was experiencing was directly
related to the grid crossing point here in Los Alamos. I have at
times been used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to open and close portals
so they could not be used at particular times of planetary
alignments. What I was experiencing over these weeks, however, even
to the point of spending a whole day wanting to purchase a gun, was
the combined negative emotional energies of the people of the
surrounding areas whose energy was being fed into this point along
the ley lines leading to it. I was being given a first hand look at
how this whole system of draining planetary energies (particularly
the strongest negative energies) is taking place. The Spiritual
Hierarchy have always put me through such things so I can share with
people not the mental learning of so many authors, but the very real,
very human experience of how this feels and ties together.

All I can say is, having experienced what it's like to be a
temporary 'grid person', is thank you, thank you, thank you, to all
those who do this very specific kind of work. And you know what, as
the opening quote of this article makes clear, these people are not,
nor probably never will be, recognized by those of us who pass by
them every day. Their lives are led quietly, as are most spiritual
peoples, unheralded here on earth, but believe me, those in 'heaven'
know ever single blade of grass that grows and every thing we do. The
medals are waiting. The war is growing to its climax. The work of
your mission will be done, if not by you, then by someone, and it is
their medals that are waiting for when the war is done.

"What will it be like going through Eternity knowing that the
Lifetime that really counted, you didn't step up to bat?"
The Only Planet of Choice

In service, with love and best wishes, Peter