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have you had your hu today?
through Lori Burns

Iīve been chanting the HU (pronounced \"hue\") aloud and to myself for
the last week because Guidance recommended it to help me get more grounded. Itīs
a simple technique. A good presenation of this technique is located at This technique has opened my heart to more of the FATHERīs love and helped me deal with stress. I have been experiencing more love and joy. I have also been chanting this inwardly when faced with challenging situations. HU is an ancient name for God and is a very uplifting
experience. As the website says itīs an ancient Love Song to God.

Everyone knows that a happy life requires good health. Proper diet,
adequate exercise, and sufficient rest to keep our bodies strong and
fit. If we neglect these requirements, our bodies become weakened.
More important is the Spiritīs need for nourishment and attention. If
we ignore our spiritual health requirements, we become overwhelmed by
negative tendencies like anxiety, hatred, loneliness, prejudice,
greed, boredom, envy, and anger.

In order to counteract and prevent these subtle negative energies we
should incorporate into our lives techniques that promote a sense of
true well being and connection to the Creator. Chanting the HU is one
such technique.

Chanting the HU also acts as a cure for stress. Under stress, the
nervous system activates the \"fight-or-flight\" response. The activity
of the sympathetic portion of the nervous system increases, causing
an increased heart beat, increased respiratory rate, elevation of
blood pressure, and increase in oxygen consumption. This fight-or-
flight response has an important survival function.But if activated
repeatedly, as happens for many people in modern society the effects
are harmful. Many researchers believe that the current epidemic of
hypertension and heart disease in the Western world is a direct
result. I have noticed chanting the HU decreases my heart rate, blood
pressure, muscle tension, and I have been sleeping better and
concentrating better.

The benefits of the HU are many but above all it can awaken oneīs
love for God and one can have a taste of bliss. One can feel immersed
in a great ocean of Love and it helps strengthen oneīs service and
devotion to God.