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Grid Work Accomplished
We could just say that the world was saved one more time this past
week, but that would seem arrogant to some people so we won't.
Instead, we will just say that with help from Karl, Will, Sam, and
Andre, Gerald Bringle and I spent a week on the road and 3333 miles
defusing the 'grid bomb' that RAJ spoke of in a recent channeling.

"There are implants on the Grid of Earth. Some of these are time
bombs set to explode near the beginning of January. The explosion
will sever the connections of many to the Mother Earth Gaia
consciousness. And this will cause them to become altogether
separated and even less concerned with matters of Love and of Light
pertaining to what is going on with the Planet and its inhabitants.

They will collapse the personal link that many have to the Planet,
and further cause them to care nothing about what happens - having
them become less sensitive to the situation of the now, so to say.

This will improve the tolerance to exploits. This will open new
doors to the systems of exploitation of people and nature as a whole.

This will open the door for senseless wars and discrimination of
ethical groups that deserve respect but get exploitation instead.

This will open the doors to new levels of slavery and blindness.
These blindfolds will be harder to remove than ever before. You will
not care, you will not mind being blind. And this is not voluntary,
it is an aggravation over the already present lack of concern to
yourself and your surroundings.

Love will be lost and this will cause another fall on the level of
planetary consciousness, allowing it to be IMPRISONED ON THE 3RD

No one can stress more the difference one person can make in this
whole thing.
Gerald stepped up even though he and I had never met, though over
the course of the past week on the road we understood our pastlife
conenctions and why we both needed to be doing this. Still, anyone
could have done it with the right amount of Guidance. It is only one
more step in overcoming the Darkside in the here and now so that
this planet cqan be safe from its rule sometime in the very near
future when all their plans have failed because of people like you
and I . . .

Guidance had Gerald record the trip in photos and he will make a
movie using them to document this history-making event for posterity
and for others to see how they too can also make a difference. We
will post it in the group files as soon as it is done.
With greatest respect for those who sent their best regards and
their physical support as well.
Peter, and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy.