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healing and galactic criminals
Healing and Galactic Criminals

Many times in dealing with people and their past lives and what they're here to accomplish during this momentous, Creation-changing lifetime, I've had to help people understand the dark deeds they have done in the past which have led them to be here to seek forgiveness from Spirit and to make amends to those they wronged just as I had done in working for the darkside in many lives gone by. People who have been abusers have needed to suffer abuse in this lifetime. people who have wronged others have needed to learn to feel the pain of being wronged in just such similar ways. Lately. two people I'm workign with have said exactly the same thing, 'that people didn't like them as soon as they met them' and they knew this was from something they had done in past lifetimes, just as I've met people associated with the beginning of Mormonism or from my Anasazi lifetime who felt I had wronged or betrayed them. Hence there was much to be worked out on all levels of existence betwene us.

Guidance has had me write about the galactic criminals who have entered this world just as one Superman movie portrays and these are the mass murderers, the cult leaders, the ones who seem to have not the slightest regard for human feeling behind their dark, dark eyes.

I've also had to deal with many people whose mission here in this lifetime was not a positive one, but how do you tell them this or worse still, that their child is one of those? Here is a channeling by a person whose son has been brought here as a 'spiritual prisoner' in the hopes of him making amends. It explains some of what so very few religions or spiritual paths dare to deal with in any way, shape or form about what life is relaly like for some of us and why many of us are back here to do the difficult work of changing what we ourselves helped create:

Your son has much to go through and not enough time to do it. We
regret that is has turned out this way but you both were slow getting
started. But, too, he needed the maturity to be able to face himself.
You my dear are to help in a limited way. His capabilities are
unlocked and he must now explore them. You are something of the
steadying rudder and a light in the darkness for him. There is much that could be explored through the game if you would but let US set
the "adventures" for you. You must also not let him sway you to
bending things for his understanding. He doesn't need to understand
it. It just needs to flow and he should learn to flow with it. It can
be thought of as jungle training with out the jungle. Being in the
flow without analyzing it. You too need this practice. You are not to
float along but rather to be in the flow. It is not the same thing.

Ground yourself and just write. Now as you know your son is in a
type of spiritual prison for crimes committed against free will [in collusion with Thoth and Lucifer] because the things he made, the gadgets that manipulated and corrupted the energy field grid around the planet worked against the FATHER's will. And he had no remorse or any guilt for having done such things, no wish to rectify the wrongs, convinced as he was that "those lesser beings were of no consequence and deserved what they got" .

Now stay with ME here and don't jump off to some half baked conclusion.

He is not the only one that has had such a sentence imposed. He is one of the few that lacked so much in the heart area, so totally bereft of the feminine (not just in the current incarnation but in the very soul) that rehabilitation seemed impossible. The FATHER forgives all and is willing to, even now, when things looked so bleak for this planet, to issue another chance. We have seen the changes in most of the original Creator Family, hearts restored where there was none. This too can happen for your son but he must put forth the effort.

You watched the movie, The Lord of WAR... Now imagine a network of people acting as the facilitators of such wars, creating them for the purpose of harnessing the energies released because the energies are high just before the point of violent death [just as the children being milked of their energies are given pleasure right before their pain in much the same way]. This energy of terror then feeds back into the grid now creating pain and agony in all peoples, a mentality of suffering. Your son is the one who made the switching stations, the collector crystals that siphoned off the power from places with larger populations. Others were involved in spreading the propaganda that would keep them asleep and searching outside themselves, the drugs that would keep them in unrealized states of euphoria. Still others loaded the codes that controlled the various types of crystals and mechanisms. Generation after generation it was and is the same elephant just in a different color for so many civilizations, so many eons, as to be incomprehensible to the modern mind with any real sense of understanding. In a day and age when you people can't remember the 1918 flu, when your own history books are so distorted, how can you expect it to be any other way?

Alrighty then...

You must help your son find heart. To find compassion. To begin to understand the value of every person. This is a challenge for you as well. There must be no arrogance, no aloofness, and no analyzing. It begins with your daughters and his relation with them, to be able to see their worth and to stop painting a box for them. They are children, don't expect an adult's maturity from them. You/he need to guide and support not berate. You must change your language just as your mother told you... learn the language of virtues.

This is a start, there is much more to be said but deal with this for now. And yes the call from your ex-husband was to try to stop you from this ... WE are glad to see you stick with it.

With loving guidance
RAJ and HAROON and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Now my dearest, do you see how still the darkness tries to stop and
pull you down into the quagmire.... don't be thinking your immune to
this stuff. And yes that song runs through your head for a reason...
you might as well face it, you're addicted to love...

Good, WE made you smile. Now relax and get your bearings. As Peter
said, It's gonna take a lot of tough love. We see you already quiver
and quake at the thought ... stop perceiving yourself as weak and
unable to stand up and stand your ground. Yes, that Joshua tree
essence you read of would be ideal...We led you to it for a reason.
Google is your friend.

Be that as it may, standing your ground is what it's going to take.
Once he makes the choice, it will be much like the red pill or the
blue pill, there won't be any turning back... this is something you
already feel. We know you're in this for the long haul even with your
doubts, for they don't truly have to do with whether or not you trust
US as much as it has to do with feeling competent. Just know WE don't
ask anything of you that WE aren't sure you can do.

You mission with him is as something like a custodian and a guide. You did lead him to Peter, that was step one, you reunited with him, step two... now for the hard parts... these are only hard because what is required of you but too these requirements are also part of your lessons. You are well aware of the symbiotic nature of the relationship of student/teacher. You see a certain irony in it. But too it is a test on your part... you are required to step up, be heard, and stand your ground. You cannot be the bystander. The phrase 'Innocent bystander' is an oxymoron. It is not your job to stand by... get in the thick of it. Put your feet in the mud and let your head ... heart bloom in the sunshine/light. You must make time everyday to commune together. To assess things. Use the game to your advantage. Just do it. You are excessively planning.. think about it, all that's really needed is your imagination and your connection. Just ask and WE will provide... stop thinking you have to do it all... it will just look that way to everyone else. Don't forget to use Peter for confirmation. He can help.. He is here for you impossible cases. :) It is funny.. the impossible leading the impossible. Just know you aren't blind and don't pretend to be.

As things progress WE will become more specific. You have but to listen.

Now, know too, that you must learn to balance your time with your
daughters ... you are too much prone to hyper-focusing on a thing until you burn yourself out. There is time enough for all. Listen closely, ask, and do. Don't stagnate and neglect things... this is the reason for establishing your routines. There is room for everything and you can do anything for 15 minutes :). Just the same as WE have you take breaks during some of these longer channelings, so to do you need to take breaks from other things. Just don't forget to go back to them. Ask what you forgot.

With Loving guidance