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Healing Creation
This excerpt from Sam's channeling yesterday is one of the key
understandings we all should have to more fully grasp what is taking place
right now in this corner of the Super Universe, and in all of Creation. It
follows upon what is talked about in the Creation story from Volume 1 of
Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? (available in the Files section of
this group). Not all individual 'Souls' in this corner of the Universe were
created 'whole'. Many are only fragments, much like babies who are born
deformed for one reason or another, though this deformation is not of their
own making. It is an integral part of the flawed way in which Soul was
manifested into this Super Universe because of the flaw in the Creational
Process because of our, at the time, 'unhealed' Creator Parents.

"Do not deny yourself of who you are, of your true essence. We are
fragments, composites of Spirit and other, some are fragments of
Beings - hurt Beings who require healing. It is a wonderful and a
wondrous universe fillled with Beings from ALL reaches of Creation.
Each have come to share in the experience of Earth's ascension and
assist in the healing of the Creator Parents and "ALL" their
Creation, including Lucifer and yourself."

This past week, and for the past month or so, Guidance and I have been
working with just such a Soul, one created with not enough Light and
Sound energy to be able even consciously to ascend by himself because of
the way in which his aspect of Soul was manifested here. In particular,
this man had no 'heart'. Like the Tin Man, and through the work we did,
the Spiritual Hierarchy were able to give him most particularly a heart
energy which made him now complete---one of many we are going to
encounter during the next few years as the full ascension process begins
to come into view. Here is the way he described feeling the morning after
the work was done but before he knew it had been completed:

"When I awoke this morning I was not immediately aware
of anything different. Somewhat later when it was time
to shave or something I remember looking into the
bathroom mirror and getting a fleeting glimpse of
something different about my eyes, that it was easier
to look at myself; more of a self-satisfied feeling, a
deeper acceptance of self. At that moment, I may have
even wondered briefly if you had already done some
work on me. Then my conscious mind pooh-poohed that
notion because I hadn't received any confirmation from

It is an amazing thing which fills my heart like no other to say that
recently (in Earth 3D time), the healing of both the Mother and Father
energy of this SuperUniverse has taken place through the efforts of some
very dedicated Souls who helped by taking on the Higher energies in order
to help Them heal. One cannot calculate how long it has been since
Creation has been working with the particular aspects of the Creator
Parents in order to help Them heal since Time itself did not exist when
this Super Universe began . This means so much I don't think any one of
us could fully comprehend its full significance. If I say that at least 80
million more people are now capable of going on ascension because of this
taking place, then that gives at least something to grasp with the mind.

Consider here on Earth when so many children are suffering for the
problems brought about in them through the misguided aspects of their
Earthly parents. What a first step it would be for those parents to be able
to be healed, then to have them turn toward their children and begin the
work of undoing what had been done that made the children
so 'incomplete'. That is exactly the nature of what is taking place here on
a grander scale in this Super Universe and with relation to its role in the
overall grander Creational process.

Now it is time for the children to be healed. Now it is time for the flaw
which manifested Itself as Lucifer to be healed (As Callia and Enjliou
referred to in Sam's channeling). What a wonderful world this is going to
be (in the 5th dimension) if we can get up the courage and do the work to
save it.

There will always be lessons for Soul for that is the nature and the
purpose of Creation, always one more step for Soul to take in an ever-
expanding awareness of Itself. But this time the darkness manifested as
Lucifer will be no more for even he hopefully, will be healed, his heart and
mind working as one again to be what Cehanne DeRohan first termed him,
the Father of Manifestation.

There is nothing more difficult for people, I'm sure, about my writings and
my work, than the acceptance of an entity or Being who is Self-Will
incarnate. But he IS. And we see his presence in each and every one of us
just like the little devil sitting on one shoulder and the angelic guide on the
other. Always we are torn between wanting to help others and taking care
of our own needs first. And which normally wins out? Self-will is the flaw
in Creation. The use of or own self-will in the service to the higher will is
what needs to take place just like it does in most other areas of the
Universe and other areas of Creation. We fear to give up our self-will for
fear of having a lack of something when really all we get by surrendering is
more of something --more Love, more Light, more fun, more sense of
fulfillment, more sense of being a part of something bigger than just
Ourselves. We become conscious co-workers with the Creator, an integral
part of All that is, and All that ever will be. We are never apart from this,
we only feel that way because of our focusing our attention on lack
instead of the wish fulfilled. We are never apart from Creation and
everything else in it, we only ever turn our backs on it as our Creator
Parents once did. But now they are healed perhaps it's time for each and
every Soul that has been fragmented in this process to once again be
healed. Are you willing to 'try'? I am.
In service, Peter and Artola